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School Does Laundry For Kids Who Miss School Simply Due To Dirty Clothes

The Huffington Post | Elyse Wanshel | Posted 08.16.2016 | Good News

One principal refused to fold. When Dr. Melody Gunn, the former principal of Gibson Elementary School in St. Louis, Missouri noticed that some student...

A Guy's Tech Show From a Woman's Perspective

Robin Raskin | Posted 02.10.2017 | Technology
Robin Raskin

It's not breaking news that CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas is the equivalent of a frat party for the tech industry. The male/female ratio resembles the grandstands at a football game.

TPP Would Further Emasculate America

Leo W. Gerard | Posted 02.07.2017 | Politics
Leo W. Gerard

NAFTA and the TPP are giant greenbacks for multinational corporations. CEOs close U.S. factories, destroy the lives of American workers and collect bigger profits as a result of the less-than-subsistence wages they pay foreign labor.

Electrolux To Buy GE's Appliances Business For $3.3 Billion

Reuters | Posted 09.08.2014 | Business

(Reuters) - Sweden's Electrolux (ELUXb.ST) said on Monday it would buy General Electric Co's (GE.N) appliances business for $3.3 billion in cash to do...

Lego Thinking: Key to Futureproofing?

Marc Stoiber | Posted 06.12.2013 | Impact
Marc Stoiber

The key to futureproofing is creating a brand that fulfills your customer's higher order needs. Things like meaning, authenticity, self-fulfillment an...

LOOK: Insane Whirlpool Off Australian Beach

The Huffington Post | Andres Jauregui | Posted 05.14.2013 | Green

Anyone who has been caught in a rip current knows how scary it can be, but seen from a unique perspective, (not to mention a safe distance) this one i...

WATCH: 'Monstrous' Whirlpool Devours All That Enters

The Huffington Post | Ryan Grenoble | Posted 04.26.2013 | Green

In 1841, Edgar Allan Poe referred to a maelstrom, or powerful whirlpool in the ocean, as a "whole sea ... lashed into ungovernable fury." Now 172 ...

5 Dangers Awaiting You At The Nail Salon

The Huffington Post | Dana Oliver | Posted 10.11.2012 | Style

I look forward to my Saturday afternoons in the pedicure chair. However, an unforeseeable prick with cuticle clippers or bruising from a foot file can...

Serial Job Killers Identified -- Can We Stop Them?

Curtis Ellis | Posted 01.08.2012 | Business
Curtis Ellis

As Whirlpool closes its Arkansas plant and dumps American workers, CEO Jeff Fettig uses Wall Street's mind-numbing jargon to anaesthetize listeners to the deep wounds he is inflicting.

Astoria Characters: The Man to the Mansion Born

Nancy Ruhling | Posted 05.25.2011 | New York
Nancy Ruhling

Michael Halberian wanders through the central hall of the fabled Steinway Mansion and flips the switch that turns on the 1,000-pound crystal chandelier, big and round as the sun. It's motorized.

Corporate America Offshoring More Jobs in Economic Crisis

Stewart Acuff | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Stewart Acuff

How long will America force its own people into poverty just to pad the pockets of those who make more in a day than we could spend in a lifetime?

A Wealthy Few Pick Up The Cash, We Pay The Costs

Dave Johnson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Dave Johnson

A few weeks back I wrote about Whirlpool closing their Evansville, Indiana plant and moving the work to Mexico. I wrote about the lunacy of an econom...

Fridge With Internet: Whirlpool UNVEILS New Product

PCWorld | Posted 05.25.2011 | Technology

Five years ago, LG Appliances combined a refrigerator with a PC and it was a colossal flop. Now Whirlpool is taking their shot, albeit with a somewhat...

Obama Solution to Stop Outsourcing - Stop Counting Jobs Outsourced (No, Seriously!)

Mike Elk | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Mike Elk

If President Obama really wants to take a bipartisan approach to creating jobs, he can do it by creating a national strategy to grow manufacturing jobs--not by refusing to count the cost of inaction.

Whirlpool Tells Callers: Call Congress. They're Right!

Dave Johnson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Dave Johnson

In the middle of this terrible jobs crisis Whirlpool is closing a factory in the US and sending the jobs to Mexico. Their Mexican workers will be pa...

Sam Stein

Whirlpool Threatens Workers: Protesting Plant Closure Risks 'Future Jobs' | Sam Stein | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics

A major corporation planning to shut down a factory in Indiana has warned its union workers that they'll endanger their future job prospects if they p...

Whirlpool Exec Responds: The System Made Us Do It

Dave Johnson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Dave Johnson

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America's Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture as part of the Making It In America project. I am a ...

Whirlpool Bites Hands Of American Taxpayers That Feed It

Dave Johnson | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Dave Johnson

This post originally appeared at Campaign for America's Future (CAF) at their Blog for OurFuture as part of the Making It In America project. I am a ...

Cash for Refrigerators: Appliance Trade-Ins Are The Latest Stimulus Idea

BusinessWeek | Matthew Boyle | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

A $300 million cash-for-clunkers-type federal program to boost sales of energy-efficient home appliances provides a glimmer of hope for beleaguered ma...

Sole Mates

Jerry Zezima | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Jerry Zezima

She said that most men don't understand why women love to pamper themselves by getting pedicures, adding: "Usually, guys pamper themselves by buying more expensive beer."