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Enough Already! It's Time for the West to Arm Ukraine

Carl Bildt | Posted 04.21.2015 | World
Carl Bildt

MUNICH -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel and others are clearly right when they say that there is no purely military solution to the conflict in Ukraine. But a year of talks and failed agreements has demonstrated that there is no purely diplomatic solution either.

Why Peace in Ukraine Depends on America

Georgy Bovt | Posted 04.20.2015 | World
Georgy Bovt

MOSCOW -- The less the United States is constructively involved and committed to the process of reaching a settlement, the less likely it is that a lasting peace will emerge, that the points of the Minsk agreement will get implemented and that Kiev will fulfill its obligations.

Obama's Ukraine Policy At Crossroads As Fighting Rages On

Reuters | Posted 04.11.2015 | Politics

By Warren Strobel, Matt Spetalnick and Lesley Wroughton WASHINGTON/MUNICH, Feb 8 (Reuters) - Russian-backed rebels' violent offensive ...

Ukraine Pleads For Weapons As Battles With Rebels Flare

Reuters | Posted 04.06.2015 | World

BERLIN, Feb 5 (Reuters) - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called on NATO states to send weapons to his country, saying in a newspaper interview...

Economic Success of Ukraine: A Shared Responsibility

Olga Bielkova | Posted 02.04.2015 | World
Olga Bielkova

Ukrainian politicians, myself included, have no right to let Ukrainian economy collapse. Neither does the rest of the world.

Three Ways America Should Respond to the Ukraine Crisis

Roger Myerson | Posted 02.03.2015 | World
Roger Myerson

We want the world to see that Ukraine's peaceful surrender of nuclear weapons has earned it access to conventional weapons when it truly needs them to defend its borders. The United States should inform Moscow that the flow of such equipment would stop once Russia fully implements its commitments.

Congress Pays Ukraine Lip Service, Again

Shai Franklin | Posted 11.18.2014 | World
Shai Franklin

If Congress wants more than cheerleading points for encouraging Poroshenko down the road of existential confrontation with Russia, it needs to back its applause with real dollars, for real weapons, real economic aid, and real trade concessions.

Ukraine Conflict: Red Meat for Anemic NATO Alliance

Medea Benjamin | Posted 11.08.2014 | Politics
Medea Benjamin

Why be distracted by a ceasefire, or put energy into promoting a non-violent solution to the conflict in Ukraine? NATO, after all, is a military alliance and, as the saying goes, when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

U.S. Plans To Train, Arm Ukraine Forces

Reuters | Posted 10.01.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON, Aug 1 (Reuters) - The Obama administration has notified Congress of its plans to train and arm the Ukrainian national guard next year, t...

Report: New Sanctions To Target Putin's 'Cronies'

Reuters | Posted 06.25.2014 | World

(Updates with sanctions and Russian aircraft, paragraphs 1-2, 5-9) * Separatists seize international mediators * Lavrov...

Lannisters in Foggy Bottom

Dinkar Jain | Posted 06.16.2014 | Politics
Dinkar Jain

It is fine if Americans want to retire from their role in world policing, but juvenile and impractical interventions like the one in Ukraine or the sudden abdication of responsibility like in Syria are inexcusable.

U.S. To Send Additional Military Support To Ukraine

Reuters | Posted 06.17.2014 | World

By Phil Stewart and Missy Ryan WASHINGTON, April 17 (Reuters) - The United States said on Thursday it would send Ukraine's armed force...

Obama: 'Ukrainians Shouldn't Have To Choose Between The West And Russia'

The Huffington Post | Posted 03.20.2014 | Politics

President Barack Obama made new comments on the situation in Ukraine on Thursday, announcing the U.S. is moving "to impose additional costs on Russia....

Obama Gives Statement On Ukraine

Posted 03.20.2014 | Politics

President Barack Obama will give a statement on Ukraine Thursday. Obama will speak from the White House at 11 a.m. See Obama's statement above....

Paul Blumenthal

U.S. Aid To Ukraine Flows Though Opaque Groups | Paul Blumenthal | Posted 03.07.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- As the United States readies $1 billion in loan guarantees to the new government in Ukraine, along with even more aid for reforming elec...

Obama Consults Merkel On Ukraine, Will Not Participate In G8 Summit

Reuters | Posted 03.05.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON, March 4 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama spoke to German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday about the situation in Ukraine and discus...

Western Options In Ukraine Present Diplomatic Challenges

Agence France Presse | | Posted 05.04.2014 | World

Western powers seeking to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine face a major diplomatic challenge after Russia's intervention in Crimea placed them on the...

Emily Swanson

Few Americans Want The United States Involved In Ukraine Crisis | Emily Swanson | Posted 03.03.2014 | Politics

Few Americans want the United States getting involved in policing the political turmoil in Ukraine, a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds, even though a pl...

U.S. Says It's Preparing Sanctions Against Russia Over Ukraine

Reuters | Posted 05.03.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON, March 3 (Reuters) - The United States has a broad range of options available to it to act against Russia if tensions over Ukraine escala...