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'Ghost Fleet: A Novel of the Next World War' by P. W. Singer & August Cole

Words After War | Posted 07.03.2016 | Impact
Words After War

Written by P.W. Singer and August Cole, two well-known figures in defense policy circles, Ghost Fleet chronicles the outbreak and eventual resolution of an imagined war between the United States and China.

Mind Games -- The Making of a Thriller, Part II

Bill DeSmedt | Posted 08.04.2014 | Books
Bill DeSmedt

By formulating the Cogito, Descartes was implicitly espousing the view that mind exists independently as something distinct from, and different from, matter. Where he ran into problems was when he tried working his way back from the mind's reality to the reality of anything else.

Yet Another Blog Post About Michael Crichton

Karen Dionne | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Karen Dionne

Michael Crichton is the reason I became a writer; Andromeda Strain and Jurassic Park my literary role models.