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Transgender The Huffington Post

A Win In Kenya For The Transgender Community

Rock Star Laura Jane Grace To Star In New Docuseries About Trans Lives

A Look At Aromantic, Queerplatonic And Other Orientations You Might Not Have Heard Of

Meet The Transgender Star Of 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'

You're Transgender, You're Transitioning...So Now What?

This High School Has An Amazing Reason For Getting Rid Of Its Homecoming King And Queen

We Need To Talk About 'Transparent'

Teenage Transgender Athlete Gives A Speech That Will Move You To Tears

LOOK: Photographer Embarks On Incredible Journey Documenting Lives Of Two Trans Girls

Facebook Apologizes To LGBT Community For Controversial Name Change Policy

Felicity Huffman Discusses Cisgender Actors Playing Transgender Roles

WATCH: Trans Woman Releases Campaign Video For Congress Seat

Two Transgender Discrimination Lawsuits Break Fresh Ground In The U.S.

Wow, 'Transparent' Is Simply A Great Show

Historic Lawsuit Filed Over Firings Of Transgender Employees

Why This Is One Of The Worst Nations In The World For Transgender People

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