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Want to Be More Joyful and More Productive? Sit Still First.

Cecilia Dintino | Posted 02.09.2017 | Fifty
Cecilia Dintino

Most of us measure a life worth living in terms of attainable outcomes. Outcomes such as a college degree, a partner, a house, a career or even a...

Fear or Compassion in the Year of Uncertainty?

Neil Seligman | Posted 02.02.2017 | Healthy Living
Neil Seligman

2017 sees the world entering a new chapter as Britain repositions itself in Europe and the USA moves forward under the command of a highly disturbing ...

A Very Special Gift for you

Byron Williams | Posted 12.25.2016 | Politics
Byron Williams

Though you were No. 1 on my shopping list, it was difficult to find the right gift. After much deliberation, I realized it was useless spending countl...

Why Managing Away Uncertainty Is Seductively Counterproductive

George Bradt | Posted 12.14.2016 | Business
George Bradt

If only we could manage away uncertainty. If we could do that there would be no risk. If we could do that there would be no stress. And there would be...

Finding Your Peace In Uncertain Times

Ed and Deb Shapiro | Posted 11.12.2016 | Healthy Living
Ed and Deb Shapiro

No one thought Donald Trump would win the election, so when he did it naturally threw many people into fear, outrage, sadness, and confusion. Life is...


Joy A. Dryer, Ph.D. | Posted 10.31.2016 | Divorce
Joy A. Dryer, Ph.D.

Numerous aspects of Halloween ring true for the process of separating/ divorcing. In fact, Halloween can be a useful analogy to highlight 4 difficult...

What Halloween Can Teach Us About Personal Growth

Dan Mason | Posted 10.31.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Dan Mason

As part of our Halloween weekend celebration, my girlfriend and I went on a Paranormal ghost tour of the 4th most haunted building in America. It was ...

Nate Silver on Predictions, Uncertainty, and the New Hampshire Vote

Annie Duke | Posted 01.06.2017 | Politics
Annie Duke

With the election two weeks away, it's difficult to focus on anything else. In addition to daily election news, there are dozens of fresh polls - nati...

Suffering From Fed Rate Hike Anxiety? You're Not The Only One

The Conversation US | Posted 12.13.2016 | Business
The Conversation US

Why do we worry so much about what the Fed will do? And is there anything we can learn from this?


Richard Koch | Posted 08.16.2016 | Business
Richard Koch

Last time, I argued that we should welcome uncertainty, risk, and even stress as essential for any worthwhile world or life. Without stress, uncertai...

6 Choices to Flourish in the Future

Randy Pennington | Posted 08.09.2016 | Business
Randy Pennington

Change and disruption are everywhere. New technology creates new industries and disrupts established ones. Geopolitical strife is rampant. Trust in our institutions and the leaders who guide them is low. You don't know from where your competitor will emerge.


Richard Koch | Posted 08.02.2016 | Business
Richard Koch

The shrinks and gurus are unanimous, and the medical establishment is nearly so - stress is bad for you, uncertainties should be reduced as much as po...

Seeing Uncertainty As A Gift: The Best Sentence Carl Jung Ever Wrote

John Connor | Posted 07.22.2016 | GPS for the Soul
John Connor

You are either asking, "Who the hell is Carl Jung, and what's the big deal on one sentence?" Or: "Who the hell do you think you are, buckeroo, to dec...

When Fear Washes In: Health Anxiety And Death Anxiety

Sheryl Paul | Posted 07.13.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Sheryl Paul

Fear is a part of life. Sometimes we can keep it at bay, but eventually, with certainty, it will creep in like a red tide on an otherwise calm beach. ...

5 Inspiring Quotes To Read When You Feel Like You Have No Control

The Huffington Post | Lindsay Holmes | Posted 07.07.2016 | Healthy Living

Feeling stressed? You’re not alone. We all have a center of wisdom and balance within us, but sometimes life takes over and we can feel all over the...

Getting Comfortable With The Uncomfortable: Dealing With Fear

Jodie Rogers | Posted 07.05.2016 | Healthy Living
Jodie Rogers

Are you going to be on the edge of your life (quietly reassuring yourself that it's ok here and that those jumpers are crazy anyway) or are you going to be the one that jumps straight into life, in spite of its uncertainty?

What Happened After My Husband Left The Psych Ward

O, The Oprah Magazine | Joann Pan | Posted 06.14.2016 | OWN

I'd forgotten my cell phone that day -- that day, of all days. My boss said, "It's so weird, I just missed a call from you." Confused, I used her phon...

What's Killing U.S. Growth?

Steve H. Hanke | Posted 04.13.2017 | Politics
Steve H. Hanke

On April 6th, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial that merits careful examination: "Jack Lew's Political Economy". The Journal correctly po...

It May Be A Good Thing If You Get Stressed Out Over Uncertainty

The Huffington Post | Lindsay Holmes | Posted 03.29.2016 | Healthy Living

The unknown is an inevitable part of life, but that doesn't mean we like it. Waiting to hear back about a job interview, test results from a doctor or...

Visit a Children's Museum!

Cecile McKee | Posted 03.29.2017 | Education
Cecile McKee

Summer is in sight. This matters to families following a traditional school calendar because children who take an educational break over the summer experience learning losses.

Embracing the Void

Nesrin Everett | Posted 02.24.2017 | Business
Nesrin Everett

I ski in winters, and am a member of the International Ski Club of Geneva where we ski together and learn from experienced instructors.

The Two Types of Faith

Greg Cootsona | Posted 02.17.2017 | Religion
Greg Cootsona

Pastors often wanted to teach about faith seeking understanding, but congregation members more often demand faith seeking certainty.

Why the Pursuit of Consistency Makes You Irrelevant

Lisa Earle McLeod | Posted 01.19.2017 | Business
Lisa Earle McLeod

Successful organizations are able to change rapidly because they have a clear North Star. In the most successful organizations, their true and noble purpose is to improve the lives of their customers.

The Art and Science of Organization

Paul Pizzala | Posted 12.10.2016 | Business
Paul Pizzala

This is a picture of Friar's stall at an arts and craft fair I helped to organize, as part of my M.Sc dissertation - The art and science of organizat...

The Power of Gratitude in Times of Fear

Barbara A. Bernard | Posted 12.09.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Barbara A. Bernard

Gratitude enters in when I step back and realize what occurred is not the sum total of my experience. What I see as a source of grief or loss also contains an opportunity to explore a different way of being in the world. With a shift in perspective, gratitude guides me to create meaning.