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Uganda Gay Rights The Huffington Post

Why Uganda's Anti-Gay Ruling Is 'Deeply Flawed'

Officials Say Anti-Gay Law Has Been 'Misinterpreted' By International Donors

'If Your Hard-On For Homophobia Lasts Five Hours, You Need To Seek Medical Attention'

Rice: Protecting LGBT Community Is The Most Difficult Human Rights Issue

U.S. Cuts Aid To Uganda, Cancels Military Exercise Over Anti-Gay Law

Uganda Will Never 'Be Blackmailed' Over Anti-Gay Law

Uganda Passes Controversial HIV Law

Gay Men Caught Engaging In Acts 'Against The Order Of Nature' To Stand Trial

Why This Gay Rights Activist Is Fearing For His Safety -- And His Life

GOP Congressional Candidate: John Kerry Upset God By Trying To Stop Ugandan Anti-LGBT Bill

Are Things About To Get EVEN WORSE For Uganda's Gay Community?

Anti-Gay Pastor Known For 'Eat The Poo-Poo' Lecture In Hot Water For Incredibly Ironic Reason

This Gay Teen Was Thrown Out Of His Home, Arrested And Tortured

HIV/AIDS Advocacy Group Raided For 'Training Homosexuals' In Uganda

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