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White Wine

20 Brutally Honest Wine Glasses That Sum Up Your Weekday Struggle

The Huffington Post | Abigail Williams | Posted 06.23.2016 | HuffPost Home

At the end of a tough day, we all find ways to unwind. Some watch TV, others curl up with a good book, but you? You've found the true secret to life: ...

To Get The Most Out Of Every Glass Of Wine, Do These 4 Things

Mike Peterson | Posted 02.29.2016 | Taste
Mike Peterson

Appreciating the visual splendor and texture of your wine is like knowing the background of a musical piece -- it may sound more or less the same at first, but if you listen carefully you'll be able to appreciate the subtle nuances that make each piece unique from one another.

8 Great Uses For Wine That's Gone Bad | Posted 11.11.2015 | Taste

We've all been there. That bottle of open Pinot left over after a party, the Chardonnay you planned to finish but didn't. Instead of pouring spoiled ...

2015 Halloween Parties Served Up Tasty Wine Treats

Tanya Young Williams | Posted 11.05.2015 | Taste
Tanya Young Williams

I pride myself in taking wines that party-goers may not be familiar with, but most importantly, wines they will enjoy. At these holiday gatherings, it is my goal to taste all of the wines that I have never had before.

10 Outstanding Organic Italian Summer Whites

Eleanor Shannon | Posted 08.04.2016 | Taste
Eleanor Shannon

This summer's sweltering temperatures call for refreshing whites. I love the diversity and distinctiveness of Italian wines and Italian native grape varieties. Have you tried Zibbibo from Pantelleria? Or Ribolla Gialla from Friuli Venezia Giulia? It's an infinite game of discovery.

The 9 Spring Whites You Need to Be Drinking Now | Posted 05.19.2016 | Taste

Hopefully these nine wines will inspire these righteous efforts.

The Stages Of Falling Head Over Heels For Wine

The Huffington Post | Jessica Kane | Posted 05.11.2015 | Taste

Wine: It brings us together, helps us unwind and generally sets either a celebratory or peaceful mood. In fact, it's pretty tough not to appreciate a ...

14 Charts That'll Help You Look Like A Bona Fide Wine Expert

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 03.25.2015 | Taste

A crash course in wine, in 14 charts.

If You Blast Your Wine With Sound Waves, Does It Taste Better?

The Huffington Post | Damon Beres | Posted 11.22.2014 | Technology

Here's a weird one to bust out at your next dinner party.

What Your Favorite Wine Says About You

Bustle | Posted 01.17.2015 | Women

As a modern, liberal city-dwelling woman, I really don't care to judge who you are or what you do, but please know that I will judge the sh*t out of your wine choice.

How People Judge You Based On The Wine You Drink

The Huffington Post | Alison Spiegel | Posted 11.07.2014 | Taste

Order a rosé in winter and you WILL be judged.

Is It Ever Okay To Drink Red Wine With Fish?

The Huffington Post | Alison Spiegel | Posted 05.30.2014 | Taste

Don't be afraid to break the rules every once in a while.

Wanna Drink Like A Famous Person This Weekend? Follow Tina Fey's Lead.

The Huffington Post | Sara Boboltz | Posted 03.07.2014 | Taste

How to make Funky Juice: Sprite, white wine and ice cubes. Store it in a thermos by your toilet. Don't ask questions.

If You Like This Beer, You Will Like This Wine

Posted 02.12.2014 | Taste

It's as easy as that.

Sulfites Added to Wine: The Reason You Get a Hangover?

Lee Schneider | Posted 04.10.2013 | Taste
Lee Schneider

Even in the world of organic wines, there is a spectrum. You can have many spirited conversations (pun intended) about how "pure" pure can be, and now natural a wine might be. How do you determine if the sulfites in wine are causing headaches?

Blind Taste Test: Cheap Wine vs. Expensive Wine

Kristen Aiken | Posted 04.26.2016 | Taste

Don't judge a wine bottle by its label.

Tips for Enjoying Wine at Affordable Prices This Holiday!

Elyse Luray | Posted 01.30.2013 | Taste
Elyse Luray

As a wine auctioneer, I've been privileged to travel across the country selling some of the worlds' bests wine for huge amounts of money. But here are my quick tips about enjoying wine at affordable prices!

An Easy Wine

Rolfe Hanson | Posted 10.25.2012 | Taste
Rolfe Hanson

Similar to a bag of Doritos, "slut wines" have some variety, striking packaging to contemplate, moderate satisfaction, and an obscure next-day lack of fulfillment. There's a place for a simple, sugary red, but there's room for so much more.

Germany's Top Dry Rieslings: Großes Gewächs

Richard Jennings | Posted 11.28.2012 | Home
Richard Jennings

Riesling is an incredibly versatile white grape, capable of being produced in virtually every form wine can take -- from sparkling and very dry, to off-dry and very sweet.

How To Have The Perfect Wine Tasting At Home

Ross Szabo | Posted 11.18.2012 | Taste
Ross Szabo

Avoid a power hour for wines. You can use crackers or drink water to neutralize your palate between wines. If you get tired of smelling wines, have some coffee grounds on hand to refresh your nose.

Don't Drink That, Drink This! 6 Go-To White Wines That Are Anything But Chardonnay

Mary Orlin | Posted 11.13.2012 | Home
Mary Orlin

How Chardonnay remains the most popular white wine sold in America is a mystery to me. So what's the alternative?

Roblar Winery's Posh Private Affair

Nancy Chuda | Posted 10.16.2012 | Home
Nancy Chuda

Roblar Winery is serious about two things; the method in which they grow their grapes and the utmost enjoyment the wine brings.

The 5 Most Popular Luxury Chardonnay Wines

Snooth | Posted 09.26.2012 | Home

As the Snooth People's Voice Wine Awards enter their fifth week, we've discovered that a few of these luxury Chardonnays are quite popular with wine lovers. The current front runners are an interesting but delicious group.

Summer of Riesling: Bringing the Most Noble White Grape to Scale, With a Margarita and a Dash of Science

Eric Larkee | Posted 07.06.2012 | Miami
Eric Larkee

Riesling is one of the world's most misunderstood and most versatile grapes, but it is often the sommelier's favorite grape because it's so flexible with food and can act as a parachute for food-pairings.

Modern (And Often Boozy) Takes On Iced Tea

Imbibe | Posted 08.31.2012 | Taste

We've rounded up a handful of cocktail and mocktail recipes that offer decidedly modern takes on the classic cooler.