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This Is The Coolest Animal You Know Nothing About

TED | Nico Pitney | Posted 11.05.2015 | Impact

Although the tapir is one of the world's largest land mammals, the lives of these solitary, nocturnal creatures have remained a mystery. Known as "the...

Couple's Home Invaded by Baby Sloths (PHOTOS)

Lucy Cooke | Posted 12.30.2014 | Green
Lucy Cooke

Rescued adult sloths are released back into the jungle as soon as they are fit but orphaned babies are extremely vulnerable and need 24-hour care. So the couple have had to give up their home to their sleepy adopted babies until they are old enough to be released back into the wild.

You'll Never Guess Why This Tapir Is So Jazzed

The Huffington Post | Posted 06.27.2013 | Weird News

What's a tapir to do with its enormous tapirhood? No idea, but someone better tell it before it goes extinct. Tapirs are large, browsing mammals t...

PHOTOS: San Francisco Zoo's Beloved Tapir Found Dead

Sarah Medina | Posted 08.28.2012 | San Francisco

Goober, the San Francisco Zoo's 18-year-old Baird Tapir, died this weekend after a two-year struggle with oral cancer. Zookeepers found his body i...

Cara Santa Maria

The Talk Nerdy To Me Guide To Animal Sex | Cara Santa Maria | Posted 07.30.2012 | Science

2012-05-31-Screenshot20120531at12.11.32PM.jpgI recently had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Los Angeles Zoo with animal "sexpert" Dr. Carin Bondar, the "biologist with a twist."