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Transgender Issues

Caitlyn Jenner Wants To Be A Trans Ambassador For Ted Cruz

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 01.10.2017 | Queer Voices

File this under: "Wait, what?!" Caitlyn Jenner told The Advocate that she's vying to be named America's "trans ambassador" if Ted Cruz is elected pres...

Why Doesn't America Want to Talk About Trans Men?

Sidney Chase | Posted 02.12.2017 | Queer Voices
Sidney Chase

Tiq, Milan; Photo By Benedict Evans 2015 was a star-studded year for the Trans community. We heard big names thrown around the media, like Laverne Co...

"I AM CAIT" co-star Chandi Moore-"The Trans Community Needs To Find Ways To Unite & Be Inclusive"

Michael Cook | Posted 03.03.2017 | Entertainment
Michael Cook

Every reality show has a breakout star, and Chandi Moore has been that and more for the groundbreaking series "I AM CAIT". Chandi has been a voice of ...

Jamal Hailey: Being a Frontline Soldier in the War on HIV is Personal, Part One

Wyatt O'Brian Evans | Posted 03.03.2017 | Queer Voices
Wyatt O'Brian Evans

Jamal Hailey has his own personal stake in the war on HIV he's helping to wage: two of his family members have succumbed to the virus.

The Transgender Witch Hunt in Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

Zinnia Jones | Posted 03.02.2017 | Queer Voices
Zinnia Jones

The alleged concerns about privacy raised by public officials and transphobic organizations can be handled with meaningful structural solutions, and without infringing on anyone's freedoms. So what excuse do these opportunists have for continuing to stir up hate and depict us as a threat?

KFC Makes A Bold Move After A Trans Woman Is Hired -- Then Fired An Hour Later

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 03.03.2016 | Queer Voices

KFC announced on Tuesday that they terminated the manager who hired a trans woman only to fire her an hour later after learning about her gender ident...

Why Passing as Gay Is a Privilege

Keay Nigel | Posted 02.24.2017 | Queer Voices
Keay Nigel

Well, what can I say? I do prefer it when people tell me straight in the face that they know, instead of judging silently from afar. Honest, unwarranted verification of my gayness doesn't cause me any anxiety or distress at all.

Yes, You're 'Trans Enough' to Be Transgender

Mia Violet | Posted 03.01.2017 | Queer Voices
Mia Violet

It took years to believe I was "trans enough" to call myself transgender. That's not even an unusual story. When it comes to the trans community, I know plenty of people who struggled in the same way.

Gender Identity Dysphoria: Self at the Mercy of the Body

Leo Caldwell | Posted 02.23.2017 | Queer Voices
Leo Caldwell

I didn't expect it. I knew I needed a letter from a therapist to have surgery and take hormones. I didn't realize that would require a diagnosis with a "medical disorder." I didn't feel ill/unwell/dysphoric. But now my medical records said otherwise.

The Incredible Story Of Trans Showgirl, Musician And Legend Calpernia Addams

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 08.10.2016 | Queer Voices

This is the fifth feature in a series that aims to elevate some of the transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals who have played a significant ...

Why This Week Taught Us That Trans Visibility Is Not Enough

Geena Rocero | Posted 02.26.2017 | Queer Voices
Geena Rocero

We believe visibility in the media is one of the many antidotes to violence and injustice, and mainstream media has the power to elevate the stories of marginalized groups, and give us a platform to share our story.

First Openly Trans Nom Boycotts Oscars, Says It's Only For 'Commercially Viable' Stars

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 03.02.2016 | Queer Voices

Anohni's Academy Award nomination is monumental for transgender visibility, but don't expect to see her in attendance at the ceremony in Los Angeles o...


Dana Aliya Levinson | Posted 02.23.2017 | Queer Voices
Dana Aliya Levinson

For me, sitting in that vulnerable moment in my hotel room in Seoul, feeling invalidated on the basis of my 'passability,' there was an additional factor; the mourning of the person I never got to be.

