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The Hunt For Joseph Kony

Reuters | Posted 06.20.2012 | World

By Richard Lough RIVER CHINKO, Central African Republic, April 20 (Reuters) - A Ugandan "hunting squad" pushes through the thick jungl...

INFOGRAPHIC: How 'Kony 2012' Went Viral

Posted 04.12.2012 | Impact

By now, most viewers subscribe to two schools of thought surrounding Invisible Children's "Kony 2012": It failed by a longshot in its oversimplificati...

Our Response to Jason Russell Should Not Be That Complex

Eugene Cho | Posted 05.26.2012 | Impact
Eugene Cho

Imagine for a second your worst day or your worst decision -- and having that magnified a million times. A Google search for "Jason Russell arrest" (which was not an actual arrest because charges weren't made) conjured up 121 million results on Google. Imagine that with your name.

Kony 2012: Can Viral Video Stop an International Child Killer?

Sharon Waxman | Posted 05.12.2012 | Media
Sharon Waxman

With Kony 2012, social media has taken on its next mission impossible: stopping an international child-killer. To which we can only say: Why not? Af...

Why Should We Be Hunting Kony 2012?

Corrin Varady | Posted 05.09.2012 | World
Corrin Varady

The international community needs more opportunities to argue and debate about our involvement in the world and especially Africa. We need to stop for a moment and question if we are doing enough and if so, is what we are doing actually RIGHT?

WATCH: Grisly Murder, Rape, Abduction Highlighted In Viral Video

Posted 03.08.2012 | World

Grisly killings, abductions, and rapes allegedly committed by the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in central Africa have garnered international attention...