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Transgender The Huffington Post

Transgender Doctor One Step Closer To Serving As Pennsylvania's Physician General

It's Still Legal To Discriminate Against Transgender People In Most States

The Impossible Expectations We Place On Celebrity Trans Women

Fox News Shows What Transphobia Looks Like

Former Nickelodeon Teen Idol Causes Outrage With Transphobic Tweet About Caitlyn Jenner

Banned From Serving Openly, Transgender Veteran To Attend Pentagon Event In Uniform

Quirky New Web Series Tackles Yoga, Magic And Sexuality

The Life-Shaping Moment Transgender Icon Janet Mock Had In Kindergarten

Transgender Kids Take Center Stage In Stunning, Empowering Photo Series

Girl Scouts Have Awesome Response To 'Family' Group That Wants To Ban Trans Scouts

10 Reasons Why This 7-Year-Old Transgender Activist Will Melt Your Heart

Trans Icon Janet Mock Gives Heartfelt Advice To Young People Struggling With Identity

College Campuses Are More Trans-Inclusive Than Ever, But Still Have A Long Way To Go

New York State Is Pushing Back On Health Care Discrimination Against Transgender People

How The Global LGBT Movement Can Keep Up Its Stunning Momentum

Hawaii Passes Bill Allowing Transgender People To Change Birth Certificate

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