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Fame Isn't the Prize; It's the Price

Dick Guttman | Posted 07.17.2016 | Entertainment
Dick Guttman

I have an actor friend who gets through a crowd and gets through life with one over-riding rule: don't make eye contact. It's a great and effective policy, especially for stars who inspire a dangerous sense of possession in fans when in the open public.

Does 'Superman' Still Hold Up?

Mike Ryan | Posted 08.13.2013 | Entertainment
Mike Ryan

In today's movies, my reaction to seeing entire cities destroyed while superheroes fight is to shrug. That doesn't seem right. I feel that I should be offended, or at least disturbed -- but I've seen it so many times now that I just don't care. We've raised the stakes so high, they've effectively lost their meaning. How much more destruction can the next villain cause that this last one didn't? As an audience member trying to relate to what's happening onscreen, there's a point where I think, Dead is dead. How much more dead can I be?

Happy Anniversary, 'Superman IV'

Mike Ryan | Posted 09.23.2012 | Entertainment
Mike Ryan

Tuesday is the 25th anniversary of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace. If I had to make a list of "worst movies ever made that have no excuse for being ...

This Week In Indie Cinema: Spurlock Takes On Comic Cons

The Huffington Post | Christiana Lilly | Posted 05.21.2012 | Miami

Comic book fans, rejoice! This week at O Cinema, the theater is hosting a comic con experience of its own with the screening of popular comic books tu...

CFQ Post-Mortem: The Alternate Worlds of Recycled Footage

Dan Persons | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Dan Persons

After a passionate discussion of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Dan Persons and Steve Biodrowski leave the recorder running as they delve deeply into th...

Wingnuts in Space

Mark Olmsted | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Mark Olmsted

The only way to understand the frothing of the right and of the Tea Party is through a historical lens. There really is no arguing with them anymore than you could argue with a southerner in 1844.

Nerd Love: Wedding Recreates "Superman" Scene (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy

Any wedding that plays the "Superman" theme is a good time in our books. So when wedding crasher General Zod is defeated by Superman (the groom) and t...

Second Time's the Charm -- When Superior Sequels Surpass Lukewarm Originals

Scott Mendelson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Scott Mendelson

I'm feeling a little more optimistic than I probably should for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.