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Ukraine News

Russia Presses On With Crimea Takeover

Reuters | Posted 05.14.2014 | World

By Andrew Osborn and Lina Kushch SEVASTOPOL/DONETSK, Ukraine, March 14 (Reuters) - Dozens of Russians involved in Russia's gradual tak...

Putin Took Crimea Because He Could

Nicholas Burns | Posted 05.13.2014 | World
Nicholas Burns

Putin took Crimea because he could. He knew NATO wouldn't oppose him. With Russia on the move and the Chinese bullying smaller countries in the South China Sea, is it really smart to reduce the Army to its smallest size since 1940? To keep the peace, we need to convince Russia and China we'll remain the world's strongest power for the generation ahead.

Putin's Actions Could Break Up Russia, Not Unify It

Strobe Talbott | Posted 12.02.2014 | World
Strobe Talbott

When he was Russia's President, Boris Yeltsin held the line on the status quo: There would be no territorial adjustments to align the political map with the ethnographic one or to correct historical anomalies. In effect, Yeltsin made what became the borders of an independent, post-Soviet Russia a red line that neither he nor his successors should ever cross. If Putin forcibly separates Crimea from Ukraine and reunifies it with Russia, thus negating Yeltsin's decision and commitment, he will be following the Milosević example -- but with possible consequences that could jeopardize the territorial integrity of Russia itself.

Russia's Cyber-Weapons Hit Ukraine: How to Declare War Without Declaring War

Alec Ross | Posted 12.02.2014 | World
Alec Ross

Today, utilizing cyber weapons falls into the category of largely being accepted (even if unhappily) as part of how countries exercise their power while falling short of the line of armed conflict treated as an act of war.

Venezuelans, Like Ukrainians, Are Not Alone

Andrés Velasco | Posted 05.07.2014 | World
Andrés Velasco

It would have been preposterous to tell Ukrainian demonstrators facing government storm troopers to just grin and bear it without any external solidarity or support. It is just as preposterous to tell Venezuelan demonstrators the same thing. In these circumstances, the principle of self-determination, so beloved of foreign ministries everywhere, becomes an empty slogan.

Russia's Neighbors Boost Defenses

Reuters | Posted 05.07.2014 | World

By Andrius Sytas and Pawel Bernat VILNIUS/WARSAW March 7 (Reuters) - U.S. fighter jets go to Lithuania as the crisis in Ukraine deepen...

NATO Urges Russia To Pull Back Troops

Reuters | Posted 05.06.2014 | World

BRUSSELS, March 6 (Reuters) - NATO urged Russia on Thursday to call back to bases its forces on the Ukrainian Crimea peninsula, saying it stood by U...

Pundit Claims Ukraine Crisis Is The Result Of...A U.S. Drag Show

Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices

Russia's battle with the West for influence in Ukraine has drawn inevitable Cold War comparisons, but according to one right-wing pundit, there's a mo...

A Call for Political Decentralization in Ukraine

Roger Myerson | Posted 05.05.2014 | World
Roger Myerson

Ukraine's constitution gives the president the power to appoint and dismiss all local governors -- a presidential power over local officials that is extremely unusual among parliamentary democracies. This centralized control of local government has exacerbated regional tensions and hindered the development of trusted democratic leadership in Ukraine.

Putin's Clever Game of Chess

Nicholas Burns | Posted 05.04.2014 | World
Nicholas Burns

Russia has produced innumerable chess grandmasters, and its president for life, Vladimir Putin, is no exception. Picture him brooding silently over the geopolitical chessboard as he planned his latest move -- the weekend's swift, stunning, and unprovoked invasion of Crimea. His boldness took America and Europe by surprise and gave Putin a decided advantage at the match's start.

A Young Ukrainian Wants the World to Know the Importance of Freedom for Her People

Anthony Papa | Posted 05.04.2014 | New York
Anthony Papa

As a native New Yorker I must admit I am not on top of my world affairs. But through the friendship of someone who lived in the Ukraine I recently found out about the crisis that is currently taking place.

