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8 Overproof Spirits To Keep You Drunk Throughout Trump's Inauguration

Tony Sachs | Posted 01.10.2017 | Taste
Tony Sachs

To say a lot of us aren't looking forward to January 20th is bigly understating the matter. We're fearing it, dreading it, getting a little queasy at...

Tequila Is The New Napa Valley, Or At Least It's On Its Way There

Hugh McIntyre | Posted 11.26.2016 | Travel
Hugh McIntyre

Napa Valley is known the world over for being not just one of the greatest producers of wine on the planet, but also as one of the most upscale, fanci...

5 Cocktails to Get Your Through Election Day!

Rachel Hollis | Posted 11.08.2016 | Taste
Rachel Hollis

It's ELECTION DAY! There's so much going on in the media today that you might feel a little stressed. So I though why not take time to relax and sip o...

Scotch Whisky Shortage? Nothing To Worry About With These Alternatives

Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree | Posted 06.21.2016 | Taste
Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree

In March of this year CNN Money, using a fund manager named Rickesh Kishnani as a primary source for information, declared that the world is "running low on old single malt Scotch."

A Reunion Over Food And Drink: Joel Murray And Curtis Armstrong

Elysabeth Alfano | Posted 06.17.2016 | Entertainment
Elysabeth Alfano

Is there anything better than a reunion of good friends who haven't seen each other in a long time? On the most recent episode of my web series, The ...

Margaritas Aren't Mexican. Here's What To Drink Instead.

The Huffington Post | James Cave | Posted 05.05.2016 | Taste

We're celebrating Cinco de Mayo all wrong. It isn't a holiday in Mexico the way it is here. In fact, it's hardly recognized in Mexico, aside from Pueb...

6 Things All Margarita Lovers Know to Be True

Michelle Pruett | Posted 05.04.2016 | Taste
Michelle Pruett

Who doesn't love a good margarita? Whether it's poolside with pals, paired with a Mexican meal or late night in a bar, there's never a bad reason to reach for the citrusy cocktail.

This Raspberry Mint Tequila Cocktail Is A Cinco de Mayo Smash!

Food Fanatic | Posted 05.04.2016 | Taste
Food Fanatic

This raspberry mint tequila smash will brighten up your party in a major way. Upgrade your go-to tequila drink to this fruity, minty, super simple ver...

What We Talk About When We Talk About Booze: Tequila Edition

Tony Sachs | Posted 05.04.2016 | Taste
Tony Sachs

When booze is your livelihood, it's always a plus to find an excuse to drink during the day with your friends and make it seem like you're working.

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo With These 7 Tasty Cocktails

Rachel Hollis | Posted 05.03.2016 | Taste
Rachel Hollis

I can think of many reasonable excuses for needing a cocktail, but Cinco De Mayo is always a no-brainer. That's why I've rounded up seven of my signat...

We Tried Cinnamon-Flavored Tequila And Here's What Happened

The Huffington Post | James Cave | Posted 04.13.2016 | Taste

Fireball Whiskey has a new friend in the world of cinnamon-flavored booze, and it's from Mexico. Soltado, a new añejo tequila infused with spicy serr...

5 Refreshing Cocktails to Get You Into Spring

Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree | Posted 03.29.2016 | Taste
Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree

Spring is perhaps the most pleasant of the four seasons. It's when Mother Nature shakes off her mantle of snow and gets back to growing. New life is found all around us, and plants transition from the depressing shades of grey found in winter, to lush greens and pastels.

Here's Why You Should Never Take Shots With The Bartender

The Huffington Post | Gabriel Piscione | Posted 03.30.2016 | Taste

Bar consultant and TV personality Jon Taffer knows a thing or two about nightlife culture. With a service industry background spanning over three deca...

Yes, Tequila Was Involved In Your New Favorite 'Better Call Saul' Song

The Huffington Post | Bill Bradley | Posted 03.07.2016 | Entertainment

Saul is the one who knocks ... back shots. With some extra money to spend in the fiscal year, AMC really wanted to come up with another way to promote...

Spicy Jalapeno Margaritas

Erin Brighton | Posted 02.24.2017 | Taste
Erin Brighton

If you have never made simple syrup before, what are you waiting for? Flavored simple syrups make cocktails magical. For this jalapeno margarita, you will need to make a jalapeno simple syrup. It's such a simple process, you will wonder why you've never done this before...

National Margarita Day 2016

Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree | Posted 02.24.2017 | Taste
Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree

So where exactly did this timeless classic come from? The truth is, no one really knows. The claims vary in both location and time...

The History of Cocktail Hour

Meggen and Peter Taylor | Posted 02.21.2017 | Weird News
Meggen and Peter Taylor

When you split it apart on the surface, cocktail doesn't sound like anything befitting of this column. When you dig deeper, however, cocktail, like most words, has a savory, if unconfirmed, evolution. It's also the only drink that has it's own hour of the day. You don't invite people out for "Beer Hour" or "Milk Hour."

Secrets of Creating World Class Tequila

Kelly Mitchell | Posted 02.02.2017 | Taste
Kelly Mitchell

I'm headed to my first tequila pairing dinner and am very curious. The only tequila tasting I've done was in Mexico. The most memorable part of that was the dusty hot dune buggy ride to and from the tequila plant.

Pope Francis Likes Tequila As Much As The Rest Of Us

The Huffington Post | Chris DAngelo | Posted 01.07.2016 | Religion

With a visit to Mexico right around the corner, Pope Francis had a simple question for a Mexican monsignor he encountered in the Vatican's St. Peter's...

I Don't Have Kids, But I Love My Elf On The Shelf

Christine Wojdyla | Posted 12.02.2016 | Women
Christine Wojdyla

I swore I'd never get one. I planned a life without an Elf. Even if tiny humans were to become a part of my world, it would be tough cookies for the kids, because their Elf would still be secretly hidden (and never coming out to spy on them). I was completely down with this plan. Until I wasn't.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide for Your Favorite Drinker

Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree | Posted 11.24.2016 | Taste
Clint Lanier and Derek Hembree

Welcome to the holidays! And frankly, we don't care which one you observe or if you observe any at all, this season of the year should be fun and festive regardless of beliefs. But what makes it even more fun and festive is finding the perfect gift for that, shall we say, spirit connoisseur in your life.

Tequila and Mezcal: Tradition in the Global Market

Fabio Parasecoli | Posted 10.19.2016 | Taste
Fabio Parasecoli

Photo: Soy Mezcalero Over the past few decades, culinary traditions, heritage foods and local spirits appear to have acquired growing visibility in p...

Hold On To Summer's Heat With These Spicy, Chill Cocktails

The Huffington Post | James Cave | Posted 08.31.2015 | Taste

As we brace ourselves for autumn and the impending PSO (pumpkin spice onslaught), now's the time to hold on to whatever summer we have left by enjoyin...

You're Drinking Tequila Wrong

The Huffington Post | James Cave | Posted 07.24.2015 | Taste

July 24 is National Tequila Day, which means for most of us, July 25 is National Hungover Time. But it doesn't have to be that way! This year, why not...

The 6 Essential Tequilas And Mezcals For Your Home Bar | Posted 06.01.2016 | Taste

Even aged tequilas and mezcals are key for summer.