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University of Edinburgh

Your Personality Completely Transforms As You Age

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 02.22.2017 | Home

Physical appearance and fashion choices aside, you might think you’ll be essentially the same person in old age as you were in adolescence. But the ...

Even Small Changes In Global Temperatures Can Have Disastrous Consequences For Birds

The Huffington Post | Lydia Oconnor | Posted 12.29.2016 | Home

A new study showing how climate change threatens the migration patterns crucial to many birds’ survival is a reminder of how sensitive wildlife is t...

Astoria Characters: The Ghosts Guide

Nancy Ruhling | Posted 09.22.2016 | New York
Nancy Ruhling

Just when you think you've heard everything odd about Astoria, Marie Carter starts telling stories.

Melt-Resistant Ice Cream May Be Coming To A Cone Near You

The Huffington Post | Suzy Strutner | Posted 09.01.2015 | Home

Melt-proof ice cream could be in the not-so-distant future, thanks to the addition of a naturally-occurring protein. The protein, which scientists say...

Cheap, Distance Learning Alternatives to an MFA in Creative Writing

Michael Ernest Sweet | Posted 05.11.2016 | Home
Michael Ernest Sweet

I've known for the past year of so that I would have a special opportunity coming up in my life. Namely, time away from work to do something for mysel...

16 Stunning Images Reveal The Brain's Fragile Beauty

The Huffington Post | Macrina Cooper-White | Posted 06.18.2014 | Home

Ever wished you could peer inside your own brain? What's it like in there? Complicated, that's what. Scroll down for images. “The human br...

Study Reveals Surprising Trait That Will Help You Live Longer

The Huffington Post | Shelley Emling | Posted 01.29.2014 | Home

What's the best indicator of your chance to live a long life? Is it your blood pressure? Your family history? Your diet? According to a new study, it ...

Study Finds More Facebook Friends Equals More Stress

The Huffington Post | Britney Fitzgerald | Posted 11.28.2012 | Home

The more the merrier, right? Except, maybe not on Facebook. According to a recent study from University of Edinburgh Business School, increasing y...

Researchers Find A Way To Detect Narrowing Of Heart Valves Early | Posted 12.20.2011 | Home

Researchers from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland have demonstrated early detection of aortic stenosis using positron emission tomography (PET) s...

PHOTOS: Princess Anne Has A Hogwarts Moment

The Huffington Post | Ellie Krupnick | Posted 11.27.2011 | Home

The British royals take on all sorts of unexpected duties (like when we learned that Prince William is also president of the BAFTA). Princess Anne, it...