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Supreme Court Health Care

Holding Big Pharma Accountable: Why Suing The Pharmaceutical Industry Isn't Working

Caroline Beaton | Posted 10.19.2015 | Business
Caroline Beaton

Since the 1990s, Congress has implemented four programs to expedite the approval process for new, exceptional pharmaceuticals. These pathways were created to push innovative, life-saving drugs for rare conditions through the FDA more quickly using preliminary, substandard research.

This Is What We Fought For

Nicholas Denmon | Posted 07.01.2015 | Politics
Nicholas Denmon

The 2008 theme of Senator Barack Obama's presidential campaign was summed up with the word "change." As a field operative for his campaign in the state of Florida, it was essential we bought into the premise with all of the doe-eyed naiveté that early-to-mid twenty year olds could muster.

Ariel Edwards-Levy

Americans Support The Supreme Court's Health Care Decision | Ariel Edwards-Levy | Posted 07.01.2015 | Politics

Americans generally support the Supreme Court's decision last week to preserve a major part of the Affordable Care Act, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll fin...

What Grade Does the Supreme Court Earn on Its Affordable Care Act Decision?

Cary A. Presant, M.D. | Posted 06.29.2015 | Politics
Cary A. Presant, M.D.

On June 25, 2015, the Supreme Court again upheld the ACA against a challenge, this time to federal subsidies. Was this a good or bad decision? What grade should we give the court, and for that matter congress as well?

Martyrdom of Mike

Jonathan Richards | Posted 06.26.2015 | Politics
Jonathan Richards


See How People Outside The Supreme Court Reacted To The King v. Burwell Decision

The Huffington Post | Gabriela Landazuri Saltos & Paige Lavender | Posted 06.25.2015 | Politics

The Supreme Court saved Obamacare Thursday when it rejected a lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act and preserved insurance for millions of American...

Now More Americans Agree With the Supreme Court on Obamacare

John A. Tures | Posted 06.25.2015 | Politics
John A. Tures

For the first time since they've polled people on the Affordable Care Act, more Americans like Obamacare than dislike it. And an overwhelming majority of citizens like the tax subsidies. Most feel the law works but could be improved with changes. The change they want is different from what opponents are talking about, however.

Paige Lavender

Obama Calls Supreme Court Health Care Ruling A 'Victory' | Paige Lavender | Posted 06.25.2015 | Politics

President Barack Obama reacted to the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act Thursday, calling it a "victory" for hardworking Americans. ...

Jonathan Cohn

Supreme Court Rejects Obamacare Lawsuit, Preserving Insurance For Millions | Jonathan Cohn | Posted 06.25.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The latest and possibly the last serious effort to cripple Obamacare through the courts has just failed. On Thursday, for the second ...

The Voice Of Opposition Past, Justice Kennedy May Save Obamacare Now

Reuters | Posted 06.15.2015 | Politics

By Joan Biskupic WASHINGTON, June 14 (Reuters) - Justice Anthony Kennedy was furious when a majority on the U.S. Supreme Court upheld ...

U.S. Judge Grills Lawyer Defending Obama's Health Care Law Changes

Reuters | Posted 05.28.2015 | Politics

By Lindsay Dunsmuir WASHINGTON, May 28 (Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Thursday blasted the Obama administration's motion to dismiss a law...

'Ugly' Potential Fallout From Supreme Court Health Care Case

AP | Posted 05.26.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Supreme Court ruling due in a few weeks could wipe out health insurance for millions of people covered by President Barack Obama...

Members Of Congress Might Not Be Affected By The Supreme Court's Ruling On Health Care

AP | Posted 05.13.2015 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — If the Supreme Court rules the way most Republicans want in the latest health overhaul case, GOP lawmakers who now have insurance ...

The Supreme Court & Obamacare Round II

Harold Lloyd | Posted 04.30.2015 | Politics
Harold Lloyd

The plaintiffs in King v. Burwell argue that federal subsidies under the Affordable Care Act (the "ACA") are lawful only in states which have set up their own health care exchanges. This case is now pending before the United States Supreme Court, and the very survival of the ACA could be at stake.

Here's Who's Most Likely To Lose Coverage If The Supreme Court Guts Obamacare

Pew's Stateline | Michael Ollove | Posted 02.12.2015 | Politics

This piece comes to us courtesy of Stateline. Stateline is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts that provides daily repo...

Will John Roberts Crush Obamacare The Second Time Around?

TPM | Posted 11.27.2014 | Politics

Chief Justice John Roberts may be feeling a flash of déjà vu. ...

Death Panel?

Jonathan Schmock | Posted 01.13.2015 | Politics
Jonathan Schmock


Health, Sensuality and the Supreme Court's New Feudalism

M. Gregg Bloche, M.D., J.D. | Posted 09.22.2014 | Politics
M. Gregg Bloche, M.D., J.D.

Hiding sensuality behind health, instead of celebrating it, devalues the erotic lives of women and men. More than that, our political embarrassment about sex has leveraged the power of the wealthy to control the intimate lives of others.

Women of America, Beware! SCOTUS Wants to Party Like It's 1969

Nancy Howell Lee | Posted 09.09.2014 | Women
Nancy Howell Lee

The hate-filled vehemence of the anti-abortion forces has continued without cease and, if anything, grown in vehemence.

A Tale of Two Siblings, the ACA, and the Supreme Court

Drew Altman, Ph.D. | Posted 06.01.2014 | Politics
Drew Altman, Ph.D.

There is a part of the Affordable Care Act that is not at all working as originally envisioned, because the Supreme Court dramatically altered the structure of the law when it ruled that the expansion of Medicaid should be voluntary for states.

High Court Passes On Obamacare Suit

AP | Posted 01.23.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court has turned away a Christian university's attempt to overturn a key part of the Obama administration's health car...

Broccoli Is Your Best Bet In Rudy Baylor's ObamaCare Marketplace

Amy Dardashtian | Posted 07.22.2013 | Politics
Amy Dardashtian

Right now, in every state across America, teams of people are building websites that will change the health care landscape in this country. These "Health Insurance Exchanges" will offer Americans government-run health insurance plans.

Why The GOP's Resistance To Medicaid Expansion Is Eroding | Posted 02.09.2013 | Politics

PHOENIX—Jan Brewer, Arizona’s feisty Republican governor, is better known for wagging her finger at President Obama than for linking arms with him...

Life Support and Taxes

J.D. Kleinke | Posted 04.08.2013 | Politics
J.D. Kleinke

Making people obtain and maintain health insurance is not the nanny state; it is grow-up time. The nanny state is what we have today, prior to full implementation of Obamacare, and what we have had since the 1986 passage of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.

Justice Refuses To Block Health Care Rule

AP | Posted 02.25.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on Wednesday denied a request to block part of the federal health care law that requires empl...