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Vulture Funds

5 Things You Should Know As Puerto Rico Confronts Its Unpayable Debt

The Huffington Post | Daniel Marans | Posted 06.30.2016 | Politics

Puerto Rico's Government Development Bank defaulted on most of a $422 million debt payment that came due on Sunday, once again casting a spotlight on ...

The Political Economy of Argentina's Settlement With the Vulture Funds

Mark Weisbrot | Posted 03.14.2016 | World
Mark Weisbrot

After 15 years of court battles, injunctions, smear campaigns, lobbying, and other interventions, the vulture funds have finally won a tentative agreement with the new Argentine government.

Elizabeth Warren And Bernie Sanders Embarrass Hapless Vulture Fund Investors

The Huffington Post | Zach Carter | Posted 10.23.2015 | Politics

EmbedContent(56295182e4b0ec0a3893df59,,Embed,aolon,Some({})) WASHINGTON -- Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) called on the f...

Who Shot Argentina? A Washington Murder Mystery

Mark Weisbrot | Posted 08.26.2014 | Politics
Mark Weisbrot

The U.S. government did not file an amicus brief with the Supreme Court, despite its filing in the appellate case. And -- here is the big mystery -- neither did the IMF, even though it has publicly expressed concerns about the impact of that ruling.

Zach Carter

You Didn't Even Know These Wall Streeters Were Ripping You Off | Zach Carter | Posted 05.09.2014 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Private equity firms are routinely ripping off their clients, harming pension funds, universities and charitable foundations, according ...

Christina Wilkie

Vulture Capitalists Circle Over Washington | Christina Wilkie | Posted 06.20.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Argentina's 2001 foreign debt default, now a subject for history and economics textbooks, is still playing out in the pages of Washingto...

Africa and Latin America Still Fight Vulture Funds

Hector Timerman | Posted 01.14.2013 | World
Hector Timerman

Vulture funds abuse the system, acquiring distressed debt in secondary markets to multiply profits at the expense of the poor and weak. While the practices originated in South America, the method has increasingly been used to target African countries.

Jason Linkins

Some Of Your Taxpayer Assets Will Be Sold Off To 'Vulture Funds,' In Case You Were Interested | Jason Linkins | Posted 10.25.2011 | Politics

Hey, everybody! Time now to check what's going on with that giant portfolio of foreclosed-upon homes that we, as taxpayers, own. Did you forget that we owned a giant portfolio of foreclosed-upon homes?

We Must Stop the "Vulture Funds" That Feed on the World's Poor

Johann Hari | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Johann Hari

For small sums, vulture funds buy debts racked up years ago by the poorest countries on earth. Then they take the poor country to court, and demand exorbitant and crippling returns from the debtor nations.

Marketing for Grownups: Selling the Rescue Plan

Alan Fein | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Alan Fein

Bush noted that the effect of just Monday's drop in the market capitalization of the stock market was in excess of $1 trillion -- that's right, more than the $700 billion "bailout."