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Obama's DOJ Fought Texas Voter ID Law. Trump's New Civil Rights Chief Offered Tips On Writing It.

DOJ Asks For Delay In Voter ID Case Hours After Trump Becomes President

Obama Says Voting Barriers Are Directly Linked To Jim Crow And Slavery

Supreme Court Halts Special North Carolina Election Meant To Fix Racially Drawn Districts

Jeff Sessions Calls Voting Rights Act 'Intrusive'

Texas City Found In Violation Of Voting Rights Act

Voter Fraud Isn't A Problem In Iowa, But Republican Pushes An ID Law Anyway

Jeff Sessions' Voting Rights Record Is So Bad That Common Cause Will Oppose Him

Feds, Alabama Reach Deal To Ensure Greater Access To Driver's Licenses

North Carolina Republicans Lost An Election, So Now They're Trying To Undermine The Results

Michigan Republicans Trying To Pass A Voter ID Bill For No Reason

Supreme Court Wants To Know How Much Race And Politics Can Mix In Gerrymandering

North Carolina NAACP Fights Back Against Lawsuit Disenfranchising Black Voters

Here's A Look Inside Election Protection Efforts In North Carolina

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