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UC Berkeley The Huffington Post

Feds Investigate Anti-Semitism Allegations At Cal

NEED NOT APPLY: Public Colleges Bring In Out-Of-State Students To Replace State Money

UC Berkeley Students Get Unpleasant Surprise Day Before Classes Begin

Landmark Legislation Would Insure Student Athletes With Career-Ending Injuries

Team USA Olympians In College

Officials Cancel Campus Police Plans To Buy Military-Style Vehicle

UC Berkeley Settles With Photojournalist After He Claims Unlawful Arrest

Parents Of Deceased Student Sue University Doctor, Allege Doctor's Abuse Drove Son To Suicide

Campus Police With History Of Violence Ask For A Military-Style Vehicle

California Campus Police Defend Request For Armored Vehicle, Critics Wary Of Excessive Police Actions At Protests

New Report Blasts Use Of Batons By Campus Cops

LOOK: Letters To UC Berkeley Detail A Strong Public Reaction

Study Of Compassion In Atheists, Faithful Yields Big Surprise

WATCH: UC Berkeley's 'Ridiculously Automated' Dorm Room