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Wedding Stress

Bridezilla Be Gone! 4 Signs To Watch For When Planning Your Wedding Day

Melissa Escaro | Posted 08.11.2016 | Weddings
Melissa Escaro

Weddings can be stressful, but they don't have to be. Missed expectations can lead to ruining the best relationships with the people who were there for you to support you on your best day. If you find yourself shifting towards bridezilla mode, it's not too late.

When Brides Attack -- 5 Tips For Dealing With a Bridezilla

Tammy Eckert | Posted 05.06.2016 | Weddings
Tammy Eckert

She might be your fiancée, sister, best friend or daughter. You love her and want nothing but the best for her and her dream wedding. You were ecstatic when you found out she was engaged, but now, well let's just say when you see her number come up on your call display, a sense of dread washes over you.

I Gave Back the Ring, But Kept the Dress

JoAnn Kim | Posted 04.29.2016 | Weddings
JoAnn Kim

For nearly a year, I wore those three months of salary on my hand as we shuttled to and from various wedding related appointments. Proof that my fiancé loved me. Or that advertising works. It was a cold, glimmering 1.3 carat reminder that something didn't feel quite right.

5 Ways to Ease Your Wedding Stress

Leila Lewis | Posted 04.08.2016 | Weddings
Leila Lewis

Weddings are beautiful, exciting, emotional, and joyous why is it that it can also be synonymous with stress?

Signs You Are Too Stressed About Your Wedding

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway | Posted 04.07.2016 | Weddings
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful. Sometimes it takes on the tone of a family crisis, because many emotions arise during this time, and people put so many demands on the bride.

Yes, Wedding Planning Is Stressful -- But Not For The Reason You Think

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Shapiro | Posted 02.25.2016 | Weddings

It’s common knowledge that planning a wedding is no easy feat. Between finding a venue, coming up with a guest list and orchestrating bridal showers...

5 Things To Know Before Publishing Your Wedding

Kristin Joy | Posted 12.18.2015 | Weddings
Kristin Joy

Not every wedding can be published on the pages of the elite, even if yours is Martha or SMP-caliber. Luckily, having worked in the bridal publishing industry, I've learned a thing or two about what goes on in the editor's room and how they select what is worthy of publishing.

Infuse Wedding Planning With Positive Energy

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway | Posted 09.04.2015 | Weddings
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Weddings represent a major life event that, along with the inherent joy, can bring out the dark side of even your closest, most loving friends and relatives.

6 Easy Ways to Deal With Wedding Jitters

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway | Posted 03.25.2015 | Weddings
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

It is important to recognize that on this very significant day, in this amazing moment in time, every emotion of the entire wedding journey may surface... and that's okay.

The Holidays vs. Your Wedding

Liz Coopersmith | Posted 02.04.2015 | Weddings
Liz Coopersmith

Two weeks before Thanksgiving, I found out that the current number of Mrs. Coopersmiths would soon be increased by one -- my husband's little brother got engaged. Yay! But then I looked at the calendar again and frowned. Two weeks before Thanksgiving. Seven weeks before New Years.

Bridal Coaching: The Newest Wedding Vendor Niche as Emotional Meltdowns Rise

Sandy Malone | Posted 01.04.2015 | Weddings
Sandy Malone

Most of us will seek out professional counseling or therapy at some point in our lives. So why wouldn't a bride-in-distress get counseling for whatever's got her so worked up during her engagement period?

Surrender to Wedding La-La Land

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway | Posted 10.06.2014 | Weddings
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Although it is perfectly natural to worry how you will get through your wedding ceremony -- with all eyes on you -- I am here to tell you that it may not be as stressful as your fears have led you to believe!

5 Simple Solutions To Bridal Stress

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway | Posted 09.27.2014 | Weddings
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Our culture places a tremendous emphasis on having a great wedding and not enough focus on having an awesome marriage. It's okay to be temporarily obsessed and to yearn for the perfect wedding, but you have to keep your eye on what's truly important.

6 People Who Will Stress You Out On Your Wedding Day

Posted 06.28.2014 | Weddings

By Kim Fusaro for Glamour Welcome to your wedding day! With the stress of planning behind you, you might think the big day will be easy-breezy, and...

How to Turn Wedding Stress Into Wedding Bliss

Debbie Gisonni | Posted 07.01.2014 | Weddings
Debbie Gisonni

Wedding season is in full swing, but often the big event that is supposed to be filled with love and happiness is consumed with stress and guilt for the blissful couple. It doesn't and shouldn't have to be that way.

A Letter to the Divorced Parents of the Bride and/or Groom

JP Reynolds | Posted 05.29.2014 | Weddings
JP Reynolds

Not all "my parents are divorced" stories are tragic. But then there are the other stories -- stories of unhealed hurt and bitterness that propel people into saying and doing things that are astounding.

8 Ways To De-Stress During Wedding Planning

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway | Posted 05.13.2014 | Weddings
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Consider connecting with other brides. No one understands better than someone in the same "sorority."

How To Avoid Fighting About The Big Day

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway | Posted 04.02.2014 | Weddings
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Here's a little exercise for clearing the air if you ever find yourself annoyed with each other, unloving toward each other, or stuck in a wedding planning rut.

Hilarious Couple Shows Us It's TOO Easy To Cut Your Wedding Guest List

Posted 01.25.2014 | Weddings

Trying to narrow down your wedding guest list may seem like an impossible task at first. Consider all of the family, friends, family friends, neighbor...

10 New Year's Resolutions For The Newly Engaged

Xochitl Gonzalez | Posted 03.01.2014 | Weddings
Xochitl Gonzalez

Somewhere, personalizing a wedding got confused with slapping a monogram on anything that was markable, and replicating every cute idea seen around the blogosphere.

How To Deal With The Most Annoying Type Of Wedding Guest

Posted 11.25.2013 | Weddings

The rules of wedding etiquette are constantly changing, making it difficult for modern brides, grooms and guests to find up-to-date and correct inform...

Men Find Wedding Planning More Stressful Than Women, Survey Says

Posted 11.07.2013 | Weddings

Brides-to-be are typically the ones to take on most of the wedding planning responsibilities, but it turns out that men find the process more stressfu...

The Wedding Guest No Bride Wants To Deal With

Posted 09.30.2013 | Weddings

The rules of wedding etiquette are constantly changing, making it difficult for modern brides, grooms and guests to find up-to-date and correct inform...

The 12 Hardest Things About Planning A Wedding

Posted 09.05.2013 | Weddings

Planning a wedding can be exciting and fun, but anyone who says it's easy probably isn't telling the truth. Over the weekend, we asked our followe...

Honeymoon Planning Advice You Can Actually Use

Posted 08.15.2013 | Weddings

During the stressful wedding planning process, the light at the end of the tunnel for many brides and grooms (besides a wonderful wedding day, of cour...