Europe's Ukrainian Test

Ana Palacio | Posted 05.03.2014 | World
Ana Palacio

"The West's uncertainty over Ukraine contrasts sharply with Russia's clear vision," Former Spanish Foreign Minister Ana Palacio wrote in Project Syndicate. "Putin knows that a pro-Western, pro-NATO Ukraine would present a major obstacle to Russian dominance in Eurasia, potentially cutting off Russia's access to the Black Sea and, most important, providing a model to his opponents at home. His acts over the last days confirm that he is willing to play hardball, leveraging the discontent (real or provoked) of Ukraine's ethnic Russian population, particularly in Crimea, the home of Russia's Black Sea Fleet."

Brzezinski: Formally Recognize Ukraine, Ready NATO Troops

The WorldPost | Nathan Gardels | Posted 12.01.2014 | World

Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of America’s foremost strategic thinkers, is a former U.S. national security adviser. He spoke with The WorldPost editor Na...

Putin's Kampf

Project Syndicate | CHARLES TANNOCK | Posted 03.03.2014 | World

Charles Tannock, member of the foreign affairs committee of the European Parliament. BRUSSELS – Russia’s seizure of Crimea is the most naked ex...

Western Attempts To Isolate Russia Are Doomed –- Russian MP

Voice of Russia | Posted 03.03.2014 | World

"It seems to me that all talk about the international isolation of Russia is not productive. It is impossible to isolate Russia," Pushkov told Interfa...

Hope for Ukraine: Amidst a Mounting Crisis, One Man Fights Back Creatively

Greg Archer | Posted 05.02.2014 | Impact
Greg Archer

Several weeks ago, when Ukrainian-American Viktor Kee decided that he would embark on a cross-country road trip to generate support for his troubled homeland, he had no idea how unpredictable the headwinds of fate could actually be.

After Ukraine, NATO Must Give Georgia Its MAP

Edward P. Joseph | Posted 04.30.2014 | Politics
Edward P. Joseph

The unfolding aftermath in Ukraine should move NATO members to grasp the value of standing up to Russian bullying and honoring commitments to countries like Georgia that carry out the hard task of reform.

Will Ukraine Revive Cold War Passions?

Nicholas Burns | Posted 12.01.2014 | World
Nicholas Burns

Obama's hand is strengthened in the chess match with Putin by the prescience of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, whose expansion of NATO to take in 10 Central European countries was criticized by some as excessively provocative to Moscow. But NATO's push eastward has protected those countries from Putin's aggressive muscle flexing in Russia's so-called "near abroad."

Ukraine Prosecutor Orders Detention Of 10 Former Top Officials

Reuters | Posted 04.30.2014 | World

KIEV, Feb 28 (Reuters) - Ukraine's Prosecutor General on Friday ordered the detention of 10 top former government, security and military officials ...

4 Reasons Why Crimea Is The Most Tense Place In Ukraine

Posted 02.28.2014 | World

While Ukraine prepares for a new era without President Viktor Yanukovych, tensions are brewing in the nation's ethnically intermixed South and East. Y...

WATCH: Ukrainian Leader's Cronies Also Had Ridiculous Luxury Mansions

Posted 02.27.2014 | World

Days after discovering luxurious saunas and an exotic zoo at the presidential palace, Ukrainians found another startling display of the former regime'...

Ukraine Elects Baptist Pastor As Interim President

Posted 04.14.2014 | Religion

After months of violent protests, Ukraine had a whirlwind weekend that set the country on a course that could dramatically change its future in the co...

Reviving Ukraine's Economy

Project Syndicate | Anders Aslund | Posted 02.25.2014 | World

WASHINGTON -- Ukraine has suddenly arrived at a democratic breakthrough. After former President Viktor Yanukovich incited major bloodshed, many of his...

LOOK: Powerful Kiev Memorial Honors Slain Protesters

Posted 02.25.2014 | Religion

In the last week, Ukraine experienced some of the worst violence the country has seen since the Soviet era. In two days of brutal fighting in Kiev's I...

Good Bye, Lenin! Protesters Topple Soviet Statues Across Ukraine

Charlotte Alfred | Posted 02.24.2014 | World

Last week, as Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych tried to hang on to power, opposition protesters tore down statues of Bolshevik leader Vladimir Le...