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Tax Cuts

What You Need to Know About the Tax Extenders Up for a Vote

Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA | Posted 12.15.2014 | Money
Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA

Now that summer is officially over and the fall season has arrived, most of us are looking ahead to cooler weather, the holiday season and spending time with family. But there's one thing many of us may not be thinking about but should be: taxes.

A Brief History of America's Attitude Toward Taxes

Roger Martin | Posted 12.03.2014 | Business
Roger Martin

The changing attitudes toward and laws around income taxes has been a major driver of the rise of America's modern talent-based, knowledge economy.

GOP: Tax Evasion as a Back Door Strategy

Jared Bernstein | Posted 09.20.2014 | Politics
Jared Bernstein

My CBPP colleague Chuck Marr flags something important from a recent press release by Rep. Dave Camp, the Republican Chair of the tax writing committee in the House. In just a few words, the Congressman manages to make some truly scary assertions.

How Kansas and California Debunked the GOP's Tax Cuts Argument

C. Robert Gibson | Posted 09.15.2014 | Politics
C. Robert Gibson

The Paul Ryans of America have lost the bet fair and square. The tax cuts experiment has had plenty of time to show results, but the only people whose economic situations have improved since the Bush tax cuts are the wealthiest 1 percent of society.

Over 100 Republicans Back Democratic Candidate For Kansas Governor

The Huffington Post | Alex Lazar | Posted 07.15.2014 | Politics

The organization Republicans for Kansas Values, which is composed of 104 current and former Republican officeholders in Kansas, endorsed state Rep. Pa...

Governor Wants To Double Down On Massive Tax Cut That Tanked State Finances

The Huffington Post | Igor Bobic | Posted 07.09.2014 | Politics

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback (R) is unfazed by a massive revenue shortfall that threatens to leave his state's finances in ruins. Determined that supply-...

What's the Matter With (Tax Cuts) in Kansas?

Jared Bernstein | Posted 08.29.2014 | Politics
Jared Bernstein

Ask yourself whether this all sounds familiar: cut taxes on the wealthy and you'll unleash enough growth to more than make up the difference. Investment will flourish leading jobs, wages, and productivity to accelerate. It's plain old vanilla trickle-down, supply-side economics.

Michael McAuliff

GOP Passes Deficit-Hiking Tax Cuts, Accuses Dems Of Irresponsibility | Michael McAuliff | Posted 06.12.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The word “certainty” trumped the word “deficit” Thursday as the House of Representatives passed the next two tax breaks in a ser...

Friday Talking Points -- End of Reefer Madness?

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.30.2014 | Politics
Chris Weigant

One story risks being buried among all this other newsworthy stuff, and that is the vote which happened late last night in the House of Representatives.

Guess Who Tried to Prevent the VA Crisis -- and Who Stood in Their Way!

Anthony W. Orlando | Posted 07.30.2014 | Politics
Anthony W. Orlando

Who would've ever thought, after years of relentless cost-cutting in the halls of Washington, that the federal government actually spends our money on important stuff? Who would've thought that wars cost money, and tax cuts cost money, and maintaining our infrastructure costs money?

Michael McAuliff

WATCH: Republicans Pass 'Twinkie Subsidy' In Tax Break Package | Michael McAuliff | Posted 05.29.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Democrats charged Republicans with passing a "Twinkie subsidy" in a package of tax breaks Thursday that will add $304 billion to the def...

Michael McAuliff

House GOP Backs Tax Breaks That Add $300 Billion To Deficit | Michael McAuliff | Posted 05.30.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- The House Ways and Means Committee pushed ahead a set of tax breaks Thursday that would add another $304 billion to the deficit over 10 ...

'Net Neutrality' Proves We Need Stronger Government, Higher Taxes

Andrew Reinbach | Posted 07.18.2014 | Politics
Andrew Reinbach

In government, that strength is a function of money as well as laws, and government's income is taxes. If a company, or industry, disagrees with a regulation, it should be able to be heard; but they shouldn't be able to write the rules.

Pressure Mounts On Credit Suisse CEO To Quit

Reuters | Posted 07.18.2014 | Business

ZURICH, May 18 (Reuters) - Credit Suisse Chief Executive Brady Dougan came under further pressure to resign on Sunday, with a key figure in Switzerl...

Kansas' Projections Show Tax Cuts Aren't Paying Off as Predicted

Christine Mai | Posted 07.14.2014 | Politics
Christine Mai

The negative effects of Kansas' tax cuts are mounting: lower state revenues, serious cuts to services like education, and now lower growth forecasts and a downgraded credit rating. These cuts aren't setting Kansas up for economic success.

The Tea Party Is Dead! Long Live the Tea Party!

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.07.2014 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Tea Party groups have evolved over time. Initially, they were supposed to be grassroots, libertarian, and spontaneous; but there were many who almost immediately attempted to grab the Tea Party mantle and turn it into their own giant political machine.

Michael McAuliff

GOP Goes All In On Benghazi, Tax Cuts, IRS Scandal As Obamacare Fades | Michael McAuliff | Posted 05.07.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- With the passionate hatred of Obamacare fading even in Republican circles, the GOP will embrace a trifecta of issues on the House floor ...

Tax Extenders: Fiscal Hypocrisy in Motion

Jared Bernstein | Posted 07.01.2014 | Politics
Jared Bernstein

For all the clamoring about fiscal rectitude, when it comes to helping their friends, it's business, as in corporate tax breaks, as usual.

Gov. Rick Snyder: One Misleading Flip-flopper

Dale Hansen | Posted 06.24.2014 | Detroit
Dale Hansen

So far in this election cycle, Snyder and his team of experts have proven to be very good at creating catchy nicknames and misrepresenting data to make it appear the governor has had a positive impact.

Procrastinating on Tax Filing? This List Might Inspire You

Reboot Illinois | Posted 06.14.2014 | Chicago
Reboot Illinois

There are only a few days left before your federal and Illinois state tax returns are due. They must be e-filed or postmarked before midnight Tuesday,...

President Obama's Budget Is a 'Solid Blueprint'

Bob Greenstein | Posted 05.04.2014 | Politics
Bob Greenstein

President Obama's new budget is a solid blueprint that would reduce deficits, alleviate poverty, and boost investment in areas needed for future economic growth, such as infrastructure, education, and research.

Why Taxes Should Depend on the Economy

Sanjay Sanghoee | Posted 04.27.2014 | Politics
Sanjay Sanghoee

Since both political parties agree that our Byzantine tax code needs to be rationalized, variable tax rates might be a good place to start.

Walker's Economic Plan: As Usual, Good for Walker and Bad for Wisconsin

Rep. Gwen Moore | Posted 04.23.2014 | Politics
Rep. Gwen Moore

His latest plan: prioritize a whopping tax cut package totaling more than $500 million over education and job training, infrastructure improvements, and long-term fiscal discipline. But what would be the true cost for the state's fiscal health -- not to mention the people of Wisconsin?

Gov. Christie's Tax Cuts Are the Wrong Prescription for NJ's Economy

Gordon MacInnes | Posted 04.07.2014 | New York
Gordon MacInnes

Corporate tax cuts and subsidies have been Gov. Christie's only efforts to spur job creation and economic recovery for the past four years, but where has this gotten us? Not very far.

Do Republicans Really Want a Balanced Budget Amendment?

Dale Hansen | Posted 04.05.2014 | Politics
Dale Hansen

No one argues that the government shouldn't be more prudent with its money, but a balanced budget amendment does almost nothing to address the underlying problems that lead to wasteful spending.