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Swing Voters

What Has America Really Done? Angry "Swing" Voters Elect A New American Oligarchy

Martin Luz | Posted 11.11.2016 | Politics
Martin Luz

You think you voted for Trump, so that he can "shake up" Washington to your benefit. Simple, right? Not so fast. Here is what you really voted for, based on the long-track record of the incoming power elite.

Democrats Will Need New Leadership That Offers Alternatives To Neoliberal Failure

Mark Weisbrot | Posted 11.10.2016 | Politics
Mark Weisbrot

The polls were wrong, the unthinkable has happened, and Donald Trump has been elected the 45th president of the United States, with a Republican Congress.

Fourth Circuit Strikes Down Discriminatory Provisions of Gov. Pat McCrory's North Carolina "Omnibus" Election Law

Harold Lloyd | Posted 08.08.2016 | Politics
Harold Lloyd

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has struck down provisions of Gov. Pat McCrory's "omnibus" election law requiring photo identification in form bla...

On the Minimum Wage, Santorum Has It Right

Jeffrey Buchanan | Posted 09.21.2016 | Politics
Jeffrey Buchanan

Some commentators were surprised to hear this coming from the Republican debate stage. And that's too bad. The media continues to falsely paint the minimum wage as a strictly partisan issue--and it's a gross misrepresentation.

Running Clean Draws Support from Swing Voters

Heather Taylor-Miesle | Posted 01.02.2015 | Politics
Heather Taylor-Miesle

Head-to-head matchups between candidates have varied this entire election cycle, but one item we've been tracking has remained consistent -- voters want action on climate change.

Whither the Midterm Swing Voter? Not So Fast

Nick Gourevitch | Posted 07.07.2014 | Politics
Nick Gourevitch

Is all of the investment in persuasion to come this fall just an enormous waste of money?

Democrats Who Move Right Lose Elections -- There Is No "Center"

Dave Johnson | Posted 06.24.2014 | Politics
Dave Johnson

There are not voters who "swing," there are left voters and right voters who either show up and vote or do not show up and vote.

Swing-State Bickering and a New Podcast

Phil Campbell | Posted 03.16.2014 | Politics
Phil Campbell

I'll probably never move back to Ohio, but after all these years away I do miss the Midwestern sensibility so much that I thought I'd catch up with some old friends from my Ohio days and start a podcast.

We Were Right (So Says the Census): Hidden Swing Voters Tipped the Scales in 2012

Marc H. Morial | Posted 07.21.2013 | Black Voices
Marc H. Morial

There is no doubt that the opportunity to re-elect America's first black president contributed to record black turnout last year. But, no matter who is on the ballot in 2014 and 2016, we must continue to exercise our voice. We must continue to exercise our vote.

Vote As If Your Life Depends on It... Or At Least As If Mine Does

Scott Schoettes | Posted 01.02.2013 | Politics
Scott Schoettes

If you are on the fence about who to vote for in this election, I would ask you to think long and hard about the people who will suffer and die down the road, because we let healthcare reform die in the Election of 2012.

Still Undecided? Take This 15-Question Quiz

Jay Michaelson | Posted 12.29.2012 | Politics
Jay Michaelson

Still undecided? If all else fails, this short quiz will see how your views match up with those of the two presidential candidates.

The Swing Voter Speaks

Phil Campbell | Posted 12.26.2012 | Politics
Phil Campbell

A couple months ago I blogged about my brother-in-law, a swing voter. Given the tightness of the election this year, and given the fact that he is the only genuine swing voter that I know, this is a subject I have not been able to put down.

What Do (Suburban) Women Want?

Marty Kaplan | Posted 12.18.2012 | Media
Marty Kaplan

No one's being forced to watch CNN's campaign swing-o-meter. But it can't be long before real-time tabulation of the sentiments of various audience segments becomes an expected and common element of all infotainment.

Stuck in the Middle

Warren Adler | Posted 12.18.2012 | Politics
Warren Adler

Call me dumb and dumber but I intend to stay right here in the middle. Believe me, it's the hardest spot to be in, especially during a presidential election. Worse, there is no candidate to vote for in the middle.

Both Romney and Obama Are Data Dumpster-Diving

Rory O'Connor | Posted 12.17.2012 | Politics
Rory O'Connor

Sadly but predictably, the very same data-mining techniques now being employed by large corporations to pry into your privacy have emerged as powerful weapons on both sides of the battle for the American presidency.

Swing Voters for Fun and Terror

Mark Morford | Posted 12.17.2012 | Politics
Mark Morford

Who dares, at this point in his/her wobbly existence, have no concrete clue as to what's going on, who to vote for, or why they should bother to learn to understand how to care about any of it in the first place?

Forget the Last Two Years of Campaigning, This Is the Time to Pay Attention: How Polls, Ads and Debates Will Win Swing Voters

Nomiki Konst | Posted 12.11.2012 | Politics
Nomiki Konst

Ignore everything about the 2012 election prior to today. Before this point, ignore every poll, every positive and negative ad, every gaffe -- because none of it matters.

Jon Ward

Gloomy Old Party: Pollsters Say Mitt Romney's Quest For Swing Voter An Uphill Battle | Jon Ward | Posted 10.01.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The tone on a conference call with Republican pollsters Monday, discussing Mitt Romney's chances of winning over key swing voters, was r...

From the Gut, Not the Brain

Frank A. Weil | Posted 11.14.2012 | Politics
Frank A. Weil

Which part of the human body has the most to do with voting preferences in today's world? It seems to keep coming as a surprise to many folks that the brain keeps coming in second to the gut.

You Can Rescue America's Silenced Time Crunched Voters

Trooper Sanders | Posted 11.12.2012 | Politics
Trooper Sanders

What is the antidote to time silencing the voices of nearly 2.7 million voters? Americans should not only vote on November 6, they should also take practical action as friends, family members, and co-workers leading up to and on Election Day to give busy people in their lives time to vote.

New Game: Sway the Swing Voter

Phil Campbell | Posted 10.27.2012 | Politics
Phil Campbell

To become a member of this group, all you have to do is not know whether you're voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. But how is that possible?

The Hidden Swing Voters

Leigh Owens | Posted 09.16.2012 | Politics
Leigh Owens

This year's election could prove to be one of the most important in our nation's history and there is at least one group whose vote could determine its outcome: the African-American vote.

The Politics of Division and Subtraction

Ed Crego, George Muñoz and Frank Islam | Posted 08.20.2012 | Politics
Ed Crego, George Muñoz and Frank Islam

As the parties have polarized they have grown the divide between them and subtracted a large number of registered voters from their rolls. This polarization has increased the ranks of reported independents substantially.

Why Every Tea Party Member Should Be an Independent Voter

Bill Hillsman | Posted 08.12.2012 | Politics
Bill Hillsman

The Tea Party movement is a populist movement. The desire of Tea Party members to take back our government, rein in its profligate spending, and have ...

This Mother's Day Moms Are Off the Sidelines and Playing to Win

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner | Posted 07.13.2012 | Women
Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Modern moms aren't Soccer Moms standing on the sidelines; we're Networked Moms working on the front lines. This year we're in the game and we're playing to win!