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Judge Rejects GOP Effort To Send Extra Poll Watchers To Philadelphia

Illinois Conservative Group Denies Sitting On People's Ballot Applications

Pro-Trump Group Racks Up Volunteer 'Poll Watchers' Even As Lawsuits Allege Voter Intimidation

Black Voter Turnout So Far Is Not Good For Hillary Clinton

Today's 'Voter Fraud' Efforts Recall Infamous 1990 Attempt To Deter Black Vote

North Carolina NAACP Sues State Over Voter Suppression

Most Americans Think Voting Should Be Easy

Someone Was Actually Arrested For In-Person Voter Fraud. She's A Trump Supporter.

Oath Keepers Founder Says 'Undercover' Poll Watching Effort Won't Intimidate Voters

Trump-Linked Voter Intimidation Group Releases Fake Script For 'Citizen Journalists'

This Is What Actual Voter Suppression Looks Like, And It's Appalling

Justin Timberlake Broke The Law With His Ballot Selfie (UPDATE)

Trump Loyalists Planned Voter Intimidation Using Fake ID Badges, Fake Exit Polling -- Until HuffPost Asked Them About It

67,000 Virginia Ex-Felons Just Got Their Voting Rights Back. This Man Wants To Make Sure They Keep Them.

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