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World Contraception Day: Saving and transforming women's lives

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin | Posted 09.27.2016 | Impact
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin

Access to modern contraception saves and transforms women's lives. It transforms their families and communities, too. Family planning is one of the be...

Pregnant and on the Run

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin | Posted 09.19.2016 | Impact
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin

As world leaders gather in New York for the first-ever Summit on Refugees and Migrants, they need to focus on, and tackle, the special needs of women ...

Youth key to the success of the SDGs in Kenya

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 08.15.2016 | Home
Siddharth Chatterjee

Elected national Children's Government of Kenya for 2016. Photo credit: UNICEF Kenya\2016\Gakuo. Co-authored with Werner Schultink, UNICEF, Kenya ...

Falling Short: Police Apathy To Rape In India

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 07.26.2016 | Home
Siddharth Chatterjee

Women in India have been let down by the very institutions that should protect them against crimes like rape, and it is not surprising that that the country is now known as the rape capital of the world.

Time for Tough Action to Stop Sexual Exploitation by UN Peacekeepers

Lieutenant-General (rtd) Daniel Opande | Posted 07.11.2016 | Home
Lieutenant-General (rtd) Daniel Opande

It is time to raise the scales of preventive and punitive measures for sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers. An unequivocal message needs to be sent to every member state and troop contributing countries that only personnel who see the protection of human rights as their mission will continue to serve as UN peacekeepers.

Breaking the silence on Gender Based Violence

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 07.05.2016 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

Ms Sicily Kariuki inaugurates a Gender Based Violence Recovery Center at Kilifi hospital supported by UNFPA Kenya. Photo Credit: @UNFPAKen This artic...

Let 5-year-old Sherry tell you how handwashing with soap saves lives

Myriam Sidibe | Posted 06.24.2016 | Impact
Myriam Sidibe

Eunice, an expectant mother in Migori County, Kenya For twenty-six year old Eunice from Migori County,Kenya, celebrating her daughter Sherry's fifth ...

Stepping up the fight to end cholera and chikungunya outbreaks in Mandera County, Kenya

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 06.06.2016 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

"An MSF assisted cholera treatment center in Mandera, Kenya". June 03, 2016 - Photo credit : @unfpaken Mandera's double whammy, the concurrent outb...

County Governments in Kenya Must Take Lead in Fight for Gender Equality

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 05.31.2016 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

Ambassador Tarja Fernandez speaks at the International Women's Day on 08 March 2016. Photo Credit: Embassy of Finland, Kenya The 3rd Devolution Con...

Time to Put Women and Young People at Centre of Humanitarian Action

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin | Posted 05.23.2016 | Impact
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin

By protecting the right to sexual and reproductive health, we will better ensure accountability to affected populations, address the special needs of women and adolescent girls, and contribute to their empowerment and participation in decision-making.

Not in our name: the lies in simplistic narratives about sex and religion

Katherine Marshall | Posted 05.22.2016 | Religion
Katherine Marshall

In September 2014 a group of religious leaders and scholars met for two days in New York to address what have become significant sources of tension in...

Gender Equality and Equity in Health Will Anchor Drive Towards Sustainable National Development

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 04.14.2016 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

That advocacy drive by the Government of Kenya and UNFPA has culminated in an innovative project that is now being implemented in six of the forty seven counties with the highest maternal and child deaths.

Can India's Military Veterans Join the Fight for Women's Rights?

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 04.12.2016 | Home
Siddharth Chatterjee

As an Indian I say this with deep sadness, that our society is marked by patriarchy, misogyny and treatment of its women and girls as second-class citizens.

Promise Not Peril: Can Investing in Health Deter Violent Extremism?

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 03.27.2016 | Home
Siddharth Chatterjee

The concept of "health as a bridge for peace" may be resonating in this county, which has seen the scourge of internecine conflicts and cross border attacks.

India's Youth -- A Blessing or a Curse

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 03.01.2017 | Home
Siddharth Chatterjee

By 2020, the average age in India will be 29 and it is set to become the world's youngest country with 64 percent of its population in the working age group.

End Female Genital Mutilation Yesterday!

Børge Brende | Posted 02.04.2017 | Impact
Børge Brende

In 2015, the international community committed to eliminating female genital mutilation everywhere. One of the targets of the newly adopted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is to end such harmful practices against women and girls by 2030.

Women's Empowerment Will Accelerate Kenya's Economic Prosperity

Ambassador Amina Mohamed | Posted 01.28.2017 | Home
Ambassador Amina Mohamed

With over 70 percent of Kenyans aged below 30, we are at the cusp of a demographic dividend. For this dividend to become a reality, Kenya will have to surmount some formidable challenges, none more exigent than the empowerment of its women.

Contraception Drones Are The Future Of Women's Health In Rural Africa

The Huffington Post | Laura Bassett | Posted 02.04.2016 | Politics

BALI, Indonesia -- In late 2014, a group of public health experts and philanthropists were grappling with the problem of how to improve contraception ...

When the Menstrual Cycle Becomes a Question of Human Rights

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 01.05.2017 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

The beneficial link between female education and lifetime health has never been in doubt; a better-educated girl takes better control of her life. She has healthier and fewer children.

The Tyranny of Violence Against Women and Girls: 16 Days of Activism

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 12.09.2016 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

It is time for every man to start doing something to end the scourge of violence against women and girls in their homes and communities.

Revolutionizing Better Health for 'Every Women Every Child'

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 12.05.2016 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

Kenya is one of the countries where maternal health is still lagging far behind. Kenya has a tremendous opportunity to do even more to help women and children have better healthcare, and so improve their lives.

Sexual Health Services Can't Be 'Afterthought' For Women In Conflict Zones: UN

Reuters | Eleanor Goldberg | Posted 12.03.2015 | Impact

LONDON, Dec 3 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Around a quarter of the 100 million people globally who need humanitarian aid are women or teenage girls ...

How to Save 110 Nigerian Mothers Every Day

Toyin Ojora-Saraki | Posted 11.12.2016 | Impact
Toyin Ojora-Saraki

Today, we mourn the loss of Omowumi Shonuga and the 110 Nigerian mothers who have died in a single day. Tomorrow, we begin action.

From Despair to Hope: Fulfilling a Promise to Mothers and Children in Mandera County

Siddharth Chatterjee | Posted 11.08.2016 | Impact
Siddharth Chatterjee

Marginalization combined with internecine conflicts, pockets of extremism, poor human development and cross border terrorism have trapped so many of Mandera's people in poverty and misery.

More Midwives Needed to Reduce Maternal Deaths

Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin | Posted 10.27.2016 | Impact
Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin

With the Sustainable Development Goals enshrined by world leaders and the United Nations Secretary-General's updated Global Strategy for Every Woman, Every Child launched last month, we can make maternal deaths a thing of the past.