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US Gdp

Federal Reserve Board Unveils Headache-Free QE Math

Janet Tavakoli | Posted 05.09.2015 | Business
Janet Tavakoli

Do derivatives confuse you? Do you hate bond math? We feel the same way! So we simplified your life with headache free QE math. Compound rates, equivalent rates, production functions: who needs old math?

Ben Walsh

Technology Isn't Boosting Our Productivity Like It Used To | Ben Walsh | Posted 02.13.2015 | Business

We invented Facebook instead of flying cars, and that's a problem.

The Bernanke-Yellen Recovery

Harlan Green | Posted 04.09.2015 | Business
Harlan Green

This is something that Germany, instigator of the eurozone's austerity policies, has to learn if it wants to bring Europe out of its Second Great Depression; by supporting policies that will unite Europe into a greater union, rather than cause its disintegration.

Whoa! Whassup with That Big Negative Q1 GDP Revision?

Jared Bernstein | Posted 08.25.2014 | Politics
Jared Bernstein

Real GDP contracted at a 2.9 percent rate according to revised data released on Wednesday. That's contracted, as in went down. So, are we back in recession?

When is Higher Inflation Good?

Harlan Green | Posted 08.20.2014 | Money
Harlan Green

The short answer is that higher inflation comes from higher growth rates, and so when an economy expands robustly, then prices should also rise robust...

Mafia GDP

Michael Pento | Posted 08.16.2014 | Business
Michael Pento

One of the main reasons why there will be no sustained economic recovery is because the stimulus derived from the massive decline of interest rates has already accrued to the economy.

U.S. Economy Grew Faster Than We All Thought Last Quarter

Reuters | Posted 12.05.2013 | Business

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. economy grew faster than initially estimated in the third quarter as businesses aggressively accumulated stock, but un...

U.S. Economy Accelerating More Quickly Than Expected

Reuters | Posted 10.29.2013 | Business

WASHINGTON, Aug 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. economy accelerated more quickly than expected in the second quarter thanks to a surge in exports, bolsterin...

U.S. Economy Grows Unexpectedly

Reuters | Posted 07.31.2013 | Business

WASHINGTON, July 31 (Reuters) - U.S. economic growth unexpectedly accelerated in the second quarter, laying a firmer foundation for the rest of the ye...

U.S. GDP In First Quarter Worse Than Previously Announced, Exposing Austerity Folly

Mark Gongloff | Posted 08.26.2013 | Business

A dramatic downgrade of U.S. economic growth in the first quarter revealed the economy's lingering weakness, exposed the folly of Washington's austeri...

Austerity Measures Pull Down U.S. GDP

Reuters | Posted 07.30.2013 | Business

WASHINGTON, May 30 (Reuters) - A drop in government spending dragged more on the U.S. economy than initially thought in the first three months of th...

Gross Domestic Product: Grossly Incomplete, But We Can Fix It

Gernot Wagner | Posted 07.17.2013 | Green
Gernot Wagner

Up to a point, GDP does tell us important facts about people's lives, livelihoods and aspirations. Living on a dollar a day is miserable no matter how you look at it. Choking on economic growth, of course, is equally bad.

GDP Bag of Tricks

Michael Pento | Posted 06.30.2013 | Business
Michael Pento

It all comes down to this, the U.S. government will not be able to service its debt once interest rates normalize, and that will be the sad truth regardless of what voodoo tricks Washington uses to report GDP.

IMF Official: Tight Fiscal Policy Is Hurting U.S. Economic Growth

Reuters | Posted 06.16.2013 | Business

WASHINGTON, April 16 (Reuters) - The U.S. economy would likely grow as much as 2 percentage points higher this year if the government were not tighten...

The Tyranny of the Average

Jared Bernstein | Posted 05.07.2013 | Business
Jared Bernstein

The problem with historical average of revenues and outlays as shares of GDP as a guide toward the future is obvious: there have been fundamental changes in our society and economy that make it an unreliable benchmark going forward.

US GDP Data: Cause for Concern?

Peter Hall | Posted 04.15.2013 | Business
Peter Hall

As shocking as America's fourth quarter figures are, one key message rings through: underlying growth is where it's at. Know that the government and trade sectors will weigh down growth, making things look humdrum. But the rest of the U.S. economy is heating up.

Why Shouldn't the Fed Do More?

Harlan Green | Posted 04.08.2013 | Politics
Harlan Green

Isn't $3 trillion already on their books too much? Not really, when you look at what even Fed Chairman Bernanke's predecessor, wily Alan Greenspan (master of do what I say, not what I do), was able to engineer during his almost 20-year tenure. How did he do it?

Are You There, Washington? It's Me, the Shrinking Economy

Scott Paul | Posted 04.02.2013 | Politics
Scott Paul

It means a lot of transactions lost; a lot of contracts unsigned; a lot of economic activity that never took place. So what happened?

On the Negative GDP Report

Jared Bernstein | Posted 04.01.2013 | Business
Jared Bernstein

Jeez, I knew we were growing too slowly but I didn't think we were contracting. And I still don't -- not in any way that's likely to stick through revisions and incoming data.

2013: Happy New Year!

Harlan Green | Posted 03.05.2013 | Business
Harlan Green

Real (after inflation) U.S. Gross Domestic Product is up 2.5 percent from its pre-recession highs, with only China's growth rate higher since the Great Recession. This is in spite of various catastrophic events -- such as Hurricane Sandy and the debt ceiling debate yet to come.

The End of Growth

Robert Walker | Posted 01.28.2013 | Politics
Robert Walker

When environmentalists ring alarm bells about what we are doing to the Earth, most Americans hit the snooze button, but when one of the world's most respected financial analysts says that climate change and resource scarcity are imperiling economic growth, maybe it's time to wake up.

Third Quarter GDP Report: Economy Picks up a Bit, But Just a Bit

Jared Bernstein | Posted 12.26.2012 | Business
Jared Bernstein

The nation's economy expanded at an annual rate of 2 percent last quarter, according to this morning's GDP report. That's faster than last quarter's 1.3 percent and a bit above what most analysts were expecting, so that's good. But it's also just trend growth -- 2 percent is about what it takes to keep the job market pretty much where it is. I could easily write the campaign press releases: Romney/Ryan: growth too slow! Obama/Biden: 13th quarter of expansion, growth picked up from last quarter, no time to change horses (I'd add: especially when the other horse wants to run hard in the wrong direction).

Mr. President: Tweak This!

C.A. Rotwang | Posted 10.10.2012 | Politics
C.A. Rotwang

Remember, we're doing this for the children! Kids, you pay more, get less, and the program is "stronger" and more "modern." So how big are these so-called "tweaks"?

A Nation In Structural Decline

Kodjo Adadevoh | Posted 10.10.2012 | Impact
Kodjo Adadevoh

A national effort is necessary to stem the tide of a growing underclass, unaffordable tertiary education or education that is out of reach for the majority and the absence of adequate incentives to promote growth and development.

GDP, Second Quarter: First Look

Jared Bernstein | Posted 09.26.2012 | Business
Jared Bernstein

I'm less convinced by the list of usual suspects for slow economic growth. I think we're stuck in a negative cycle where weak employment suppresses incomes which suppresses consumption, investment, and growth, feeding back into weak hiring.