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Uncluttering Lives

Let Go of Clutter and Make Space

Sofia Alvim | Posted 06.02.2016 | HuffPost Home
Sofia Alvim

Your stuff tells a story. If you don't like the story you can change it. My story was filled with layers of incomplete and unfinished things. Things ...

The Real Definition of Clutter, According To A Life Coach

Sofia Alvim | Posted 04.29.2016 | HuffPost Home
Sofia Alvim

Your definition of clutter might be just how messy your space looks or how much paperwork you have in piles. Yes, those are common examples of clutter. But goes way beyond that. Let me show you why.

Your Clutter Says More About You Than You Think

Sofia Alvim | Posted 04.01.2016 | HuffPost Home
Sofia Alvim

The more curious and mindful you are about why the clutter is there, the more you can change the habits that got you cluttered in the first place. But once you are done with all the action, then you lean into everyday life and keeping things uncluttered becomes the mindful practice.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Hans Hickler | Posted 02.24.2015 | Business
Hans Hickler

It's not about changing your life, your job. It's about making space by un-cluttering your schedules; it's about accumulating less and focusing on the quality of your time and concentrating on doing a little more of the things you really enjoy; the things that matter.

Make Your New Years Resolution Prehabilitation

Mache Seibel, MD | Posted 02.25.2013 | Healthy Living
Mache Seibel, MD

One in two Americans is coping with a chronic disease, and many require rehabilitation. That's why I'm suggesting this year your New Year's resolution be "prehabilitation," a term defined by Wikipedia as, "a form of strength training, aims to prevent injuries before the actual occurrence."

What Are You?

James Altucher | Posted 11.05.2012 | GPS for the Soul
James Altucher

Are you a Republican? Are you gay? Or straight? Are you pro-choice? Are you anti-environmentalist? Are you a Buddhist? Or a Jew? And, if Jewish -- are...

Cleaning Out The Clutter

Roger Fransecky | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Roger Fransecky

The theory of personal reinvention becomes very real when we are pushed into the full invitation of a new year.