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rans Warhol Superstar And Inspiration For 'Walk On The Wild Side' Dies At 69

Against Me! Rocker Laura Jane Grace Opens Up About Trans Identity in 2015

Trans TLC Star Needs Only One Word To Respond To Bigots

A Dream Deferred: A Look At Transgender Discrimination In Thailand

This Kid's Book Features A Prince Who Transforms Into A Princess

Transgender Woman Brutally Attacked In Queens

Revolutionary New Surgery Could Allow Trans Women To Carry Children

Trans Women And Trans Men Offer Intimate Answers To Personal Questions

TV Host Janet Mock Explains The 'Great Irony' Of Her Success

This Murdered Trans Woman Lived To Inspire Others

The Time For The World’s First Transgender Studies Program Is Now

15 Things Trans People Wish You Would Stop Saying To Them

Genderqueer And Trans Artists Breaking Down Barriers In Art

Here's Everything You Need To Know About The New Attacks On Caitlyn Jenner In Just One Sentence

Congress To Hold First-Ever Forum On Violence Against Trans People

9/11 Widower Returns Wife's Glamour Award Because Of Caitlyn Jenner, Calls It A 'Slap In The Face' To Her Memory

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