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Bail System Overdue for an Overhaul in America

Arkady Bukh | Posted 01.10.2017 | Crime
Arkady Bukh

"Justice delayed is justice denied" is a legal adage of uncertain origin. It implies if legal relief is possible for an individual that has experience...

Boys Will Be... What We Let Them Be: Ken Corbett's 'A Murder Over A Girl,' And The 2016 Election

Mark O'Connell, L.C.S.W. | Posted 11.08.2016 | Queer Voices
Mark O'Connell, L.C.S.W.

A passage from psychologist Ken Corbett's recently published book, A Murder Over A Girl: Justice, Gender, Junior High, could describe the mindset of Donald Trump and many of his supporters in the run-up to the presidential election.

INFAMY Is Not Robert K Tanenbaum At His Best

Jackie K. Cooper | Posted 10.01.2016 | Books
Jackie K. Cooper

Book Review - Jackie K Cooper INFAMY by Robert K Tanenbaum Novelist Robert K. Tanenbaum created a character many years ago by the na...

May Top Corporate Executives Be Compelled to Testify in Routine Cases?

Brad Reid | Posted 09.29.2016 | Business
Brad Reid

Plaintiffs may assert that the defendant corporation's top executives (the "C suite") either created, ordered, and supervised the events complained of...

Jimmy Page Finally Addresses 'Stairway To Heaven' Plagiarism Trial

The Huffington Post | Todd Van Luling | Posted 07.26.2016 | Entertainment

In June, Led Zeppelin won a copyright lawsuit that claimed the band plagiarized the 1968 song “Taurus” by American rock band Spirit for the intro ...

Asking A Comedian To Be Your Guest Host Is No Laughing Matter

Fred Lundgren | Posted 04.27.2016 | Media
Fred Lundgren

When Gary Garver asked comedian Dave Shelton to be a reoccurring guest on his KCAA Morning Show which airs in the Riverside/ San Bernardino area, he d...

What's Juice Gotta Do With It?

Ashton Chan | Posted 04.27.2016 | Crime
Ashton Chan

24 years ago, the city of LA burned during the Rodney King riots. Three years later, a mostly black jury acquitted O.J. Simpson for two murders he probably committed. The motivation in both instances? The deep mistrust and sense of outrage African Americans felt towards a police force that continuously brutalized them.

Free Rodney Lincoln - the Steven Avery no one knows about

Matt Doran | Posted 04.01.2016 | Crime
Matt Doran

Enraged and breathless, armchair detectives across America are demanding the urgent release of Netflix star and convicted murderer Steven Avery - the ...

What will I tell my Daughter?

Natalie Romero | Posted 03.28.2016 | Women
Natalie Romero

The verdict that was handed down in the Jian Ghomeshi trial has left me with a feeling of complete hopelessness. It wasn't so much the verdict itself ...

'Goodbye to the Dead,' A Conversation with Brian Freeman

Mark Rubinstein | Posted 03.20.2016 | Books
Mark Rubinstein

Photo: Martin Hofsten Brian Freeman is an internationally bestselling author of psychological suspense novels. His books have been sold in 46 countri...

No Person Should Have More Care in Prison Than in Freedom

Larry Schooler | Posted 03.18.2016 | Politics
Larry Schooler

We run from that which makes us uncomfortable, and those convicted of crime can easily give us that feeling. In the case of Darryl Hunt, I plan to sit with this discomfort and ask myself what care a free person deserves--no matter their past.

History's 9 Most Insane Jewelry Heists

Aja Raden | Posted 02.14.2017 | Style
Aja Raden

We all know that beauty addles the mind -- but an interesting, though lesser known fact is that it's our motor cerebellum that's activated in the pres...

Former Nazi Paramedic Set To Stand Trial At 95

Reuters | Alexandra Ma | Posted 03.01.2016 | World

BERLIN (Reuters) - A 95-year-old former Nazi SS paramedic at the Auschwitz death camp, accused of being an accomplice to the murder of thousands, is t...

Whistleblowers Turning in Small Whistles for Big Trumpets!

Dr. Philip Zimbardo | Posted 02.20.2017 | Business
Dr. Philip Zimbardo

Heroes come in four varieties, with infinite variations within each category. Life-long Heroes are individuals who organize their entire lives around...

How a Ghost's Evidence Convicted a Murderer

Garry Rodgers | Posted 02.19.2017 | Crime
Garry Rodgers

I'd love to go back in time and be a fly on the wall during that deliberation. What they discussed in that sequestered room has long gone to the grave, but I find Mary Jane Heaster's testimony about Zona's fractured vertebrae to be downright spooky.

An Open Letter to Sexual Assault Victims

Jill Amery | Posted 02.05.2017 | Crime
Jill Amery

It's all over the news, and as the Jian Ghomeshi trial begins, my hands are frigid. Yours may be, too. There are so many of us who have been sexual assault victims.

Bail Granted For Ex-Cop Who Killed Walter Scott

The Huffington Post | Kim Bellware | Posted 01.05.2016 | Black Voices

A South Carolina judge on Monday granted bail to Michael Slager, the former police officer charged with murdering unarmed black motorist Walter Scott ...

Jury Process Shows High Stakes in Freddie Gray Cop Trial | Posted 12.02.2016 | Black Voices

By: Charles Robinson Amid demonstrations, calls for calm and a city closely watching, the process of picking an impartial jury in the trial of Office...

Fake-Penis Woman Gets 8 Years In Prison After Duping Female Pal

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | Posted 11.12.2015 | Crime

If you impersonate a man to have sex with a woman, be prepared to pay the price. Gayle Newland, who duped a female pal by using a fake penis during bl...

Former Apprentice Star Gets Flicker of Hope

Blayne Davis | Posted 08.20.2016 | Politics
Blayne Davis

Prosecutors will either dismiss or retry disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on five of eighteen counts stemming from his corruption trial. Blagojevich will remain in Bureau of Prison custody while serving his 14-year prison term, while his attorneys petition the Seventh Circuit for en banc.

After 21 Years of Impunity, Trial on Terrorist Attack Cover-up in Argentina Begins

Gastón Chillier | Posted 08.06.2016 | World
Gastón Chillier

After years of frustration and disappointment, AMIA victims and their families, will finally get to see former Argentine President Carlos Menem, a former intelligence chief, ex-judge Galeano, two former federal prosecutors, a high-ranking federal police chief, and seven others stand trial.

Khadija Ismayilova on Trial: A Lesson in Courage for the International Community

Christophe Deloire | Posted 07.24.2016 | World
Christophe Deloire

Four years after the Arab Spring, is it still possible to imagine that an ultra-repressive regime is the best defense against instability? Must we turn a blind eye to this regime's human rights violations because of its "secular" nature?

Washington Post Correspondent Jason Rezaian Gets Third Hearing In Iranian Espionage Trial

Reuters | Posted 07.13.2016 | Media

DUBAI, July 13 (Reuters) - A third hearing in the trial of jailed Washington Post correspondent Jason Rezaian on espionage charges took place behind c...

Colorado Shooter's Urge to Kill Could Set Him Free

Amy Dardashtian | Posted 07.07.2016 | Crime
Amy Dardashtian

A jury will soon decide whether James Holmes is guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity. Last week, one of his victims, Ashley Moser, took the stand in her wheelchair.

Documentary Review: 3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets

Dwight Brown | Posted 06.16.2016 | Black Voices
Dwight Brown

What the documentary the filmmakers have assembled is educational, eye opening, often emotional, sad and galvanizing. As the 98 minutes of footage roll by, it becomes apparent that Jordan's tragedy is a chapter within a much longer book.