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George Ossei: On African Americans and the Civil Rights Movement in Rhode Island

Constance Castillo: A Thesis in the Visual Arts, "La Douceur De La Vie"

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Christopher Wienberg: How We Use the Web to Understand People

Jenna Gaska: The Effects of Three Crucial Hormones on Proteins in Breast Cancer Cells

Jocelyn Streid: The Secularization of Christian Narratives in American Cancer Care

Lorenza Cigarroa: Leadership, Coalitions and Collective Identity at Occupy Austin

Molly Superfine: A Feminist Analysis Following Art From the Street to the Gallery

Caitlin Ferrell: Physical Agency Over the Christian Female Body

Corley Gibbs: The Role of Duplicated Genes as Plants Respond to Environment

Emma MacLean: How Disability Is Represented in Theater

Tony Huffman: Comparing Eastern Kentucky's Highest and Lowest Performing School Districts

Brooke Chatterton: What Job Statistics Say About the Value of College Internships

Michael Habashi: Identity Construction Among Homeless Men of Skid Row