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True the Vote

Trump Turned Away Intel Briefings But Spread A Rumor Made Popular By One Guy On Twitter

The Huffington Post | Dana Liebelson | Posted 11.30.2016 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump falsely claimed on Sunday that “millions of people” voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election....

True the Vote Presents False Findings

Rob Richie | Posted 05.01.2013 | Politics
Rob Richie

True the Vote used numbers that skewed their results in their favor when analyzing turnout in every single state they tested. Once recalibrated, True the Vote's claim that states with new voter ID laws, enacted or pending, experienced an increase in turnout is patently false.

Right-Wing Group Still Not Over Allen West's Loss

The Huffington Post | Nick Wing | Posted 02.04.2013 | Politics

Just over a month ago, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) packed up his Capitol Hill office and departed Congress, bringing a conclusion to a prolonged electora...

Michael Moore: 'Hate Is A Huge Motivator' In Romney Campaign

The Huffington Post | Danny Shea | Posted 02.11.2013 | Politics

Michael Moore joined HuffPost Live Tuesday to discuss his thoughts heading into Election Day as well as the role of race in the election and attempts ...

WATCH: Keep Out The Vote

The Huffington Post | The Political Mashups Team | Posted 11.07.2012 | Politics

Remember the good old days, when voting was as simple as dropping a piece of paper in a box or pulling a lever behind a curtain? Well, they're long go...

True The Vote Barred From Some Ohio Polling Stations

Posted 11.06.2012 | Politics

The right-wing group True The Vote has been prohibited from monitoring elections in voting stations around Columbus, Ohio, and may soon find itself u...

Dan Froomkin

New Evidence Shows Poll Watching Efforts Target Minority Precincts | Dan Froomkin | Posted 11.06.2012 | Politics

Poll watchers from groups ostensibly targeting voter fraud are headed primarily to minority voting precincts on Election Day, lending support to the a...

Dan Froomkin

Early Voting Experience In N.C. Bodes Ill For Civility On Election Day | Dan Froomkin | Posted 11.03.2012 | Politics

If Election Day goes anything like the past 17 days of early voting in North Carolina, here's what you can expect at your local precincts on Tuesday: ...

Dan Froomkin

Texas Poll-Watchers Set Sights On Latino Community | Dan Froomkin | Posted 10.25.2012 | Latino Voices

A Tea Party spinoff group training poll-watchers to either monitor or intimidate voters -- depending on whom you believe -- is now explicitly expandin...

America: Land of Shady Elections

C. Robert Gibson | Posted 12.24.2012 | Politics
C. Robert Gibson

If a country proclaimed itself as the standard-bearer for democracy around the world, while a son of one of the country's presidential candidates owned voting machines in a state known for swinging elections, would you take that country's claims seriously?

Trymaine Lee

Voting Groups On Both Sides Deploy Thousands Of Election Monitors To Battleground States | Trymaine Lee | Posted 10.19.2012 | Black Voices

Voting rights groups from all sides of the partisan divide are deploying troops to the polls on Election Day to monitor voting activity in battlegroun...

Trymaine Lee

True The Vote Target Of Congressional Inquiry | Trymaine Lee | Posted 10.05.2012 | Black Voices

A Democratic congressman has launched an investigation into True The Vote, a conservative Tea Party group that has attempted to purge thousands of reg...

Voting Process At Forefront Of 2012 Election

Daniel Simon | Posted 11.27.2012 | Politics
Daniel Simon

These days the two parties can't agree on much. From poll results to the legitimacy of registered voters, the two parties' only common ground has beco...

'Battle for Your Ballot'

Gerard Bush | Posted 11.24.2012 | Impact
Gerard Bush

The problem is, by-and-large, Americans are just now beginning to pay attention to this election and many are left completely unaware of the duplicitous plans that are in place and have been for some time by the radical right to influence this election by any means necessary.

Bullies at the Ballot Box

Liz Kennedy | Posted 11.11.2012 | Politics
Liz Kennedy

This fall, there is a great danger that eligible Americans will find themselves facing bullies at the ballot box -- overzealous volunteers who take the law into their own hands to target particular voters.

Dan Froomkin

Polling Place Vigilantes In Training | Dan Froomkin | Posted 09.10.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Concerned that a veritable army of Tea Partyers will descend on polling places in minority neighborhoods to challenge and intimidate vot...

Is A Tea Party Group Trying To Intimidate Black And Latino Voters?

ColorLines | Brentin Mock | Posted 08.28.2012 | Black Voices

This investigative report originally appeared at ColorLines. Bill Ouren, True the Vote's national elections coordinator, is presenting before a...

Tea Party Leader: Denying Vote to Those Without Property 'Makes a Lot of Sense'

Chris Kromm | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Chris Kromm

When critics charged that tea party groups like True the Vote may have been trying to disenfranchise voters with their aggressive tactics in the 2010 ...

Houston, We Have a Voting Problem

Chris Kromm | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Chris Kromm

The electoral battle over Harris County may have already claimed its first victims: a still-unsolved fire consumed a warehouse storing most of the county's voting machinery.

Possible Arson and the Right's Texas Voter Suppression Effort

Glenn W. Smith | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Glenn W. Smith

A mysterious fire last Friday destroys all of the voting machines in Harris County, Texas. Meanwhile, a well-funded right-wing group emerges in Houston and begins raising unfounded allegations of widespread voter fraud.