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Defending the Social Safety Net

Curtis Skinner, Ph.D. | Posted 11.05.2012 | Politics
Curtis Skinner, Ph.D.

2012-08-28-scblog2.pngWhile some states have responded by enacting damaging cuts to work supports for low-income families, other states with equal or greater fiscal shortfalls have found ways to balance their budgets without compromising their safety nets.

Whoopie Pies, Capital Hill and fiscal integrity

The Crimson White | Posted 11.04.2012 | College
The Crimson White

It's about dignity. How can we expect our elected officials to be accountable for the choices they make with our taxpayer money if we as citizens can't even hold ourselves accountable for the actions we take with money that's essentially been gifted to us?

Why Are/Aren't Social Security and Medicare Worthwhile Programs?

Quora | Posted 11.03.2012 | Politics

This question originally appeared on Quora. By Gary Teal, Republican The campaign is on, so to speak. I'm shifting into fighting mode, but I hope ...

Mendacity of Hope

Joe Peyronnin | Posted 11.03.2012 | Politics
Joe Peyronnin

The Republicans gained little momentum for their presidential ticket coming out of the GOP convention in Tampa last week. In fact, the most memorable moment of the convention was Clint Eastwood's chat with the "Invisible Man."

A Change of Pace On The Other Side of The River

Daniel Simon | Posted 10.29.2012 | Politics
Daniel Simon

Yesterday I decided to take a step away from the Beltway mentality that has consumed the convention center to see how people on the other side of the ...

The Biblical Role Of Government

Jim Wallis | Posted 08.29.2012 | Religion
Jim Wallis

2012-08-28-scblog2.pngThe government is responsible for protecting poor people and helping reduce poverty. Agree or disagree?

A Poverty Of Imagination

Joseph Loconte, Ph.D. | Posted 10.27.2012 | Religion
Joseph Loconte, Ph.D.

The liberal conceit is to believe that government action translates into "compassion" for the poor. By arguing this way, liberals fail to understand the nature and depth of human need.

The Hard Truth About Romney's Republican Party

Robert L. Borosage | Posted 10.29.2012 | Politics
Robert L. Borosage

Behind the multi-million dollar stage in Tampa, beneath the glittery "reintroduction" of Mitt Romney as a pragmatic business guy, lies this "hard truth." And with record numbers in poverty, Mitt's promise is to savage vital programs for the vulnerable.

Michael McAuliff

Utah Governor Won't Back Romney's False Welfare Claim | Michael McAuliff | Posted 08.27.2012 | Politics

TAMPA, Fla. -- One of the Republican governors who sought waivers to welfare's work requirements said Monday he doesn't like the way the Obama adminis...

A World of Hillbilly Heroin

Chris Hedges | Posted 10.21.2012 | Books
Chris Hedges

Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in West Virginia, and the state leads the country in fatal drug overdoses. OxyContin -- nicknamed "hillbilly heroin" -- is king.

Arthur Delaney

Safety Net Not A 'Hammock' For One Formerly Middle Class Woman | Arthur Delaney | Posted 08.21.2012 | Politics

Falling out of the middle class and landing in the safety net is not as fun as some politicians say it is, according to Tanya Wells of Williamsburg, V...

Obama To Romney: 'You Can't Just Make Stuff Up'

The Huffington Post | Arthur Delaney | Posted 08.20.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- During a surprise appearance in the White House Briefing Room on Monday, President Barack Obama responded to Republican challenger Mitt ...

Romney Campaign Releases Another False Welfare Ad

The Huffington Post | Arthur Delaney | Posted 08.20.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has released a new TV advertisement falsely claiming President Barack Obama has ended work requireme...

Romney's Race-Baiting Welfare Ads

Mark Hannah | Posted 10.19.2012 | Media
Mark Hannah

At the same time that Mitt Romney's surrogates were pretending to be outraged over Joe Biden's "chains" comment, the Romney campaign was trying out some of the most racially tinged attack lines since the Bush camp accused John McCain of secretly having an illegitimate black child back in 2000.

How Romney Gets Away With Playing The Welfare Card

The New Republic | Posted 10.15.2012 | Politics

It so happens that when Mitt Romney came to Ohio yesterday that I was able to catch one of his appearances, speaking to hundreds of coal miners in Bea...

Just the Facts: Obama's Welfare-to-Work Plan

Deborah Weinstein | Posted 10.13.2012 | Politics
Deborah Weinstein

Poor parents need jobs. The proportion of all single mothers who are employed has been going down for about a decade. If states can design plans that lead to steady work at decent pay, that sounds like a good thing. Doesn't it?

The Gravy Trainwreck

Daniel P. Malito | Posted 10.13.2012 | Politics
Daniel P. Malito

Come on with me and take a trip back in time to see just how much we spent at some of the worst times in this country's history.

Hating The Poor: Romney's Pitch To Mean-Spirited Voters

Peter S. Goodman | Posted 10.13.2012 | Business
Peter S. Goodman

Mitt Romney would like you to know that he thinks poor people are con artists who don't want to work, and he is intent on protecting you, the taxpayer, from underwriting their depraved lifestyle.

Ryan Roadmap STILL a Roadmap to Ruin for Social Security

Christine Pelosi | Posted 10.10.2012 | Politics
Christine Pelosi

Embracing Paul Ryan's vision now is not only a gamble for Mitt Romney, whose flip-flop from Massachusetts moderate to severe conservative would give our Olympic gymnasts a run for their gold medals, but an unacceptable risk for millions of American families who need the benefits they've earned. 

Struggling States Look To Charities For Welfare Help

Posted 08.10.2012 | Business

Faced with tight budgets and needy residents, state governments are increasingly turning to third parties like charities to keep their funding commitm...

Why Romney's Desperate Welfare Attacks Won't Work

Jonathan Weiler | Posted 10.10.2012 | Politics
Jonathan Weiler

The Romney campaign's particularly scurrilous and misplaced attack against Obama on the issue of welfare is more likely to serve as another reminder of Romney's inability to speak relevantly to the concerns of typical Americans than anything else.

Romney Campaign Insists They Have 'High Ground' In Increasingly Nasty Campaign

The Huffington Post | Jon Ward | Posted 08.10.2012 | Politics

BOSTON - Advisers to Mitt Romney on Friday said that President Barack Obama has diminished the presidency with his attacks on the presumptive Republic...

Political Propaganda: "100 Million Receiving Welfare"

Jane Devin | Posted 10.09.2012 | Politics
Jane Devin

While some may call it "leftist" of me (I'm actually a moderate) to point out that it was created by Republicans, the fact is that right now they're desperate to win and willing, it seems, to do so by creating distortions and spreading misinformation.

Newt Gingrich Admits 'No Proof' Of Romney Ad Welfare Claim

The Huffington Post | Arthur Delaney | Posted 08.09.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Newt Gingrich admitted Wednesday evening that Mitt Romney's presidential campaign has no evidence the Obama administration dropped work ...

States, Feds Skimp on Traditional Welfare Spending

David Vognar | Posted 10.08.2012 | Politics
David Vognar

It is no surprise that spending on basic assistance declined dramatically in the 15 years since welfare reform became law, as this was one of the aims of the law.