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Virgin Unite

The Most important Pet and Planetary Advice You'll Read This Year

Barbara E. Royal, D.V.M. | Posted 03.06.2017 | Green
Barbara E. Royal, D.V.M.

My Top three ways to save your pets and save the world. At my clinic I see a different person nearly every 20 minutes. I am often impressed by my cli...

Inspiring Others Through Academia and Philanthropy: A Conversation with Anthony Nobles

Mike Ragogna | Posted 03.01.2016 | Technology
Mike Ragogna

Anthony Nobles is one of the medical-device pioneers of our time, with more medical-device patents to his name than virtually any other individual.

Richard Branson: Meeting the Man Behind the Brand

Margie Warrell | Posted 08.03.2016 | Business
Margie Warrell

Sir Richard Branson has been called all these and many more. So when I got an invitation to spend five days with him on his private Caribbean island it was an easy Yes! When I was later asked if I'd interview him for a special Q&A session, I was even more excited (though a little bit nervous too!)

Poets Help Give Underfunded Schools A Voice With Spoken Word Workshops

The Huffington Post | Cameron Keady | Posted 05.01.2015 | Good News

A team of young poets is bringing spoken word to kids that deserve a voice. Project Voice -- a team of educators and writers -- performs spoken wo...

The Future of Work Is 100% Human

Jean Oelwang | Posted 05.03.2015 | Home
Jean Oelwang

What a brilliant opportunity we have to reinvent the world of work to deliver an abundance of meaningful jobs within an environment that is 100% human.

3 Tips to Develop a Growth Mindset (Even When It's -15)

Mark W. Guay | Posted 04.19.2015 | Business
Mark W. Guay

Here are three tips to develop a growth mindset no matter how far you venture in your goals.

Meet the Multi-Generational Workforce

Benjamin Hay | Posted 04.01.2015 | Business
Benjamin Hay

To drive important change will require a new approach and style of leadership, as we move from more autocratic traditional models of authority to more collaborative styles that believes in the power of the collective team.

My Language of Business

Jean Oelwang | Posted 04.01.2015 | Impact
Jean Oelwang

So why do we use very different language in business than in our personal lives?

Shining the Spotlight on Sanitation

Sasha Kramer | Posted 06.22.2014 | Impact
Sasha Kramer

Gone are the days of sanitation languishing in the shadows while other basic human needs take the spotlight.

We Live in an Age of Entrepreneurship and Imagination

Jean Oelwang | Posted 06.01.2014 | Impact
Jean Oelwang

We have work to do to make the world a better place for all, but entrepreneurs' energy and ideas are a vital force in getting us there.

4 Ways our Investment Business is Giving Back

Shannon Sedgwick Davis | Posted 05.31.2014 | Impact
Shannon Sedgwick Davis

The vision was to build a company that not only cared passionately about its investors and their returns, but one that cared deeply about each other and the world around us.

Machines, Old Age and Finding Meaningful Work

Mark Griffiths | Posted 05.28.2014 | Technology
Mark Griffiths

In these worlds there is a sense that the question of meaningful work is something to wrestle with alongside high-end ideas, awesome creativity and intellectual playfulness.

Joy at Work?!

Michelle Pomorski | Posted 05.27.2014 | Technology
Michelle Pomorski

Several times I found myself thinking, "This is common sense, and yet, this is brilliant..."I knew that no matter what, I HAD to be a part of it.

5 Tips on How to Support Healthy, Engaged Employees

Chris Boyce | Posted 05.26.2014 | Impact
Chris Boyce

No matter your industry, your employees are your company's real competitive advantage. They're the ones making the magic happen -- so long as their needs are being met.

Warning: Your Workplace Can Improve By Adding Joy. Yes, I said Joy

Guy Kawasaki | Posted 05.26.2014 | Business
Guy Kawasaki

Tear down towers of knowledge. One person shouldn't be so integral to your organization that they can't go on vacation or has to be on-call all the time. While these could seem like job security, ultimately, it's too much pressure on one person and the infrastructure.

Madeleine Lewis: How to Thrive and Create Joy at Work

Madeleine Lewis | Posted 05.25.2014 | Healthy Living
Madeleine Lewis

Given that most of us spend a large number of those days at work, work comes to color and shape our lives as a whole.

Making Work More Productive

Richard Branson | Posted 05.24.2014 | Impact
Richard Branson

All of these innovations could be replicated by many companies all over the world and there's good reason to do so -- it's good for business.

Let's Stop the Glorification of Busy

Guy Kawasaki | Posted 05.23.2014 | Business
Guy Kawasaki

Our two main metrics for success are money and power, and they drive us to work longer hours, sleep with our phones and tablets, miss important moments with our families and impacts our health. Arianna proposes a third metric for success: thriving.

LOOK: Ways To Give Back On Nelson Mandela Day

The Huffington Post | Nader Salass | Posted 07.17.2013 | Impact

In honor of Mandela Day this Thursday, activists and organizations are encouraging people to find ways to serve others. Mandela's foundation asked ...

Q&A With Sir Richard Branson: Dialogues on the Environment

Mark Tercek | Posted 07.28.2013 | Green
Mark Tercek

"It started with a phone call from Al Gore while I was in the bath. He wanted to show me An Inconvenient Truth, and his poignant and elegant reduction of these issues really struck a chord with myself as an interested non-expert."

My Afternoon With Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan

Suza Scalora | Posted 12.06.2012 | Home
Suza Scalora

Her Majesty Queen Noor embodies the spirit of generously, kindness and compassion. An American woman, who married the King of Jordan, did not see differences between the people of her new country and herself.

Richard Branson Really Likes This Company

The Huffington Post | Alicia Ciccone | Posted 05.14.2012 | Small Business

Sir Richard Branson continued his shred of the status quo on Monday, by crowning a winner of the 2012 "Screw Business As Usual" competition, which att...

From One Virgin, Countless Social Entrepreneurs Are Born

Marc Stoiber | Posted 05.27.2012 | Impact
Marc Stoiber

In holiday destinations like the Caribbean, authentic experiences are becoming the new currency. But local entrepreneurs with great ideas seldom have access to the capital, training or leadership skills that would give their innovations the credibility tourism operators demand.

Follow Our Entrepreneur Summit In Jamaica With Our Live Twitter Feed

The Huffington Post | Rod Kurtz | Posted 02.01.2012 | Small Business

We're joining forces with Virgin Unite for a first-of-its-kind summit at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship! Twelve members of our Board of Direct...

A First-Of-Its Kind Summit For Entrepreneurs

The Huffington Post | Alicia Ciccone | Posted 02.01.2012 | Small Business

In an effort to promote mentorship and foster an ongoing dialogue about the state of entrepreneurship, HuffPost Small Business and Virgin Unite will j...