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Teaching Methods

The Keystone Habit That Will Reignite American Education

Robert Sun | Posted 01.09.2013 | Education
Robert Sun

Help children to excel in math and their perception of school can be improved. What's more, their view of themselves, their abilities, and their very potential to learn, can all be transformed.

Using Music in the Classroom to Educate, Engage and Promote Understanding

Nicholas Ferroni | Posted 11.08.2012 | Education
Nicholas Ferroni

In a day when activities and education methods get replaced year after year with the "next big thing," music will remain a constant to which every student (year after year) will form a connection.

The Art of a Well-Rounded Education

Kiki Prottsman | Posted 12.19.2012 | Education
Kiki Prottsman

Just like I encourage my sons to "read the book" before they see a movie, I encourage students to experience concepts through real-life exercises before they play with technical simulations. Tie knots. Fold origami. Play with Legos.

Ask Dr. Lynch: Teaching Students About Genocide

Matthew Lynch, Ed.D. | Posted 12.12.2012 | Education
Matthew Lynch, Ed.D.

Nowadays, we are seeing the topic of genocide being covered even in the elementary grades and there is no consensus on when it should be introduced or taught. In my opinion, the topic of genocide should not be discussed prior to grade six.

Preparing Children to Be Successful in the Only Test That Really Matters: Life

Tony Zini | Posted 11.10.2012 | Education
Tony Zini

We have to equip students for a world that does not exist. We can't prepare them for the world of tomorrow because we have no idea what it will look like!

Back to the Classroom -- Part Two: Teachers 'Wear' Their Student Hats

Lydia Dobyns | Posted 10.28.2012 | Education
Lydia Dobyns

I spotlighted Jennifer Isbell, a teacher from Central Coast New Tech High, who was using her summer to collaborate as she prepared to be a founding teacher at this new public high school, which opened its doors last week.

First Days of Class: Make Room for the Moments

Lori Ungemah | Posted 10.20.2012 | Education
Lori Ungemah

Folks often said to me, "Oh, you're a teacher -- that's so great! You must love it! It must be so much FUN!" and I would look at them, force a smile, and decide if this person was worth an explanation on what teaching is really like.

What Makes a Great Teacher?

David Allyn | Posted 09.10.2012 | Education
David Allyn

Boredom is the enemy of education. Students who are bored in class learn only one thing: that they are at the mercy of their instructor.

The Case for Design Thinking in Education

Christine Nasserghodsi | Posted 09.04.2012 | Education
Christine Nasserghodsi

The problem seems evident in the language. We 'adopt' programs. We 'purchase' materials. We 'integrate' technology. We even 'train' teachers. For all of the changing programs referenced, how many teachers actually changed their practice?

What We Can Learn From Two Great American Teachers

David Allyn | Posted 08.28.2012 | Education
David Allyn

Mortimer and Alfred Adler shared the same last name -- but more importantly, they shared a deep belief in the value of the individual and the ability of each of us to grow through learning.

The Undergraduate Whisperer: No "Right Answers"? Wrong!

Rebecca Schuman | Posted 05.12.2012 | College
Rebecca Schuman

Did you hear about that philosophy final where the professor came in and wrote "Why?" on the chalkboard? And a student got an A+ by answering "Why not?" I guaran-effing-tee you this has never happened in the history of college.

Dirty Professor Secrets

Rebecca Schuman | Posted 04.28.2012 | College
Rebecca Schuman

Yes, it's true that we do keep things somewhat impersonal in class, and sometimes we are many decades older than students, but that does not make us any less real.

Habit #1: Slowing Down

Willow Dea | Posted 01.23.2012 | Education
Willow Dea

Caution: You may be underwhelmed if you read this from a mental perspective; this post is an offer to your body and spirit.

This House: A Film About a Pre-School Art Teacher

Charlie Alderman | Posted 01.04.2012 | Education
Charlie Alderman

The story of unconventional Chicago art educator and artist Jackie Seiden invites us to reimagine the limits of the classroom's influence.

Maybe Engineers Should Run Colleges

Jeff Selingo | Posted 08.29.2012 | College
Jeff Selingo

When we think of solving complex problems, we normally turn to engineers. And higher education is facing some tough issues. So what if engineers tackled those problems?

Hey, Teacher. Let Kids Read Alone.

Steve Terreri | Posted 11.24.2011 | Books
Steve Terreri

Considering how wide the differences between reading on one's own and reading in a class are, I'm interested in how educators might take some aspects from the former to let high school students read just to read.

Why Class Size Matters

David Kirp | Posted 08.29.2011 | Education
David Kirp

Radically different approaches to teaching and learning change the equation. They demonstrate why small classes matter.

New Teaching Method Hones Students' Snap Decisions

Posted 08.20.2011 | Education

In Santa Monica, Calif., one school is testing out a new method of learning that focuses more on gut decisions than guidelines. It's called "percept...

What Makes a 'Good' Teacher?

Paula Smith | Posted 07.04.2011 | Education
Paula Smith

Here are six ideas that, in my view, can help shape the encouraging national conversation that is currently taking place about teaching excellence.

Beethoven? That's Easy, He's a Dog

Pamela Kripke | Posted 05.25.2011 | Education
Pamela Kripke

I don't know why these kids lack basic knowledge across all subjects. They haven't seen much outside their own neighborhoods. They don't read or listen much to the news. But they come to class.

Spreading The Word In U.S. High Schools: Science Is Cool

Posted 05.25.2011 | Education

As schools nationwide focus more and more on English and math to keep up with No Child Left Behind guidelines, science teachers are trying harder than...

Learning from Success: Love Meets Best Practices at a New Orleans Elementary School

Karin Chenoweth | Posted 06.19.2015 | Education
Karin Chenoweth

Bethune is one of the schools around the country that demonstrate that if schools do everything right, they can get extraordinary results. Getting everything right isn't easy, but it's what we need schools to do.

'Ready to Learn' Equals Easier to Educate

Alfie Kohn | Posted 05.25.2011 | Education
Alfie Kohn

The phrase "ready to learn," frequently applied to young children, is rather odd when you stop to think about it, because the implication is that some kids aren't.

What If Teachers Had Teleprompters? (Satire) (VIDEO)

Lee Kolbert | Posted 05.25.2011 | Education
Lee Kolbert

Scripting every teacher's utterances is not a bad idea. Think of all the problems that would be avoided.

A Conversation with my Students

Karl Fisch | Posted 05.25.2011 | Education
Karl Fisch

I think we sometimes forget one of the most important conversations we need to be having -- the one with our students.