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Stop Smoking

Today's Smokers Are Having a Harder Time Quitting -- What Changed?

Dr. Daniel Seidman | Posted 06.02.2015 | Healthy Living
Dr. Daniel Seidman

Over the last 25 years, cigarette consumption by smokers in the United States decreased by almost one-third. Over that same period, however, many tobacco companies reengineered cigarettes to more efficiently deliver the nicotine that keeps their customers coming back.

Blow Your Resolutions Already?

Melissa Heisler | Posted 03.01.2015 | Healthy Living
Melissa Heisler

Intentions are what you want to gift yourself. So instead of a resolution to "lose weight," create an intention is to "be healthy." It is much more positive and it allows a range of ways to achieve the state of being healthy.

16 Disturbing Numbers That Prove Our Smoking Epidemic Is Far From Over

The Huffington Post | Sarah Klein | Posted 11.20.2014 | Healthy Living

Every year, the American Cancer Society dubs the third Thursday of November the Great American Smokeout, a day of encouragement for smokers to kick th...

This World Heart Day, Create Heart-Healthy Environments Where You Live, Work and Play

Nancy Brown | Posted 11.29.2014 | Healthy Living
Nancy Brown

Dr. Sidney C. Smith Jr. didn't have just one a-ha moment that turned him into a crusader against heart disease. He had too many to count. Frequently, they fit the same pattern: Someone is rushed to the hospital with a heart attack after a buildup of fatty deposits called plaque has blocked a coronary artery.

Anna Almendrala

There's A Simple Way To Get Pregnant Moms To Quit Smoking: Pay Them | Anna Almendrala | Posted 04.22.2014 | Parents

A researcher who showed that financial incentives could push cocaine users to stay clean is trying out the same method on pregnant women who can't sto...

Let's Live Longer!

Kirk Douglas | Posted 08.28.2013 | Impact
Kirk Douglas

I haven't smoked in over 40 years (I am 96 years old). Of all the drugs, smoking has the highest death rate -- more than 400,000 people per year (which is more than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, illegal drugs, murders and suicides combined). Stop smoking and live longer!

Self-Control Is a Non-Renewable Resource

Dr. Judson Brewer | Posted 06.15.2013 | Healthy Living
Dr. Judson Brewer

If you're gung ho on quitting cold turkey, make sure you've got plenty of gas in the tank (and can keep filling it up). Common signs of an empty tank are summed up in the acronym HALT (Hungry Angry Lonely Tired). Also, if going cold turkey has failed you before, or if it sounds particularly painful, try other methods.

How To Help Someone Quit Smoking, From Dr. Nancy Snyderman (WATCH)

Posted 08.14.2013 | Home

How can you kick your smoking habit, or help a loved one avoid cigarettes? When Chief Medical Editor for NBC News Dr. Nancy Snyderman visited me on Mo...

Happy YOU Year! 3 Simple Steps to Make Your 2013 Insanely Successful

Lori Bell | Posted 03.03.2013 | GPS for the Soul
Lori Bell

Who in the world taught us that it is proper and acceptable to make New Year's resolutions? And why is it the most popular thing to do at the start of the year?

How To Fearlessly Quit Smoking

Jonathan Alpert | Posted 09.25.2012 | Healthy Living
Jonathan Alpert

I often see patients who want to quit smoking. Many of these people fear what life will be like without the cigarettes. "Will I put on weight? Will I sleep at night? If I can't smoke, then how will I handle stress?"

What's the Best ROI for Dollars to Help Smokers Quit?

Dr. Daniel Seidman | Posted 09.01.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Daniel Seidman

Under the pressure of stalled progress, the smoking cessation community is splintering into different and not always harmonious camps. They have competing visions for how best to spend scarce public health dollars allocated to encourage and help smokers quit.

11 Ways To Make 2012 The Year You Quit Smoking For Good

Posted 01.12.2012 | Healthy Living

Even though "Quit Smoking" is undeniably one of the most common New Year's resolutions, 21 percent of Americans still light up. That's no doubt in ...

Kicking A 40-Year Smoking Habit

Posted 12.21.2011 | Healthy Living

Dr. Travis Stork of TV's "The Doctors" checked in with Sharon, a grandmother who had smoked for 40 years. Sharon was tasked with weaning herself o...

Three Ways the 'Decision to Quit' Can Help You Through the Holidays

Dr. Daniel Seidman | Posted 02.19.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Daniel Seidman

A genuine decision to quit calls for a shift into a new relationship with the hard-edged reality of smoking. At this time of year winter blues and holiday stress, as well as holiday hype and disappointments, provide plenty of triggers for smoking addiction to feed upon.

The Best Medicine to Quit Smoking

Dr. Daniel Seidman | Posted 02.14.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Daniel Seidman

Most smokers who want to quit smoking don't realize that if they combine two forms of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), their chances for success are vastly increased. In fact, a combined NRT approach is the best of the medical options available for helping them.

15 Natural Ways To Kick Butt

iVillage | By Susan Carlton | Posted 09.21.2011 | Healthy Living

By Susan Carlton for If quitting smoking were a breeze, then 44 to 46 million of us wouldn’t still be lighting up. The truth is that...

The Billion-Dollar Smoking Problem In China

AP | GILLIAN WONG | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

BEIJING — China's addiction to huge revenues from its state-owned tobacco monopoly is hindering anti-smoking measures, potentially costing milli...

Medicare Expands Coverage To Help Smokers Quit

AP | RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

WASHINGTON — They've lived with the health warnings about smoking for much of their lives and doubtless seen the ill effects on friends, relativ...

Helping Smokers Quit By Showing Pictures Of Internal Damage (VIDEO)

MDiTV | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

Would seeing your heart arteries pinched by plaque scare a person straight off fast food and TV marathons? Or maybe after seeing spots in his lungs wo...

Tobacco Company Reynolds In Talks To Buy Company For Quitters

AP | MICHAEL FELBERBAUM | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

RICHMOND, Va. — Reynolds American Inc., maker of Camel cigarettes and Grizzly smokeless tobacco, is in talks to buy a Swedish company that helps...

Virtual Reality Helps Smokers Quit | Posted 05.25.2011 | Technology

Smokers who regularly play a computer game that involves crushing virtual cigarettes could have a better chance of kicking the habit. At least, that's...

The Stop-Smoking Drug That Could Make You Crazy

New York Magazine | Derek de Koff | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

Things were looking good. My doctor had gone through the test results and told me I was perfectly healthy--except my breathing was a little shallow. T...