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Sometimes We Need Our Unhappiness

Amy Begel | Posted 06.28.2016 | Healthy Living
Amy Begel

I recently had a discussion with a colleague that got me thinking about case that I'd like to share. I was at my office in mid-October, as autumn wa...

5 Reasons Why You're Unhappy -- and How You Can Start Being Happy Today

Jennifer Twardowski | Posted 05.09.2016 | Healthy Living
Jennifer Twardowski

So allow yourself to really truly feel -- both the good and the bad, because it is all a part of you, and by loving and accepting it, you can start to tap into your own true authentic happiness.

Peeking Over the Fence

Leona deVinne | Posted 04.28.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Leona deVinne

Your 'grass' is yours and yours alone and it as unique as you are. Lean into that lushness.

10 Hints That It's Time to Resign

Consuela Dezso | Posted 04.19.2016 | Healthy Living
Consuela Dezso

It's important to acknowledge when a company/job is not the right fit for you anymore (or never was), because the sooner you realize this, the quicker you can take positive action.

3 Tips to Beat Blue Mondays

Dan Collinson | Posted 01.18.2017 | Healthy Living
Dan Collinson

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson suggested three ways in which you can increase your positivity based on research carried out and these were to:

Forget About Happiness -- Let's Talk About Peace

Fabian Markl | Posted 12.14.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Fabian Markl

"I have no money. I have no friends. I have no job. I have no house. I have no spouse. I have no business. I am unhappy." First ask yourself, "Why do...

4 Reasons My Six-Figure Job Led To An Unhappy Life

Tyler C Beaty | Posted 09.25.2016 | Healthy Living
Tyler C Beaty

Here are four reasons my six-figure job led to my unhappy life, and a mindset change that will help you avoid making these same mistakes.

The Step-By-Step Guide for Turning Your Mundane Life Into One Full of Happy Moments

Kat Bern | Posted 09.17.2016 | Healthy Living
Kat Bern

Here are my tips on what YOU could do to create your happy moments... (And I promise, there is no need to go to the other end of the world for that, you can as easily re-create the same experience at home.)

Feeling Beaten Down by Life? 5 Tips to Turn It Around for Good

Kelli Cooper | Posted 07.06.2016 | Healthy Living
Kelli Cooper

My personal development work had been spotty at best, and my misery really kicked things up a notch. I knew things had to change. There was a part of me that believed things could change, and that's all you need to start.

What Is a Hesitant Male?

Tracy Crossley | Posted 07.01.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Tracy Crossley

Photo By David Hodgson Most of us know the hesitant male. These men have been conditioned through their environment to not step out as they really w...

How Did You Get to Be the Way You Are?

Judith Johnson | Posted 03.16.2015 | Healthy Living
Judith Johnson

Remember that your beliefs are powerful self-fulfilling prophecies. The bottom line of this is that if you change your beliefs, you will change your experiences. You are not a victim unless you choose to be. Health and well-being in adulthood is not achieved through the accumulation of external successes, but rather through cleaning out your internal emotional closets.

The Nasty Flip Side of Gratitude

An Bourmanne | Posted 01.24.2015 | Healthy Living
An Bourmanne

This post originally appeared on Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is no...

What Makes A City Unhappy?

Pacific Standard | Dana McMahan | Posted 11.24.2014 | World

I live in two of the country’s saddest cities. At least that’s if I’m to believe the results of a National Bureau of Economic Research working p...

Not Everyone Wants To Be Happy

Scientific American | Jennifer Aaker and Emily Esfahani Smith | Posted 10.29.2014 | World

Everyone wants to be happy. It's a fundamental human right. It's associated with all sorts of benefits. We, as a society, spend millions trying to fig...

The Connection Between Entrepreneurship And Happiness

Inc. | AJ Agrawal | Posted 10.21.2014 | World

We've all had those moments where time is frozen. Athletes describe it as being in the "zone." Some people describe it as perfect euphoria. In his boo...

Are We Trying Too Hard to Be Happy?

Psychology Today | Krystine I. Batcho | Posted 10.20.2014 | World

Are we trying too hard to be happy? Social science has given mixed messages about how happy Americans are today. On the one hand, data from the Genera...

8 Scientifically-Backed Ways To Feel Happier Right Now

Real Simple/Time | Lindsey Murray | Posted 10.16.2014 | World

The key to happiness is obviously a whole lot more complicated than simple addition (x+y=joy). But maybe a “happiness equation” isn’t such a far...

Happiness Is Overrated

Business Insider | Tony Schwartz | Posted 07.14.2014 | World

Some years ago, I spent time with a guy who I typically greeted in the most ordinary way: "How are you?" I'd ask. "I'm WON-DER-FUL," he'd respond, ...

WATCH: A Formula For Happiness

Posted 07.02.2014 | Impact

Watch Live at 9:00 - 10:00am MDT (11:00am - 12:00pm EDT). Social scientists have cracked the code on happiness. By marrying ancient wisdom and new ...

How To End Your Addiction To Drama

OWN | Posted 04.24.2014 | OWN

Are you seeking peace or drama in your life? Bestselling spiritual author Eckhart Tolle says we all want peace -- but something inside of us yearns...

Why Chasing Happiness May Leave You Feeling Unhappier Than Ever

Forbes | Amy Morin | Posted 04.23.2014 | World

Although the pursuit of happiness has been a topic of discussion since the Declaration of Independence, the suggestion that everyone should feel happy...

11 Easy Ways To Be Happier

Susie Moore | Posted 05.30.2014 | Healthy Living
Susie Moore

We are so busy worrying about what will be in the future or living in the past. True joy, peace and contentment come from being alive and present in the current moment. It is all we have and it is all there really is.

Why Grades Are Causing a Culture of Unhappiness Among College Students

Stephanie Yang | Posted 05.23.2014 | College
Stephanie Yang

While I am by no means advocating for looser academic standards or less learning, I don't think stricter grading scales necessarily enforce a higher level of learning.

6 Life Lessons From Disney Movies

Karen Salmansohn | Posted 04.02.2014 | Parents
Karen Salmansohn

You know how a taco, burrito and enchilada all have the same ingredients, they're just laid out in different ways? Well... The Little Mermaid, The Little Mermaid 2 and Tangled all share the same basic ingredients for storylines about good versus evil -- just played out in different ways.

5 Signs That You Could Be Happier (And How To Make It Happen)

Jennie Shulkin | Posted 03.17.2014 | Healthy Living
Jennie Shulkin

The happiest people see the same world and the same events in an entirely different light. Try to think about what you are grateful for when you are feeling upset. Regardless of what you have (and do not have), there are blessings in your life that you should appreciate.