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Transgender The Huffington Post

UTAH LAWMAKER: Transgender People Can't Choose Their Bathrooms

Does Your Workplace Need To Be Schooled In Transgender Issues?

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'American Horror Story' Star Causes Outrage By Repeatedly Using Anti-Trans Slur [UPDATED]

Transgender Activist Who Dared Lawmaker To Stone Her Speaks Out

Barneys Features Transgender Models In Awesome Push For Equality

What Trans Men Want You To Know Before You Date Them

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Justin Vivian Bond Sounds Off On Mainstream Views Of The Transgender Community

'Marilyn Monroe Wasn't So Different Than A Transsexual, Really...'

A Look At What Happens When A Mother Transitions

What NOT To Say To Transgender People

Look Who Greeted CeCe McDonald Upon Her Release From Prison..

WATCH: Bringing Visibility To The Realities Of Homeless Trans Youth

Katie Couric Responds To Outrage Over Invasive Question To Transgender Guest

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