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Tax Professional

Tax Tips for Healthcare Professionals

Mark Steber | Posted 06.24.2016 | Business
Mark Steber

According to the Bureau of Labor Stats last year, 12 of 20 of the fastest growing occupations were in the healthcare industry. If you are one of the ...

The Cost of Being Late and/or File Your Taxes Now

Mark Steber | Posted 04.17.2016 | Business
Mark Steber

Are you sitting around googling "taxes" and "late filing?" Are you looking for anything to do but deal with that pile of paper sitting in front of yo...

The Final Countdown - 72 Hours until Tax Time is Up

Mark Steber | Posted 04.16.2016 | Business
Mark Steber

I know there are about 1 million articles on what you need to know to get your taxes done by April 18, 2016 at midnight, but this is that one in a mil...

Einstein Used a Tax Pro, Should You?

Mark Steber | Posted 02.23.2016 | Business
Mark Steber

With last week's validation of Albert Einstein's 100-year old prediction of Gravitational Waves, it is clearer than ever he was one of the most brilliant men that ever lived. So what were his views on income taxes? Well, let me tell you.

Clean Desk, Clean Finances -- 5 Steps to Streamline Your Money Management

Jason Alderman | Posted 05.27.2016 | Money
Jason Alderman

Why do so many of us cling to paper-based systems to keep track of our money? In truth, some paper is necessary, but the most common response may be habit. As you're reassessing those habits, keep these five steps in mind.

Planning a Home Remodel That Actually Pays Off

Jason Alderman | Posted 03.07.2015 | Money
Jason Alderman

Winter is a good time for considering home repairs and improvements so you and your checkbook will be ready for the spring thaw. It's also a good time for prospective home buyers to prioritize what features are must-haves when purchasing, and which can wait for potential remodel down the road.

It's December -- Do You Know Where Your Tax Paperwork Is?

Mark Steber | Posted 02.04.2015 | Business
Mark Steber

By having all your documents in one place, you are one step closer to filing your return. Remember my first rule of tax return time? The earlier you file, the sooner you will get your refund!

Government's New Year's Resolution: Grant All Americans Affordable Health Care Coverage

Mark Steber | Posted 09.20.2014 | Business
Mark Steber

You may qualify for a tax credit to help offset the cost of health insurance. That credit is generally paid directly to your health insurance company. You, then, only pay the part of the premium that the credit doesn't cover. But, getting that credit requires you to file a tax return to reconcile your payments and actual credit due. Sound confusing?

7 Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn't) File Your Own Taxes

Carrie Smith | Posted 04.10.2013 | Business
Carrie Smith

Unless your income and filing status remain the same year after year, your tax situation is always changing. The question, "should I file my own taxes or hire a pro?" is a dilemma that should be revisited every year.

Tips for Working With a Tax Professional to File Your Return

Women & Co | Posted 05.21.2012 | Money
Women & Co

Here are a few tips for having a constructive conversation and making the most of your time together with a tax professional.