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Hidden Costs to Cuomo's Free Tuition Plan Should be Explored

Dr. Brian C. Mitchell | Posted 01.10.2017 | Home
Dr. Brian C. Mitchell

It may be an effort to continue Bernie Sander's legacy by re-introducing the "free college" movement. It may also be a way to recast the Democratic Pa...

The NBA Should Not Punish Charlotte By Taking Away The All-Star Game

John A. Tures | Posted 07.29.2016 | Home
John A. Tures

It's up to North Carolina to make its own laws.

Why we need a 'moon shot' to catalogue the Earth's biodiversity

The Conversation US | Posted 04.22.2016 | Home
The Conversation US

Quentin Wheeler, State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry It's unlikely that presidential candidates will ever utte...

HeForShe Comes to Campus

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. | Posted 04.12.2016 | Home
Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr.

A remarkable global collaboration is underway in support of gender equality, and universities are playing a key role in it. The initiative is UN Women's HeForShe campaign, and its 30 Founding IMPACT Champions are 10 universities, 10 corporations, and 10 heads of state.

Pearson Rips Off Students with Tests Designed for Failure

Alan Singer | Posted 02.04.2017 | Home
Alan Singer

New York State, in partnership with Pearson Education, is making it increasingly harder and more expensive to become a teacher without evidence that their demands and tests will improve education in the state.

3 Black University Students Charged After Claiming They Were Victims Of A Hate Crime (UPDATE)

The Huffington Post | Taryn Finley | Posted 02.26.2016 | Home

UPDATE: Feb. 26 -- Charges have been filed against three black female State University of New York Albany students who claimed in January they were as...

Historic Brookyln District Fights Big Development

Isa Freeling | Posted 12.01.2016 | New York
Isa Freeling

New Yorkers need to be vigilant and protect their city from over zealous development before it's too late. We need our politicians to make sense and keep New York's character and beauty unspoiled. We cannot keep building at this rate and keep life in all the boroughs safe, healthy and balanced.

US Losing Its Dominance in Global Higher Education Market

The Conversation US | Posted 10.14.2016 | Home
The Conversation US

The media frequently reports on the number of international students studying in the United States. And that is exactly how we tend to think about it - students from other countries coming to the US. Yet, a growing number of US students are now looking overseas for their college degree.

Educating for Democracy: Collegiate Sports and March Madness

Joel Shatzky | Posted 05.22.2015 | Home
Joel Shatzky

The fundamental problem confronting Division l athletic programs comes at a time in which an increasing trend in higher education is becoming more obvious: education, except for the elite schools, is now run on a business model to the detriment of good teaching and good learning.

New York Is a Leader in the Fight Against Sexual Assault on College Campuses

Christine C. Quinn | Posted 04.28.2015 | Home
Christine C. Quinn

Sex assault and rape are huge problems on our campuses in New York and across the country. Indeed, evidence suggests that the information gap in this area adds to the problem and proves to be highly misleading for students and families.

Tyler Kingkade

Ranking Of Colleges With The Most Drug Arrests Per Capita Counts Several SUNY Campuses | Tyler Kingkade | Posted 02.02.2015 | Home

A new analysis of data from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Postsecondary Education shows several campuses in the State University of New...

Investing in America's Dazzling Scientific Talent

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr. | Posted 02.17.2015 | Home
Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, Jr.

Our nation needs to increase its commitment to the intellectual pursuit of scientific discovery - and to the "dazzling" talent in our midst. That's a proven strategy to produce the jobs that Americans want and deserve -- not directly but indirectly.

We Are More Than an Ivory Tower

Nancy L. Zimpher | Posted 01.20.2015 | Home
Nancy L. Zimpher

The documentary Ivory Tower debuts tonight on CNN, and it identifies some very real problems with higher education in this country. It is unacceptable that we would ignore the message of Ivory Tower at our own peril.

Writing Poetry to Save Your Life: An Interview with Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Loren Kleinman | Posted 11.15.2014 | Home
Loren Kleinman

My poems allowed me to say things I could not have said to anyone in person. I think poems build a bridge between us as human beings and that's why I think poetry is so important. It gives us the courage to say the unsayable.

LICH Leftovers

Sal F. Albanese | Posted 08.24.2014 | New York
Sal F. Albanese

Brooklynites didn't really need de Blasio or me or anyone else. In late April, after weeks of rainy marches and rallies, SUNY withdrew its plan to close LICH. For a moment at least, the community and workers had saved their hospital.

Common Core Is Common Sense for Higher Ed

Nancy L. Zimpher | Posted 08.04.2014 | Home
Nancy L. Zimpher

The Common Core standards and new assessments aligned with the standards represent our best hope for driving meaningful improvement across K-12 and higher education.

Meet Obama's Favorite College Leader

Politico | Posted 01.25.2014 | Home

The next time President Obama touts a new higher education plan, look around. You’ll likely find Nancy L. Zimpher in the background. Zimpher, the...

Cultivating the 'Entrepreneurial Spirit' at America's Largest University

Lawrence Wittner | Posted 02.22.2014 | Home
Lawrence Wittner

SUNY -- 64 higher education campuses with nearly half a million students -- is the largest university system in the United States. Therefore, when university administrators join the state's governor in turning SUNY into a loyal servant of big business, that fact has significant ramifications.

You'll Never Party That Hard Again, Cortaca

The Huffington Post | Tyler Kingkade | Posted 11.21.2013 | Home

Officials at the State University of New York at Cortland are really upset about students divulging into a near riot. President Erik J. Bitterbaum ...

These New York Students Were Out Of Control This Weekend (PHOTOS/VIDEO)

The Huffington Post | Tyler Kingkade | Posted 11.18.2013 | Home

Students at the State University of New York at Cortland went absolutely nuts this weekend. SUNY Cortland won their rivalry game Saturday against ...

Penn State Almost Picked A Guy Who's Resigning Amid A Pay Scandal To Be President

The Huffington Post | Tyler Kingkade | Posted 11.08.2013 | Home

David R. Smith was on his way to becoming the next president of Penn State University. Instead, he resigned Thursday amid a pay scandal. Penn State...

Anger in the Heartland Over Unfair Teacher Tests

Alan Singer | Posted 01.23.2014 | Home
Alan Singer

There is anger brewing in this heartland community of Cortland, New York over unfair new teacher tests.

A New Vision for Affordable and Quality Higher Education Requires Leadership, Collaboration

Nancy L. Zimpher | Posted 11.03.2013 | Home
Nancy L. Zimpher

President Obama just did American students, educators, and businesses a favor. He made access to an affordable college education a national priority, and for that historic focus he deserves great credit.

In Support of Public Education

Yetta Kurland | Posted 08.20.2013 | New York
Yetta Kurland

Knowledge is power, as they say, and like the practice of law, education is a tool that can empower people and communities to reach their fullest potential.

Corporate Welfare or Education? The Future of America's Largest Public University System

Lawrence Wittner | Posted 08.10.2013 | Home
Lawrence Wittner

Despite the obvious limitations of Tax-Free NY, why is the governor promoting it so vigorously?