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Too Much to Drink

Bikini Granny Busted AGAIN

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 01.15.2016 | Weird News

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Ohio Man Posted Drunk-Driving Video On Facebook: Sheriff

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 12.30.2015 | Weird News

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What A Flash!!! Naked Florida Man Arrested For Allegedly Driving 110 MPH

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 12.09.2015 | Weird News

A Florida man is facing charges after police allegedly clocked him driving at 110 mph -- while naked. A Florida Highway Patrol officer arrested 33-ye...

Real Estate Broker Allegedly Takes Stolen Cab On Drunken Joyride

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 11.18.2015 | Weird News

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A Person's Eye Color Can Predict Their Ability To Drink | David Moye | Posted 11.04.2015 | Weird News

Want to determine whether your date can hold their liquor or if they even like you? It's amazing what you can learn by some careful observations....

Which NFL Team Has Drunkest Fans?

BroBible | David Moye | Posted 11.04.2015 | Weird News

Football and booze go hand in hand -- especially in Buffalo, New York. A new study reveals the Buffalo Bills may have the drunkest fans, followed by t...

Women Arrested For DUI Tells Police Her Name Is 'Hell On Wheels'

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 10.16.2015 | Weird News

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (AP) — Police say a woman accused of drunken driving and hitting six vehicles initially identified herself to an officer as "...

Drunk Wedding Guest Nearly Runs Down the Bride

Newser | David Moye | Posted 09.14.2015 | Weird News

Tenille Bradley has just survived her wedding day. Literally. The Australian bride, who married Saturday at a country club in southwest Sydney, was ne...

Drunk Man Arrested For Assaulting Robot

Newser | David Moye | Posted 09.09.2015 | Weird News

A drunk guy in a cellphone store in Japan was unhappy with a clerk's attitude ... so he kicked a robot, Not just any robot, but a four-foot-high "huma...

Texas Coed With Suspended License Drives Barbie Jeep Instead

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 09.03.2015 | Weird News

When Tara Monroe got a DWI in March, her dad thought taking away the keys to her car would keep her off the road. Instead, she steered herse...

'Hammered' Athlete Denies Trading Gold Medal For Cab Fare

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 08.25.2015 | Weird News

Champion hammer thrower Pawel Fajdek is hammering a story alleging he was so drunk that he paid cab fare with a gold medal. Fajdek, 26, won the gold ...

Drunk Man Makes 10-Year-Old Son His Designated Driver, Police Say

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 08.17.2015 | Weird News

STILLWATER, N.Y. (AP) — Police say an upstate New York man had his 10-year-old drive his pickup truck while he was sitting in the passenger seat...

DUI Crash Suspect: Arrest My Dog, Not Me

The Huffington Post | Andres Jauregui | Posted 08.14.2015 | Weird News

A Florida woman who faces DUI charges after crashing her car into an apartment building told police her dog was to blame and that they should arrest ...

DUI Suspect Takes Selfie With Cop Arresting Him

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 08.07.2015 | Weird News

If the smartphone era has taught us one thing, it's never waste the opportunity for a memorable selfie. It's a lesson that Gilbert Phelps, 20, appare...

1 Car, 2 DUIs When Passenger Jumps In Driver's seat

AP | David Moye | Posted 07.27.2015 | Weird News

ROCKINGHAM, Vt. (AP) — One traffic stop netted two drunk-driving arrests in Vermont after police say a backseat passenger jumped in the driver's...

Drunk Couples Are Happier Couples: Science | David Moye | Posted 07.27.2015 | Weird News

Evidently, the couple that boozes together cruises together. New research suggests that couples with similar vices are likely to be more content with ...

Man Found Naked In Hog Barn Tells Police, 'I Just Like Pigs'

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 07.10.2015 | Weird News

Larry William Henry really likes pigs -- so much that he's not allowed near them. When authorities found Henry drunk and naked in a hog barn near M...

7 Arrested In Brawl At Pennsylvania Wedding

The Huffington Post | Andres Jauregui | Posted 06.25.2015 | Crime

More than two dozen cops from 16 different police departments converged on a wedding reception in Ontelaunee Township, Pennsylvania, on Saturday -- an...

Naked Couple Arrested In Booze-Fueled Joyride

The Huffington Post | Andres Jauregui | Posted 06.24.2015 | Weird News

An Ohio couple's Saturday-morning joyride ended in arrests after police discovered them naked behind the wheel. Police in Westlake, Ohio, receive...

Man Drives Himself To Police Station, Asks For DUI Arrest

AP | Posted 06.18.2015 | Weird News

HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Authorities say a man drove under the influence of alcohol to a small-town Kentucky police station, where he requested that...

You Have The Right To Be Drunk On Front Porch: Iowa Supreme Court

AP | Posted 06.12.2015 | Weird News

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Iowa Supreme Court has affirmed the right to be drunk on your front porch. The court ruled Friday in the case of Pati...

Chimps Enjoy Getting Drunk: Report

AP | KRISTA LARSON | Posted 06.10.2015 | Weird News

DAKAR, Senegal (AP) — Chimpanzees in West Africa get inebriated during lengthy "drinking sessions" featuring the fermented sap of palm trees — nor...

Drunk, Half-Naked Man Breaks Into Stranger's House For Chips, Police Say

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 06.09.2015 | Weird News

We've all had cravings for chips in the middle of the night, but most people don't break into a stranger's house in the middle to feed themselves. ...

This Drunk Zamboni Driver Is Going To Jail

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 06.03.2015 | Weird News

A man in Fargo, North Dakota, will spend at least a week for drunken Zamboni driving. Zamboni driver Steven James Anderson, 27, was convicted Tuesd...

Man Blames Public Indecency Charge On Lost Pants

The Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 05.29.2015 | Weird News

A Florida man arrested for public intoxication didn't need a designated driver, he needed a designated pants finder. Robert Allen Sweeney, 56, was ...