Sexual Satisfaction as a Unicorn

Mac Scotty McGregor | Posted 02.23.2017 | Queer Voices
Mac Scotty McGregor

I have rarely felt free in my sex life. In many ways its difficult for most people to feel free in the bedroom, and this is even more extreme fore someone who's body is not considered normal by society.

What We Forget About Restrooms

Delia Melody | Posted 02.23.2017 | Queer Voices
Delia Melody

For a very long time we've wanted to act like we're protecting women by gendering spaces, but all we're really doing is enabling the misogyny to continue everywhere outside of those spaces.

The Creative Team Behind 'The Danish Girl' Share Their Experiences With The Story

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 02.21.2016 | Queer Voices

The creative team behind the Oscar-nominated movie, "The Danish Girl," open up about adapting the story of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe for the big s...

Seven Bad Assumptions About Gender Reassignment Surgery

Lola Phoenix | Posted 02.19.2017 | Queer Voices
Lola Phoenix

I've been fundraising for my surgery for nearly a year now and in that process, I've discovered that there are a lot of assumptions people make about me. I'd like to address and debunk those.

Here's What This Man With A Vagina Wants You To Know

Daniel Lyons | Posted 02.19.2017 | Queer Voices
Daniel Lyons

In the wake of a formative year for transgender communities, there seems to be little discussion about people like Becca Blackwell, a trans actor who post-transition does not conform to the gender binary that our society is comfortable with.

South Dakota -- Separate Is NOT Equal

Mary J. Moss | Posted 02.19.2017 | Queer Voices
Mary J. Moss

In 2012, Vice President Joe Biden called transgender rights "the civil rights issue of our time." South Dakota should be aware of just how true that statement truly is and how their proposed bill looks to set us back to times of segregation.

Just Because I'm Transgender Doesn't Mean I'm Brave

Bethany Grace Howe | Posted 02.18.2017 | Queer Voices
Bethany Grace Howe

When people call me brave for coming out and living my life as a transgender person I sincerely nod my head and say, "No. I am not." That's not false modesty, nor some demurring from attention; it's the the truth.

From A to T: Advice for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Youth, Adolescents, Families, and Allies Words, Words, Words Part 1: Transgender and Genderqueer

Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R | Posted 02.17.2017 | Queer Voices
Laura A. Jacobs, LCSW-R

Maybe what those of us who identify as genderqueer are demonstrating to the world is that gender is far more broad and nuanced than we otherwise might believe, and that the traditional understandings we have internalized are breaking down.

How Femininity Shaming Helped Create the Divide Between LGB and T

Dana Aliya Levinson | Posted 02.16.2017 | Queer Voices
Dana Aliya Levinson

Because of the strictures of the social hierarchy of 'masc' over 'femme' that's pervasive in many corners of gay life, as well as in heteronormative circles, the shamed become the shamers.

Transition in the Fierce Year of the Dragon

Willy Wilkinson | Posted 02.16.2017 | Queer Voices
Willy Wilkinson

Chinese New Year was the most important holiday in my family, and has always felt very special to me, so it was fitting that I would announce my transition on the eve of the New Year.

South Dakota on Slippery Slope With Bill Targeting Transgender People

Terri Bruce | Posted 02.16.2017 | Queer Voices
Terri Bruce

When I think about the bill before our state legislature, House Bill 1008, the feelings I had in high school come back to me. I feel the pain the transgender kids in South Dakota will feel when they are not allowed to use the bathroom of the gender they know themselves to be.

Was Rebel Wilson's Transgender BAFTA Joke Offensive Or Misunderstood?

The Huffington Post | Cavan Sieczkowski | Posted 02.15.2016 | Queer Voices

Rebel Wilson was a presenter at Sunday night's BAFTAs and made a controversial joke that referenced transgender characters. "I have never been invite...