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Wage Growth

Activists Counter Federal Reserve Gathering With Push Against Interest Rate Hikes

The Huffington Post | Daniel Marans | Posted 08.27.2015 | Politics

Progressive activists and economists who want the Federal Reserve to prioritize jobs and racial justice brought their case to the central banker...

Steady Job Growth Is Still Not Boosting Workers' Pay, New Numbers Show

The Huffington Post | Daniel Marans | Posted 08.07.2015 | Business

The July jobs report released Friday morning show the economy producing jobs at a steady pace. While the gains increase the likelihood that the ...

The Fed Just Inched Closer To Raising Interest Rates

The Huffington Post | Daniel Marans | Posted 07.29.2015 | Business

The Federal Reserve announced on Wednesday that it will keep interest rates at or near zero for now, but implied it would soon raise them, alarming l...

Will the Recovery Finally Translate into Better Wages?

Robert Kuttner | Posted 04.10.2015 | Politics
Robert Kuttner

The good news about the economy's improved job creation dominated the weekend's headlines. Many commentators concluded that the economy is finally shaking off the effects of the financial collapse of 2008 and the long period of stagnation that followed. But the one-year increase in wages has been only 2.2 percent, barely more than 1 percent when adjusted for inflation, and it's been a long time since most workers have seen substantial raises. In this recovery, the economy has been creating more low-wage jobs than high-wage ones. The shift from standard payroll jobs to temp and contract work continues. The uptick in the measured unemployment rate suggests that discouraged workers are only just coming back into the labor force and we are a long way from full employment. Even at the present rate of improved job creation, it will be 2017 before we get back to the pre-recession level of unemployment.

This Map Reveals Just How Unequal The So-Called Recovery Is

The Huffington Post | Emily Cohn | Posted 01.26.2015 | Business

In his State of the Union address last week, President Barack Obama cheered rising wages. What he didn't mention is that much of the income gained sin...

What Obama Didn't Say About Rising Wages

Reuters | Posted 03.23.2015 | Business

Multiple government surveys suggest income growth remains much slower than before the 2007-09 recession.

Buy the Numbers? Our Confounding and Insufficient Government Statistics

Frank Islam | Posted 08.18.2014 | Politics
Frank Islam

We currently have a national system of leading indicators that does not include or count important things that can be counted. We need one that does.

A Simple Solution To America's Woes: Huge Raises

The Huffington Post | Emily Cohn | Posted 06.05.2014 | Business

There may be a simple solution to many of the country's most urgent problems: Give U.S. workers a raise. A very big raise. Stagnant hourly wages ar...

When Work Does Not Work

Max Fraad Wolff | Posted 03.25.2014 | Business
Max Fraad Wolff

Sure, the headline unemployment rate has fallen to 6.7 percent. This means we officially had 10.4 million people actively looking for work and not finding it in December 2013.

Wage Growth Is At 50-Year Lows, Fueling The Corporate-Profit Boom

The Huffington Post | Mark Gongloff | Posted 01.23.2014 | Business

We all know American wages are too low and growing too slowly. But it took Goldman Sachs, of all things, to point out just how historically bad wage g...

Faster Inflation Would Help...Really!

Jared Bernstein | Posted 12.27.2013 | Business
Jared Bernstein

If such persistently low inflation is a symptom of weak growth, it's not exactly obvious that faster inflation itself would lead to improved growth rates. Isn't this mistaking an outcome variable for an input variable? In fact, there are various ways in which higher inflation can help at a time like this.

One Big Reason To Worry Your Bachelor's Degree Isn't Enough

The Huffington Post | Jillian Berman | Posted 08.21.2013 | Business

Those with advanced degrees have experience substantial wage growth over the last 10 years. The same can't be said for people holding only bachelor's ...

Caroline Fairchild

The Surprising Industry With Huge Wage Growth | Caroline Fairchild | Posted 01.09.2013 | Business

Despite recent budgetary concerns surrounding the so-called fiscal cliff, U.S. wages appear to be growing -- even in industries where you wouldn’t e...

No U.S. Skills Gap? Really?

Sarah A. Webster | Posted 02.03.2013 | Small Business
Sarah A. Webster

Seventy-four percent of respondents in one survey indicated that workforce shortages or skills deficiencies in skilled production roles are having a significant impact on their ability to expand operations or improve productivity.

So Much For 'Revenge Of The Nerds'

The Huffington Post | Caroline Fairchild | Posted 10.22.2012 | Money

Looks like the popular kids from high school are getting the last laugh after all. A fresh look at data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study -- a...

12 Cities Where You Can Count On Getting A Raise

The Huffington Post | James Sunshine | Posted 07.14.2012 | Business

Wages aren't falling everywhere in America -- quite the opposite in some cities. Over the last year, average wages actually rose in the 20 largest...

10 States Where Wages Are Falling

The Huffington Post | James Sunshine | Posted 07.04.2012 | Business

If you were expecting a raise from your boss, think again. Sure, the job market sort of picked up at the end of last year, but Americans' wages ac...

Arthur Delaney

Are You Earning Less Than You Used To? | Arthur Delaney | Posted 05.03.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON -- American workers are earning more money than they used to, but the rate of wage growth has been slowing down since the Great Recession t...

Arthur Delaney

Recovery Bummer: New Jobs Pay Less Than Jobs Lost In Recession | Arthur Delaney | Posted 09.25.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON -- The Great Recession destroyed all kinds of jobs, but the not-so-great recovery has so far replaced the lowest-paying jobs at a much fast...

Amy Lee

Some On Wall Street May Go Without Bonuses This Year | Amy Lee | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Not everyone on Wall Street will see a six-figure bonus this season. In fact, some employees won't receive any bonus at all. According to the New Yo...

Overworked and Underpaid? Productivity Increases, but Wage Growth Declines

Akito Yoshikane | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Akito Yoshikane

Household income for the average working family has continued to fall, but men, Latinos and those without a college education have experienced an especially sharp deceleration of wage growth since the recession

That Joke About Intergenerational Equity

Dean Baker | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Dean Baker

If there were ever any doubt about the absurdity of Washington economic policy debates, it was eliminated with the release of the 2010 Social Security and Medicare Trustees reports.

Arthur Delaney

Unemployment Rate Hits 9.7 Percent As Economy Sheds 216,000 Jobs In August | Arthur Delaney | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

The national unemployment rate rose to 9.7 percent -- the highest level since June 1983 -- as the U.S. economy shed 216,000 jobs in August, the govern...

Health Care Costs: Eroding Your Wages

The Atlantic Business Channel | By Derek Thompson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

This amazing graph bouncing around the web is the most striking example of why health care reform isn't just about reforming care. It's about reformin...

Employers Slashing Hours, Resorting To Once-Unthinkable Wage Cuts

Washington Post | Annys Shin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Across the country, workers' earnings are stagnating or, in some cases, declining. For many Americans, the setbacks are all the more troubling because...