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University Funding

When the Ivory Tower Tilts

Dr. Cindi Love | Posted 09.21.2016 | Education
Dr. Cindi Love

I hope higher education doesn't demise as a result of its corporatization. I hope we don't cover up what needs to be illuminated and corrected. I hope we are wise and committed enough to change what we need to change to ensure that the next generation has a chance to enjoy the benefits of a college experience or education.

Higher Education Metrics: Caveat Emptor, Caveat Venditor... Oh, Heck: Caveat Omnis

Chris Maples | Posted 11.23.2013 | College
Chris Maples

As an information, data, and statistics junkie, I rarely find statistics per se to be deceptive -- incorrectly applied, yes, but deceptive, no. What can be deceptive in statistics, however, are the underlying assumptions and full description of the data.

Governing Higher Ed Through Balance: Why Cultivating Collaboration Is Crucial, Now More Than Ever

H. Kim Bottomly | Posted 11.24.2012 | College
H. Kim Bottomly

The deep-seated vein of anti-intellectualism that runs through American culture has subtle effects as well as blatant ones -- and I think, could help explain the recent spate of dramatic failures in university governance.

Why Aren't Public Universities More Transparent and Accountable?

Mike Newman | Posted 11.14.2011 | College
Mike Newman

Public universities are supposed to be providing a public good to society and therefore should be forced to be transparent with their finances and accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, they are allowed to operate under the radar.

Higher Education's Dirty Little Secret

Arvind Ganesan | Posted 05.25.2011 | College
Arvind Ganesan

Western universities are undoubtedly under pressure to find financial support, but this does not mean they should allow abusive and corrupt foreign dictators, officials or their families launder their images in exchange for money.

No Concept of Death

Jonathan R. Cole | Posted 05.25.2011 | College
Jonathan R. Cole

If you asked most college and university presidents where does a dollar of tuition go in their school's budget - how is it partitioned and used - they...

Obama Proposal To Eliminate Private Loans A 'Serious Mistake' | By JAMES A. BELVIN JR. | Posted 05.25.2011 | College

I have just retired after almost 35 years as Duke University's director of financial aid. I remain keenly interested in the landmark debate over colle...