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Trayvon Martin Case

Trymaine Lee

Trayvon Martin Judge Rejects Zimmerman Bail Hike, Ignoring Cash Horde | Trymaine Lee | Posted 04.27.2012 | Black Voices

A Florida judge refused to increase the bail for George Zimmerman, the town watch volunteer charged with murdering unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, af...

Judge Considers Adjusting Zimmerman's Bond

AP | MIKE SCHNEIDER | Posted 06.27.2012 | Black Voices

SANFORD, Fla. — Calling it an "oversight," George Zimmerman's attorney said Friday the neighborhood watch volunteer did not disclose that a webs...

Zimmerman's Lawyer In The Dark About Website Cash

AP | By MIKE SCHNEIDER | Posted 06.27.2012 | Black Voices

SANFORD, Fla. -- The attorney for George Zimmerman said he didn't know his client had raised $200,000 before a bond hearing last week. Mark O'Mara to...

George Zimmerman's Website Taken Down

AP | MIKE SCHNEIDER | Posted 06.26.2012 | Black Voices

ORLANDO, Fla. — The website that George Zimmerman set up to help raise money for his legal defense in Trayvon Martin's shooting has been disable...

Sanford Commission Explains Decision To Deny Police Chief's Resignation

AP | KYLE HIGHTOWER | Posted 06.24.2012 | Black Voices

SANFORD, Fla. — While George Zimmerman is free on bail, the police chief criticized for not charging him after Trayvon Martin's slaying remains ...

George Zimmerman Released From Florida Jail

AP | MIKE SCHNEIDER | Posted 06.22.2012 | Black Voices

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Sanford city commission on Monday will vote to approve the resignation of the police chief harshly criticized for his handling of...

All Eyes On Fla. Jail As Zimmerman Awaits Release

AP | Posted 06.22.2012 | Black Voices

SANFORD, Fla. — All eyes remain on the Florida jail where the man charged with murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin is awaiting release on bail,...

New Photograph Shows George Zimmerman's Bloodied Head

The Huffington Post | Danielle Cadet | Posted 04.20.2012 | Black Voices

A new photograph released by ABC News shows a bloodied George Zimmerman with injuries on the back of his head. The photo, which was reportedly taken t...

Judge In Trayvon Case Steps Aside

The Huffington Post | Gene Demby | Posted 04.18.2012 | Black Voices

The judge who was set to preside over the trial of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin has stepped aside. Jessica Reckseidler's recus...

Michelle Obama Shares Her Opinion On Trayvon Martin Case

AP | Posted 04.18.2012 | Black Voices

WASHINGTON -- First lady Michelle Obama says her "heart goes out to the parents" of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teenager who was fatally s...

The Travyon Martin Case and the Media

Sonya Hamlin | Posted 06.17.2012 | Media
Sonya Hamlin

We must look at the two sides of this effort -- the powerful role the media played to spread the news and get a defendant to even stand trial. But at the same time what evidence was being discovered and described and shown in infinite detail by this same media process?

Alicia Ciccone

Sanford Small Businesses Hoping For A Return To Normal | Alicia Ciccone | Posted 04.17.2012 | Small Business

Nearly two months ago, tragedy struck the central Florida community of Sanford. The shooting of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed teen, by community watch me...

Zimmerman Asks For New Judge After CNN Conflict Revealed

AP | Posted 06.16.2012 | Black Voices

SANFORD, Florida -- The neighborhood watch volunteer charged with killing an unarmed black teenager in Florida asked a judge in the case to step down ...

News Outlets Fight To Open Sealed Records In Trayvon Case

AP | MIKE SCHNEIDER | Posted 06.16.2012 | Black Voices

ORLANDO, Fla. -- News organizations in Florida, including The Associated Press, challenged on Monday the sealing of records related to the second-degr...

BATTLEGROUND AMERICA: High-Profile Crimes Haunted By Lax Gun Laws | Posted 04.16.2012 | Politics

The United States is the country with the highest rate of civilian gun ownership in the world. (The second highest is Yemen, where the rate is neverth...

Bill Cosby Speaks Out On Trayvon Martin Case

AP | Posted 06.15.2012 | Black Voices

WASHINGTON — Actor and comedian Bill Cosby says the debate over the killing of Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch volunteer should be focuse...

NRA Slams Media Over Trayvon Martin

AP | JIM SALTER | Posted 04.15.2012 | Politics

ST. LOUIS -- A top National Rifle Association official levied sharp criticism against the national media on Saturday, accusing it of sensationalizing ...

WATCH: 'SNL' Takes On Trayvon Martin Case

The Huffington Post | Alana Horowitz | Posted 04.16.2012 | Comedy

'SNL' mocked the media frenzy surrounding the Trayvon Martin case this week with a sketch that included a slew of famous figures. Taran Killim pla...

Civil Rights Leaders Look To Challenging 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

AP | LAURA WIDES-MUNOZ | Posted 06.13.2012 | Black Voices

MIAMI — The civil rights groups that turned outrage over Trayvon Martin's death into action say their work is far from over now that his killer ...

Trayvon Martin Dominates Media Coverage, But Some Wish It Didn't

Akilah Bolden-Monifa | Posted 06.13.2012 | Black Voices
Akilah Bolden-Monifa

News and information about Trayvon Martin's death dominates the media.  It wasn't always that way,  the shooting occurred on February 26th but the n...

Affidavit: Zimmerman Did Not Use Racial Slur

AP | MIKE SCHNEIDER | Posted 06.13.2012 | Black Voices

ORLANDO, Fla. — Despite what some people think they heard, prosecutors say George Zimmerman did not utter a racial slur in his call to 911 on th...

Change My Mind Debate: Should 'Stand Your Ground' Laws Be Repealed?

Michael R. Bloomberg | Posted 04.13.2012 | Miami
Michael R. Bloomberg

Should 'Stand Your Ground' laws be repealed? Join the debate here, and see if anyone can change your mind.

WATCH: 'Daily Show' Mocks Zimmerman Media Coverage

The Huffington Post | Christine Friar | Posted 04.13.2012 | Comedy

After weeks of investigation, protests and media speculation, George Zimmerman was charged with second degree murder in the shooting of Trayvon Martin...

Trayvon Martin's Mother Clarifies 'Accident' Remark

The Huffington Post | Gene Demby | Posted 04.13.2012 | Black Voices

Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, caused a stir after she appeared on the "Today" show and said that she believed it was "an accident" that Geo...

Trayvon Martin Family Lawyers Accuse Sanford Officials Of Foul Play

The Huffington Post | Danielle Cadet | Posted 04.13.2012 | Black Voices

Trayvon Martin's family attorneys alleged that Sanford officials met hours after the teen died to discuss overruling a police detective who prepared a...