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The Help

Daughters of The Help

Mark Anthony Neal | Posted 10.24.2011 | Black Voices
Mark Anthony Neal

One of the biggest failings of The Help is that a teenage black daughter could watch the film and come away not fully understanding the sacrifices made by the black daughters that came before her.

'The Help' Climbs To Number One

AP | DAVID GERMAIN | Posted 10.21.2011 | Entertainment

LOS ANGELES — "The Help" continues to clean up at the box office, taking over the No. 1 spot with $20.5 million in its second weekend. The Dream...

Rebecca Carroll

'The Help' And The Lives Of Today's Nannies | Rebecca Carroll | Posted 10.19.2011 | Black Voices

The high-profile success of the movie "The Help" has thrust nannies into the center of the American conversation, while projecting the notion that tak...

Give The Help and Black Working Women a Break

Paul Kleyman | Posted 10.19.2011 | Entertainment
Paul Kleyman

The Help is an occasion to call for more open and in-depth depiction of race, rancor and resilience in America on its silver screens, if only Americans will give it a chance.

The Help in Our Society Today

Joy Moses | Posted 10.16.2011 | Women
Joy Moses

Second-class status is just as intolerable today as it was in the 1960s. Today, fear and intimidation comes in the form of actual abuse to the potential of deportation, preventing workers from more aggressively challenging the status quo.

Gloria Steinem, The Help and Good News About Discrimination in America

Cynthia Kounaris | Posted 10.16.2011 | Women
Cynthia Kounaris

What was inconceivable to our grandparents is taken for granted by us. Maybe what we're struggling for today will be yesterday's news for our grandchildren.

Look Of The Day

The Huffington Post | Sarah St. Lifer | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style

WHO: Emma Stone WHAT: Donning a Chanel spring 2011 Couture ensemble, Stone looked stunning in the strapless dress layered under a sheer, textured T-s...

A Challenge to Dream! Plus Lite & Not-So-Lite Fare:

Jill Lynne | Posted 10.16.2011 | New York
Jill Lynne

Have we forgotten how to dream?

Weekend Box Office: Rise of the Planet of the Apes Tops Again, The Help Sizzles, Final Destination 5, 30 Minutes or Less, and Glee Live! Underwhelm

Scott Mendelson | Posted 10.15.2011 | Entertainment
Scott Mendelson

Rise of the Planet of the Apes dropped 'just' 49% in its second weekend, which was strong enough to once again claim the top spot at the box office.

Mulattos, Mammies and Maids: Accessing 'The Help'

Michael Henry Adams | Posted 10.15.2011 | Black Voices
Michael Henry Adams

This film tells a story many blacks and whites would rather forget, how black women stepped up and did what they must to survive. That's a story important enough to make all the film's faults minor by contrast.

The Help Is Much Too Sane For The Period It Reflects

Jackie K. Cooper | Posted 10.15.2011 | Entertainment
Jackie K. Cooper

The Help tells the story of several white women who employ black maids in Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960s. The film purports to tell it like it was but for one who grew up in the South during these times, it doesn't provide a full picture.

An Oscar For Emma?

Entertainment Weekly | Posted 10.15.2011 | Celebrity

The fantastic early box office performance for The Help only, well, helps its awards chances. At this point, the movie seems to have all the ingredien...

This Year's Hottest New Actress

Posted 10.13.2011 | Celebrity

Attention, moviegoers: Here is the preemptive answer to the question each one of you will, inevitably, ask at some point over the next six months: ...

Black Female Trailblazers In The Time Of 'The Help' (PHOTOS)

Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 09.28.2011 | Black Voices

From Hattie McDaniel's infamous Academy Award-winning performance to Whoopi Goldberg's portrayal of Odessa Cotter in "The Long Walk Home," the plight ...

Love 'The Help,' But Please Stop Asking Me to Do the Same

Rebecca Wanzo | Posted 10.12.2011 | Black Voices
Rebecca Wanzo

I read an Amazon review of the novel that told a reader not to worry that they would have to read over 400 pages of depressing oppression. This is true -- "The Help" makes Jim Crow palatable. I don't think this is a good thing.

The Help's Octavia Spencer: "You Have to Know and You Have to Be Educated"

Ellen Sterling | Posted 10.11.2011 | Entertainment
Ellen Sterling

Octavia Spencer may be best known to devotees of Ugly Betty as Constance Grady, the IMS agent who stalked Betty's father. Her film resume is varied, but she says, The Help was especially close to her heart.

'The Help' Star: 'I've Brought My Mom To Life'

Posted 10.11.2011 | Entertainment

Viola Davis has been winning rave reviews for her performance in "The Help." As it turns out, she had a lot of her own help getting into character. ...

One Southerner's Take on The Help

Cathy Whitlock | Posted 10.10.2011 | Entertainment
Cathy Whitlock

The Help paints a powerful, all too painful and more importantly, accurate picture of a snapshot in time. It's all there -- the racism and mean-spiritedness and compassion and love. No matter what region you are from, it is a story that transcends.

When My Parents Were Help to The Help

Mark Olmsted | Posted 10.10.2011 | Home
Mark Olmsted

We had two cleaning ladies, Mary and Nancy, a pair of sisters who alternated their weekly visits. One day, Nancy came to work in tears, unable not to cry in front of my mother. "They gonna take Mary's kids away," she sobbed.

'The Help' Costume Designer Talks Styling | Posted 10.10.2011 | Black Voices

The costumes in "The Help," the film based on the bestselling novel by Kathryn Stockett, offer a glimpse into the fashions of the "Mad Men"-era South....

Maid Sues 'The Help' Author

AP | By HOLBROOK MOHR | Posted 10.10.2011 | Books

JACKSON, Miss. -- Lawyers for Kathryn Stockett want a judge to dismiss a lawsuit that accuses the author of "The Help" of basing a character on a real...

HuffPost Review: The Help

Marshall Fine | Posted 01.03.2012 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

Some will say: This is yet another movie about the civil-rights movement moment in our history, in which the white people are the heroes, saving the black characters. But that's far too simplistic a reading of The Help.

WATCH: A Roundtable On 'The Help' And Race

Posted 10.10.2011 | Black Voices

Kathryn Stockett's novel, "The Help," about the lives of several black domestics in Mississippi and the white children they cared for, was snapped up ...

A Silence Broken: The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Ilana Teitelbaum | Posted 10.09.2011 | Books
Ilana Teitelbaum

In the world of The Help nothing is what it seems, but there is a kind of innocence to its mysteries. There is just enough suspense to keep the pages turning, and tragedy throughout.

Revisiting Our Nation's Legacy of Race Relations in The Help

Marlynn Snyder | Posted 10.09.2011 | Entertainment
Marlynn Snyder

The white Jesus on the wall in Aibileen's humble home, a place of honor next to a photo of her deceased beloved son, underscores the amazing conflicts of everyday life in 1960s Mississippi.