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Thalidomide: The Connection Between a Statue in Trafalgar Square, a 1960s Children's Show Host and the Abortion Debate

Whitny Braun | Posted 12.29.2016 | Women
Whitny Braun

A friend of mine who is traveling in London sent me a text message of a photo she had taken of 12-foot-high, white marble statue of an armless pregnant woman with truncated legs set atop a giant pedestal in Trafalgar Square. The caption read: "Thalidomide?"

What If We Had No FDA?

Peter Schwartz | Posted 12.07.2016 | Politics
Peter Schwartz

The FDA has been given the power to force people to delay, whether for a day or forever, taking the medicines they believe will improve, or save, their lives. And the question we all should be asking is: By what right?

Women Leading the Way

Jill S. Tietjen | Posted 09.03.2016 | Women
Jill S. Tietjen

Dr. Frances Oldham Kelsey, an advocate who has been called a heroine, died in August at age 101. She joins a list of activist women who have made the world a better place. Match the following women, all of whom have been inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame, with her accomplishment.

Part II: When Mad Men Met a Sedative -- False Hype, Fake Numbers and Untold Birth Defects

Eileen Cronin | Posted 11.26.2014 | Healthy Living
Eileen Cronin

While this chapter of FDA history is behind us, the damages of thalidomide's "clinical trials" continue to reveal themselves more than 50 years later.

Part I: When Mad Men Met a Sedative -- How U.S. Doctors Were Duped Into Doling Out a Toxic Drug

Eileen Cronin | Posted 11.06.2014 | Healthy Living
Eileen Cronin

In part one of our follow-up series on thalidomide, we focus on the pseudo "clinical trials" and gross negligence of Richardson-Merrell, which distributed thalidomide to 1,267 U.S. physicians.

Born Without Arms or Legs: The Secret Legacy of Thalidomide

Eileen Cronin | Posted 12.08.2014 | Healthy Living
Eileen Cronin

I was born without lower legs and a hand with missing fingers that we called "the claw." Leslie was born with an underdeveloped upper body. Her shoulders and arms are thin as reeds, and she has no hands.

If Frances Kelsey Could Protect America From the Pharmaceutical Industry in 1962, Congress Can Today

Peter Dreier | Posted 07.17.2013 | Politics
Peter Dreier

You've probably never of her, but Frances Kelsey may have saved your life. Sometimes it takes a scandal to get the public's attention, but it also helps to have a courageous figure who takes on big business to protect public health and safety.

Shot Across the Bow

Jeff Schweitzer | Posted 12.29.2012 | Politics
Jeff Schweitzer

Conservatives can't complain next time they see a rat hair sticking out of their hotdog. They can't lament when a loved one dies from drug contamination or when a child gets ill from bad meat. This is the natural consequence of their political philosophy.

Thalidomide Victims: Drugmaker's Apology Not Enough

Reuters | Posted 11.04.2012 | Healthy Living

By Annika Breidthardt BERLIN, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Victims of thalidomide said on Saturday an apology from the German inventor of the dr...

S#*! My Mom Says

Claire Fordham | Posted 07.08.2012 | Women
Claire Fordham

If Oscar Wilde was right and all women become like their mothers, you can forgive me for feeling a little anxious after my parents' last trip to Los Angeles, where my sister and I live.

Armless Woman Takes On Olympics

Posted 01.25.2012 | Healthy Living

Sue Kent was born with short limbs as a result of her mother taking Thalidomide during pregnancy. But that didn't stop her from pursuing a career in m...

Could Thalidomide Be Resurrected as the Fountain of Youth?

Arlene Weintraub | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home
Arlene Weintraub

A team of researchers is now working on designing tests of lenalidomide in actual people, with the goal of defining whether the drug actually helps them fight diseases, and if so, how.

Code Blue: A Vibrating Love Story

Lora Somoza | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Lora Somoza

It started off as your average, typical, run of the mill bitch fest lunch with the girls. You know the kind. "Oh my God, if my ass gets any fatter, I...

Harold Evans, "Newspaper Junkie" (VIDEO) | Posted 05.25.2011 | Home

Sir Harold Evans, former king of old media -- he was the long-time editor of the UK's Sunday Times -- was on Good Morning America this morning to talk...

Sir Harold (or, I'm Just Wild About Harry)

Paula Gordon | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Paula Gordon

It's going to take us all to demand that the mass media fulfill its role in a democracy. If we are going to govern ourselves and not be overwhelmed by the rabid wrong wing, we have to know what's really going on.

Big Pharma's Crime Spree: Drug Makers Pushing Products For Unapproved Uses

Bloomberg | David Evans | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Pfizer and Lilly lead a parade of U.S. companies that have paid $7 billion in penalties after promoting drugs for uses not approved by the FDA. This u...

Thalidomide: Curse or Cure?

Stephanie Gertler | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Stephanie Gertler

Lynette is what the doctors call a "thalidomide baby." There were other thalidomide babies on the floor, all around 10 years old, mostly limbless or with limbs that were profoundly deformed.