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Transgender Issues

Trans Model Wears Dress Made Of Flags Where Homosexuality Is Illegal

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 08.09.2016 | Queer Voices

A Dutch designer is making waves across the internet for a dress, designed in conjunction with EuroPride festivities, which is making both a fashion a...

Meryl Streep Opens Up About The Queer People Who Changed Her Life

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 08.09.2016 | Queer Voices

Meryl Streep credits both a gay man and a transgender person with leaving an indelible mark on her record-breaking Hollywood career. The Oscar-winni...

Ryan Cassata On Why Trans People Are More Than Their Gender

Frank Macri | Posted 08.13.2016 | Queer Voices
Frank Macri

Ryan Cassata is a singer-songwriter, actor and activist for the transgender community. As a teenager, Ryan started a YouTube channel to document his l...

My Transgender Life: The Summers Of Sixty-nine

Grace Anne Stevens | Posted 08.08.2016 | Queer Voices
Grace Anne Stevens

No matter how I may name it, reaching the age of sixty-nine, is very much pointing out to me that so much more of my life's experiences are behind me, while I still need to make the most of whatever experiences may still lie before me.

'Birlfriend'? 'Bothfriend'? How Should Non-Binary People Refer To Lovers?

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 08.09.2016 | Queer Voices

What terms should a non-binary person use to refer to their lover or partner in a way that makes sense to the mainstream, non-queer world? Language ca...

Trans People Open Up About What It's Like To Transition In The Workplace

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 08.07.2016 | Queer Voices

The realities of transitioning to live as your authentic self while maintaining your full-time job can be difficult ― and a new video from Logo is g...

Comedian Destroys Trans Bathroom Bills With PB&J

The Huffington Post | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 08.03.2016 | Queer Voices

Justin Willman has no time for “bathroom bill” controversies. In the above two minute video, the Los Angeles-based magician uses peanut butter an...

My Transgender Life: The "Bear" Truth

Grace Anne Stevens | Posted 08.01.2016 | Queer Voices
Grace Anne Stevens

In the corridors of my mind, the question of how could I ever form a relationship with anyone again, was bouncing and banging and all responses had varying levels of pain associated with them.

The Pain That Most Transmen Are Ashamed To Talk About

Virginia Soave | Posted 08.01.2016 | Queer Voices
Virginia Soave

Imagine that you've been transitioning for years and gone through all the happiness of having a 'second puberty'-your voice changing, body hair growing, shoulders broadening-and then suddenly you wake up with a pain you never thought you would have to face again.

The NBA Should Not Punish Charlotte By Taking Away The All-Star Game

John A. Tures | Posted 07.29.2016 | Sports
John A. Tures

It's up to North Carolina to make its own laws.

Aidan Key Talks Gender Odyssey 15th Annual Conference And LGBT Issues (AUDIO)

Charlotte Robinson | Posted 07.29.2016 | Queer Voices
Charlotte Robinson

This week I talked with Aidan Key, founder of Gender Diversity in Seattle, WA about the 15th annual Gender Odyssey conference that takes place at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle, Washington from August 4th to 7th.

New Study Shows Being Transgender Is Not A Mental Disorder

TIME | James Nichols | Posted 07.27.2016 | Queer Voices

In the last couple of decades, many medical institutions have moved awayfrom the view that being transgender is the result of mental illness, as they ...

Transgender Woman To Make History At Democratic Convention

The Huffington Post | Jennifer Bendery | Posted 07.28.2016 | Politics

PHILADELPHIA ― Sarah McBride has never even been to a party convention. But she’s speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, and ...

My Transgender Life: One TR1BE

Grace Anne Stevens | Posted 07.26.2016 | Queer Voices
Grace Anne Stevens

I believe in the American melting pot that holds all of us; all of our differences; where we learn to mix, to accept and to learn from each other, so that we can all live and grow to become the very best version of ourselves.

Comic-Con: Saving The World, One Transgender Trope At A Time

Mikki del Monico | Posted 07.26.2016 | Queer Voices
Mikki del Monico

We all too often find caricatures that neither upend nor destabilize these tropes. Instead, they serve to further a lack of understanding and acceptance of the transgender community.

Transness Is Not A Threat

Trevor Hayes | Posted 07.26.2016 | Queer Voices
Trevor Hayes

The arguments against transgender individuals using a bathroom of their choosing that matches their gender identity are completely erroneous. It's plainly bigotry, masked by unfounded and phony concerns for "wives and daughters."

Miss Major Is A Trans Elder And Stonewall Icon.. And She's Changing The World

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 08.10.2016 | Queer Voices

This is the thirteenth and final installment in a series that aims to elevate some of the transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals who have pl...

Lawsuit: Trans Students Made To Wear Green Bracelets To ID Themselves

ThinkProgress | James Nichols | Posted 07.22.2016 | Queer Voices

Two federal lawsuits, one from a transgender boy in Wisconsin and another from a transgender boy in Maryland, assert that schools are discriminating a...

Hit 'Em Where It Hurts: How The NBA Made The Political Personal In North Carolina

Ashland Johnson | Posted 07.21.2016 | Politics
Ashland Johnson

The NBA has drawn the line in the sand for the sports community. The ramifications of anti-LGBT laws like HB2 are very real and cut deeply.

These Trans Women Just Epically Remade Beyonce's 'Lemonade'

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 07.25.2016 | Queer Voices

We are gagging over this! A group of transgender-identifying individuals recently came together to recreate iconic scenes from Beyoncé’s most recen...

Transgender Woman, Deeniquia Dodds, Dies After Being Shot in DC

NBC | James Nichols | Posted 07.15.2016 | Queer Voices

A transgender woman has died after she was shot in Washington, D.C. on the Fourth of July, and police are investigating her death as a homicide. Deeni...

My Transgender Life: On The Tip Of My Tongue...

Grace Anne Stevens | Posted 07.12.2016 | Queer Voices
Grace Anne Stevens

I had every intention of being clear, being specific, and was certain that once I explained all these feelings inside of me, then everyone would nod their heads and say they completely understood how I knew I was a woman. I really was about to answer the question.

Explaining Gender Dysphoria And Transitioning Using A Sci-fi Young-Adult Movie Plot

Ariana Danielle Wojcik | Posted 07.12.2016 | Queer Voices
Ariana Danielle Wojcik

We are not confused, we are not being misled, and we are not trying to mislead you. When a person transitions and comes out to you and shares that with you, what you are seeing is a person being absolutely and painfully truthful with you. If you reject them, you are simply rejecting truth.

Real Transgender Lives & Transphobic Discrimination

Saskhia Marie | Posted 07.11.2016 | Queer Voices
Saskhia Marie

This article is going to be talking about real life issues transgender Individuals face worldwide. This blog will also look into a report which was pu...

Transgender People Can Now Serve Openly in the Military, and It's About Time

Quora | Posted 07.11.2016 | Queer Voices

How significant is the Pentagon's decision to lift the ban on transgender service members? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing networ...