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IRS Wishes Baby Boomers A Happy 70 ½ Birthday!

Mark Steber | Posted 07.28.2016 | Business
Mark Steber

Happy 70½ Baby Boomers! It might surprise you to learn that in most cases you MUST start taking money from your traditional IRA, 401(k), and other r...

Taxing Marijuana to Fight Homelessness

Hilda L. Solis | Posted 07.22.2016 | Los Angeles
Hilda L. Solis

As the richest society on earth, we cannot tolerate almost 50,000 men, women, and children living on our streets. We can do better than this, and we must.

It's Tax Not Trade (Stupid)

Edward J McCaffery | Posted 07.18.2016 | Politics
Edward J McCaffery

With the major party conventions upon us, the Summer of 2016 continues to be one of serious discontent. Middle-class workers worldwide are mad as hell. Pandering populist politicians like Boris Johnson in England and Donald Trump here at home stoke the fires of rage, doing what people in times of peril have done for millennia: blame foreigners.

Choosing the Right Project for Your Home Renovation

Nathaniel Sillin | Posted 07.06.2016 | Business
Nathaniel Sillin

Before the national housing collapse of 2007, home renovation decisions seemed far simpler and much more profitable for homeowners than you see with t...

Does It Make Sense to Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP | Posted 06.06.2016 | Business
Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz, CFP

Dear Carrie, I'm 65 and about to retire and I still have a mortgage balance of $100,000 at 4 percent. My investment portfolio and retirement savings ...

Everything You Need to Know About Child Tax Credits | Posted 05.25.2016 | Parents

Depending on your income, you may be eligible for a child tax credit of up to $1,000 per child. Remember that unlike a tax deduction, a tax credit is ...

Amazon Could Be Hit By $448 Million In Back Taxes By EU

Reuters | Paul Vale | Posted 05.19.2016 | Business

BRUSSELS - EU state aid regulators aim to rule on Amazon's (AMZN.O) tax deal with Luxembourg by July, two people familiar with the matter said on Thur...

Who Absolves the Priests? The Panama Papers, Transparency, and Confession

Devin Singh | Posted 05.06.2016 | Politics
Devin Singh

In the aftermath of the Panama Papers leak, a global outcry for transparency and confession has arisen. Calls for more oversight and regulation abound. The public wants those implicated to come clean, step into the light, and confess their financial deeds done in the dark.

47 Tax Day 2016 Deals, Discounts and Freebies

GOBankingRates | Posted 04.18.2016 | Business

By Michelle Smith, Contributor This year, most of us get three extra days to file our federal income tax. Since Emancipation Day falls on April 15, T...

34 Tax Day 2016 Deals, Discounts and Freebies

GOBankingRates | Posted 04.18.2016 | Business

By Michelle Smith, Contributor This year, most of us get three extra days to file our federal income tax. Since Emancipation Day falls on April 15, T...

12 Bizarre Taxes You Didn't Know You Were Paying by State

Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA | Posted 04.08.2016 | Business
Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA

Ask anybody about taxes and be ready to set aside your afternoon for a spirited debate, especially during an election year. Some think we are taxed to...

Calming Your Tax Filing Anxieties

Jonathan Alpert | Posted 04.08.2016 | Healthy Living
Jonathan Alpert

Death and taxes are two of the few certainties in life -- and also two of the most worrisome. I've known people to literally become physically sick at...

10 Famous Celebrities Who Have Major Debt

GOBankingRates | Posted 06.08.2016 | Entertainment

By Andrew DePietro, Contributor The entertainment world and the public in general received some astonishing news on Feb. 13, when Kanye West revealed...

How Much Money Will You Have in Your Pocket Under Each Candidate?

Mark Paul | Posted 04.06.2016 | Politics
Mark Paul

The Vox calculator is not necessarily wrong in terms of taxes, but it's misleading.

From Panama Papers to Brazilian Bribes: Why Corruption Is So Costly

The Conversation US | Posted 04.06.2016 | Business
The Conversation US

Corruption is highlighted by the media because the amounts being exchanged are often huge. The real reason corruption should be headline news is that it steals a bit of economic prosperity from every person each time it occurs.

How The 2016 Budget Will Impact UK's Insurance Industry

Toby Nwazor | Posted 04.04.2016 | Impact
Toby Nwazor

Credit UK's recent budget has seen an increase in insurance premium tax (IPT) by 0.5%, taking the current rate to 10% in order to raise over £700 mi...

Understanding the Trump and Sanders Economies

Peter Van Buren | Posted 03.30.2016 | Politics
Peter Van Buren

The myth of the American Dream is the dominating factor in keeping people complacent in the United States. You know it -- work hard, and your life will improve. Well, maybe not your life, but your kids', or at least your grandkids'. If that doesn't work, it is the fault of immigrants, or the darn Chinese, or those welfare freeloaders.

13 Worst Things to Do With Your Tax Refund

GOBankingRates | Posted 02.29.2016 | Business

By Caroline Banton, Contributor People typically don't want to pay more taxes than they need to, but a tax refund implies just that. Withholding more...

4 Things Same-Sex Married Couples Should Know if It's Their First Tax Season Together

Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA | Posted 02.15.2016 | HuffPost Home
Lisa Greene-Lewis, CPA

The U.S. Supreme Court made history on June 26, 2015, when it ruled in favor of marriage equality for all 50 states, overturning previous same-sex ban...

Congress Is Handing U.S. Corporate Taxes To Europe

Jeffrey Sachs | Posted 02.08.2016 | Business
Jeffrey Sachs

In their interest to garner favor with U.S. companies (mainly in search of campaign funds), the U.S. Congress has allowed these companies to escape U.S. corporate taxes by magically declaring that their IP is located in some foreign tax haven.

Latest CBO Figures Give Incomplete Picture of Health Reform

Edwin Park | Posted 02.01.2016 | Politics
Edwin Park

Some critics cite the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates of enrollment in health reform's marketplaces to argue that health reform is losing ...

State EITCs: Helping Working Families and Communities Thrive

Erica Williams | Posted 01.21.2016 | Politics
Erica Williams

As state legislative sessions begin, policymakers can help keep people working, increase incomes, reduce financial hardship, and build an economy that works for everyone by following the 26 states and the District of Columbia that have created state Earned Income Tax Credits.

Exposing Misleading 'Business Climate' Rankings

Erica Williams | Posted 01.19.2016 | Politics
Erica Williams

The new website Grading the States: Business Climate Rankings and the Real Path to Prosperity debunks the state rankings from several organizations pu...

Obama Wisely Calls for Boosting Tax Credits for Childless Adults

Chuck Marr | Posted 01.13.2016 | Politics
Chuck Marr

The Earned Income Tax Credit has long enjoyed bipartisan support because it encourages and rewards the work of low- and moderate-income people.

Cross That Border To Save Big Bucks on Airfare, Gas and More

Map Happy | Posted 01.13.2016 | Travel
Map Happy

Do almost anything to save money on a flight? Here's a cost-saving factor people rarely think about: crossing a border--whether that be into a differe...