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Weekend Roundup 28

Weekend Roundup: America's Top Strategic Priority Should Be 'Reopening' to China

Nathan Gardels | Posted 10.08.2014 | World
Nathan Gardels

Writing from Vladivostok, Artyom Lukin sketches a scenario for The WorldPost of where we might end up 20 years from now -- World War III-lite -- if we continue on the present track. As often in history, seemingly unrelated events on opposite sides of the globe can converge to determine the long course of destiny. As Lukin outlines, such an inadvertent convergence is taking place before our eyes. Long before the Ukraine crisis erupted and Putin took off the Russian gloves, the Obama administration announced a "pivot" to Asia that China sees as an effort to contain its rise, leading in turn to a more assertive nationalism under President Xi Jinping. This, combined with tough new Western sanctions against the Putin regime, however justified, is pushing China and Russia together into a new anti-Western bloc. To make the world safe for interdependence, the top strategic priority for the U.S. must be a "reopening to China" to once again undercut the foundations of that bloc, just as Richard Nixon did (vis-à-vis the then Soviet Union) in 1972. (continued)