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Supermassive Black Holes

Hubble at 25!

Mario Livio | Posted 05.31.2015 | Science
Mario Livio

By its very nature as an all-purpose telescope, in most cases Hubble helped cement existing suggestions, rather than making singular discoveries. Nevertheless, in all the topics listed below, Hubble's contribution has been crucial.

Supermassive Black Holes at the Edge of Space and Time

Dr. Sten Odenwald | Posted 04.29.2015 | Science
Dr. Sten Odenwald

Astronomers have known about these objects for decades, but in the depths of cosmic time, it's hard to understand how they can grow so quickly -- or maybe not!

Big Question About Black Holes Finally Answered | Mike Wall | Posted 08.19.2014 | Science

Black holes do indeed come in three sizes: small, medium and extra large, a new study suggests. Astronomers have studied many black holes at either s...

Huge Black Hole At Galaxy's Heart Is Behaving Very Oddly

The Huffington Post | David Freeman | Posted 06.26.2014 | Science

Call it a severe case of gas--on a cosmic scale. Data from multiple space observatories show that gas is spewing at very high speed from the super...

New Data Suggest Theory About Black Holes Was All Wrong | Mike Wall | Posted 03.30.2014 | Science

The gigantic black holes that lurk at the hearts of galaxies were apparently born big. The central black holes in dwarf galaxies — the "seeds" that...