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The Female Brain

Women -- Stop 'Leaning' and Start Leading

Valerie Alexander | Posted 03.05.2015 | Women
Valerie Alexander

Demanding that the metrics be changed for us and our contributions recognized is not necessary once we start contributing the way men do -- confidently, taking ownership, without apology, and without concern for whether everyone else feels included.

It's 2015. How Are We Still Having These Conversations?

Valerie Alexander | Posted 02.13.2015 | Business
Valerie Alexander

The person kicking ass in a negotiation might have ovaries, but that doesn't require her to smile sweetly and make sure everyone is okay with the outcome of the deal. She has an agenda, just like everyone else, and if her agenda wins, that does not make her a bitch, it makes her a success.

My College Dreams Are Finally Coming True (and I Graduated Two Decades Ago)

Valerie Alexander | Posted 05.23.2014 | College
Valerie Alexander

If a young person in your life is college-bound, make a big deal of it! Have an acceptance dinner, throw a college shower to give her everything she needs. Pair that teenage matriculant with an older, college-grad family member to be a mentor, confidant and friend.

The Surprising Effect of Meditation No One Is Talking About

Emily Fletcher | Posted 05.06.2014 | Healthy Living
Emily Fletcher

When was the last time you said, "I had the most amazing sex last night with this guy who looked way older than his age. He had a slammin' pot belly ...

Why Men and Women Are So Different

Posted 05.02.2012 | Women

LONDON – A prevalent understanding, particularly in the 1980s, was that boys and girls are born cognitively the same. It was the way parents and so...

Does Brain Science Prove That Companies Need Female Leaders?

Rebecca Shambaugh | Posted 02.13.2012 | Women
Rebecca Shambaugh

The bottom line is this: Better balanced leadership leads to better business results. But after all these years, women still only account for a mere 14 percent of senior leadership.

Texting Is for Boys: Warn Your Daughters to Just Say No!

Fran Lasker | Posted 10.16.2011 | Parents
Fran Lasker

It is true that boys and men have always been reluctant to talk, but fortunately for our society, girls and women have been in the vanguard of the communication movement. Tragically, this is changing.

From Amazon Woman to a Feminine Presence

Birute Regine | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Birute Regine

Now that there are more women in the workplace, women and like-minded men can support each other and cultivate a feminine presence that benefits everyone. Let's shift the reward system.

'The Male Brain': Ladies, He's Not A Pervert Just Because He Wants More Sex Than You Do (PHOTOS, POLL)

Louann Brizendine, M.D. | Posted 05.25.2011 | Books
Louann Brizendine, M.D.

If you've ever complained that your man doesn't "get" you, it may surprise you to find out that you don't "get" him either.

Losing It: How Men and Women Differ in Expressing Anger

Tabby Biddle | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Tabby Biddle

Women generally tend to vent less than men in public, and internalize the anger instead.

Why Do Women Feel They Need Permission?

Tabby Biddle | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Tabby Biddle

What leads me to seek social approval before making a decision? Could it be a personality trait? Could it be a lack of self-esteem? Or is biology a factor?

The Chemistry Of Teen Self-Esteem

Louann Brizendine, M.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Louann Brizendine, M.D.

You don't have to be Jamie Lynn Spears or Bristol Palin to understand that today's teen girls are conflicted about their responsibilities and overwhelmed with tough decisions.

Office Fascists, Internet Dating Tips And Boys' Brains

Dr. Belisa Vranich | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Dr. Belisa Vranich

Q: My father-in-law is in his mid-70s but seems to be having problems with his memory, the whole family has noticed it but no one wants to say anythin...