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Torture The Huffington Post

Iran Woman In Stoning Case Denies Being Tortured On State TV

New Book Says President Bush Broke Laws On Torture

Woman Held in Captivity For 8 Years Speaks: I Was Beaten 200 Times A Week

Sri Lanka Maid: Saudi Couple Hammered 24 Hot Nails Into Me For Complaining

Corey Allen Bush, 38, Beat Up, Tortured 61-Year-Old Housemate Over Beer Money

Are Torture Museums The Newest Tourist Attractions?

Terrorist Interrogation Tapes FOUND Under CIA Desk

CIA Memo To Destroy Tapes Omitted Lawyers

APA Wants James Mitchell, Psychologist Who Helped CIA Torture, Stripped Of His License

Iranian Mother May Be Stoned To Death

New York Times Waterboarding And Torture Excuse 'Doesn't Hold Water': Greg Sargent

After Burge Trial, Chicago's Congressmen Say 'Not Enough'

NYT: We Stopped Calling Waterboarding 'Torture' Because The Bush Administration Didn't Approve

Once America Started Waterboarding, Major Newspapers Stopped Referring To It As Torture, Says Study