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The Guardian's Chief Digital Officer on Going 'Digital-First'

Vala Afshar | Posted 03.16.2014 | Technology
Vala Afshar

The task of converting old school business into the digital world will be championed by chief digital officers. By 2015, 25 percent of the large globa...

50 Incredible WiFi Tech Statistics That Businesses Must Know [SLIDE DECK]

Vala Afshar | Posted 04.14.2014 | Technology
Vala Afshar

50 Incredible Wi-Fi Tech Statistics That Businesses Must Know from Vala Afshar No matter what business you are in, wireless technology is causin...

That Time Twitter Absolutely Tore Apart JPMorgan's Terrible Marketing Stunt

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford | Posted 11.14.2013 | Business

JPMorgan Chase, the country's biggest bank by assets, and a company that's dealt with more than $30 billion-plus in fines and legal costs since 2009, ...

Why Are Large Companies So Slow at Migrating to Windows 7? (Part One)

Sumir Karayi | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
Sumir Karayi

We, at 1E, believe there are five major factors which prevent IT from staying current in terms of the Operating System, and many other technologies.

50 Digital Marketing Metrics [SLIDESHARE]

Vala Afshar | Posted 12.31.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

50 Digital Marketing Metrics For CMOs, CIOs, CDOs, and CFOs Are you ready for a chief data officer? This question was asked by Thomas Redman in a ...

Why We Need Slack in Our Lives, and Why Organizations Should Start Giving It to Us?

Jon Jachimowicz | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business
Jon Jachimowicz

The idea of structuring processes and tasks to most efficiently utilize employees' time and workload has an intuitive appeal -- isn't efficiency a goal many countries cherish and many people strive towards?

WATCH: Worker Calls Out McDonald's President Over Low Wages

The Huffington Post | David Winograd | Posted 10.22.2013 | Business

Video of a verbal confrontation between a McDonald's employee and McDonald's USA President Jeff Stratton has surfaced nearly a week after a group of r...

50 Powerful Mega Trend Statistics For CIOs And CMOs [SLIDESHARE]

Vala Afshar | Posted 11.23.2013 | Technology
Vala Afshar

50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business from ValaAfshar Mobile Statistics The mega trend of the 21st century is ...

HubSpot CEO: 4 Ways To Build Magnetic Inbound Marketing

Vala Afshar | Posted 11.10.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

Developing valuable content is a key component of a successful CMO's inbound marketing strategy. That said, the real power, and the future of marketin...

Box CEO Aaron Levie: Riding The Waves of Enterprise Disruption

Vala Afshar | Posted 10.21.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

Aaron Levie, CEO and co-founder of Box, launched the company from his college dorm room in 2005 with the help of CFO Dylan Smith. What started as a c...

The Gender Pay Gap: It Affects us All

Susan Bloch | Posted 10.19.2013 | Business
Susan Bloch

Parity is not only a "women's" issue. It affects us all. It makes no sense to penalize women when the benefit of their leadership to organizations and the economy are clear.

Human Capital Management And The Future Of Work

Vala Afshar | Posted 10.15.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

The future of work has changed due to a series of market disruptions that have thrust Human Capital Management (HCM) into a curious position of attent...

The Top 100 Cloud Computing Experts On Twitter

Vala Afshar | Posted 10.14.2013 | Technology
Vala Afshar


10 Ways To Know If You're A Social Leader [INFOGRAPHIC]

Vala Afshar | Posted 10.13.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

Social business leaders know that we are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we trust, respect and care for each other. Socia...

How To Be More Quotable, Connected And Collaborative

Vala Afshar | Posted 10.09.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

The only constant is change. The unprecedented speed of innovation, and technology led business transformations, is introducing process and communicat...

9 Reasons Why Strategic CIOs Love Startups

Vala Afshar | Posted 10.08.2013 | Technology
Vala Afshar

It seems there is a new article almost every day talking about how CIOs and IT departments are fighting to maintain relevance in our changing economy ...

The Top 100 Best And Most Collaborative U.S. Colleges [INFOGRAPHIC]

Vala Afshar | Posted 10.06.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

A recent Harvard Business Review post suggested that higher education is being disrupted by 'digital natives', including K-12 institutions that ar...

The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy [INFOGRAPHIC]

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.29.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

Houston, we have a problem - a social business strategy problem. The era of social networking started in the early 2000s with the launch of Friend...

The Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros On Twitter

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.24.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

As the chief customer officer for Enterasys, I am very fortunate to be a member of an award-winning global customer service and support organization. ...

Mavens' Advice On Digital Influence [INFOGRAPHIC]

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.21.2013 | Technology
Vala Afshar

The world's best business and leadership experts share their insights to help CMOs, CIOs, and CEOs bolster their digital influence. This interactive i...

Stuck In A Revenue Rut? 5 Ways To Influence Employees Into Their "Smart State"

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.16.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

After talking with Christine Comaford , a Leadership and Culture Coach who helps mid-sized and Fortune 1000 companies navigate growth and change, an e...

Superhero Business Leadership Lessons

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.15.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

Most business leaders are learning about the explosive impact of technology mega trends - cloud, mobile, social, apps, and big data - and their potent...

100 Tweetable Business Culture Quotes From Brilliant Executives

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.09.2013 | Business
Vala Afshar

My co-author Brad Martin and I recently published a book titled "The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence," where we talked about our incredible comp...

SAP's CMO: 10 Ways To Architect A Digital, Social Business

Vala Afshar | Posted 09.02.2013 | Technology
Vala Afshar

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the most social CMOs in the world, Jonathan Becher, the Chief Marketing Officer of SAP, arguably on...

Turning The Tide On Workplace Drinking

Lauren Booker | Posted 07.02.2013 | UK Lifestyle
Lauren Booker

Alcohol Concern's recent survey of MPs revealed that a quarter of them believe there is an unhealthy drinking culture in parliament. Not surprising, really. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but many of us don't realise that relatively low levels of consumption can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing.